The Sisters-In-Law


Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton Other

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A Novel of Our Times
Dedicated to Dr. Alanson Weeks of San Francisco
Several people who enter casually into this novel are leading characters in other novels and stories of the "California Series," which covers the social history of the state from the beginning of the last century. They are Gwynne, his mother, Lady Victoria Gwynne, Isabel Otis and the Hofers in ANCESTORS; the Randolphs in A DAUGHTER OF THE VINE; Lee Tarlton, Lady Barnstable, Lady Arrowmount, Coralie Geary, the Montgomerys and Trennahans in TRANSPLANTED and THE CALIFORNIANS; Rez醤ov in the novel of that name, and Chonita Iturbi y Moncada in THE DOOMSWOMAN, both bound in the volume, BEFORE THE GRINGO CAME; The Price Ruylers in THE AVALANCHE.


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Chapter XV

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Chapter XV

When she reached the foot of the hill she turned and looked back. Alexina was standing in one of the jagged window casements of the chur……


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