A Beauty In Nerd Disguise


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"Don't make that face please; you look ugly," he said emotionless.

" Di-di-did you ju-just TALKED?!!" I stuttered as I still couldn't believe that he just talked.

"No-no I ju-just sang lalalala" he mocked me with sarcasm as he rolled his eyes. But seriously, he can really talk?. Oh my god. Then I *faint* due to the great shock.


Violet Wilson is her name she's smart, kind and very Gorgeous. But she believed that her beauty would only bring destruction to her family, so she decided to disguise herself as a nerd to cover up her beauty. She has a terrible nightmare every night about her miserable past that's been haunting her; and since 'that day', she didn't laugh, smile or cry again. She lived her life pretty much emotionless as she didn't want to ever feel pain again.


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Chapter 40

Xavier's P.O.V

I feel miserable ever since I knew about Violet's past. I still didn't sleep since that day. How can I sleep when Violet still out there, Somewhere. Even the police still didn't found any trace of Violet's whereabouts.

Hey Vi, are you getting enough to eat? a nice place to sleep? are they treating you right? I m……


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