The Alpha and His Rogue (Book 3 of Forest Wold Series)


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Alpha Alex is an arrogant and cocky kind of guy with a hidden weirdo side he shows to very few. He gets a reality check when he finally finds his mate. Instead of her being a proper young social she-wolf he imagined he would be with, she’s the wildest rogue he has ever witnessed in his life. Onsight he would have rejected her but after a startling warning from Luna Jamie, he knows he has to find a way to tame her and make her his.
Zoe is an untamed creature that was raised in the wilds away from what a normal werewolf pack would have been. She’s captured by the Red Moon pack when she stumbles across their territory while running from other rogues. Can she adjust to proper pack life? Or is she just too wild?
What will happen with Alex and Zoe’s mating bond when his Beta leads the pack on a course to reject their destined Luna and rightful Alpha? Will Alex fight to keep her or reject her in order to keep his pack? Or is there a third option for him to take?
Book 1- The Alpha's Baby Sister
Book 2- The Borken Beta
Book 3- The Alpha and His Rogue
Book 4- The Hexed Luna
Book 5- The Lone Alpha


Tags: alphapossessiveshiftermatelunadramabxgwerewolvespackwild
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Alex’s POV

   Over the course of the next twelve years, I do everything in my power to make Rowan a respectable future Alpha. I felt like his actions and words most of the time were payback for how I was towards my parents when I was younger. 

   We gave Rowan his independence but were ever watchful……


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