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"BLACKLIST" is a mobile application that has the ability to kill people in just a couple of seconds. It is too deadly that it can track anyone just by their victims' pictures or even names. The person who will be enlisted in the app has to do everything just to avoid their inevitable death.

Charles Andrew Concepcion is the seven-year-old adopted child of Concepcion family. Because of the family business that his family has, he grew up feeling alone and unlove. He thinks that his parents doesn't love him. He gets everything that he wants except the attention from them. This leads him to an emotional breakdown and depression at a very young age. Installing game application is his only way for him to cope up with his sadness.

But neither does he knows, his life is about to change when he accidentally downloaded the BLACKLIST application and used it. From ordinary up to the person with the special participation in the society, he will experience the gore and effectiveness of the said deadly app.

How long does it take for his parents to discover that Charles Andrew is using the wrong app? How long does it take for them to realize that their son is making the biggest sin that a human can do in his life? Can you imagine a seven years old boy, who still considered as a little boy, can kill thousands of lives in just one click?

A little boy with an innocent mind is hiding a darkest secret. No one wants to know, no one wants to experienced. Shutting down the application and deleting it is the only way. But how will you assure that once you delete the app, the killings will stop?

Date started: August 06, 2021
Date ended: February 06, 2022


Tags: killerfamilytragedymysteryscarycrimehorrorlonelybrutal
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Andrew was really busy, taking care of all the business properties that his father left him. He had nothing but himself so he had no choice but to ask help from someone else to took care of his son while his focus is on his business.

Thank God because Angela is there. She's the one who continued to took care of Andrew's adoptive son……


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