Tied To My Jerk Boss


Katarina Heathers LGBT+

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Randy Caiden is a straight male, working at his frenemy billionaire boss, Thorne Wyman. They shared the same school during high school yet separated after college.
But destiny made way to cross their path once more, and there, a new connection between the two blossoms.
With their cat-and-dog relationship, neither imagined that they were slowly falling in love with each other.
But the world seemed to be not in their favor. Society challenges their relationship. Moreso, Thorne is afraid to come out to the world that he loved a fellow hetero, Randy.


Tags: bossdramamale leadweak to strong
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Chapter 148:

too insenstive to feel that you don’t like being a parent. It’s okay. We can cancel the adoption phase—”

“I didn’t say I never wished to be a parent,” I said. “I just don’t know how to become one. And we both know very well that our relationship is… unique. A man and a man,” I looked away from him. Heaving a sigh as I continued to speak. “……


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