The Eagle's Mate

kickass heroine
female lead

After their mother passed away, Nia and her two younger sisters move to Missoula Montana. Nia was told by a Psychic that her Soulmate lives there. She also told Nia that her soulmate would be different.

She buys a ranch there in search of her Soulmate. Once they find each other will they be able to survive the shift hunters, her stalker, and the woman that is obsessed with her Soulmate?

All Nia ever wanted was to be a doctor and the love of her Soulmate. But since she found her soulmate they have to deal with hunters, stalkers, and attacks

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Chapter 1
Nia LaRue Westlake is my name I turned 18 today, June 5th. I'm the oldest. I have two younger sisters. Mia LaNay, she's 15 and Lia LaShay just turned 6. My sisters and I are on our way to Missoula, Montana. I bought a house there. Let me start from the beginning. Our father died in a plane crash when I was fourteen. I was told he was going to die that week. Our mother died a month ago today, from Pancreatic Cancer. She was diagnosed with it five years ago. She kept it from me and my sisters. My mother kept going to work, and took care of us. She never complained. She was a strong beautiful and intelligent woman. Mrs. Olivia Dupree is a Psychic, I met her in New Orleans. I was there with my best friend Abigail and her family. Mrs. Dupree told me that my father was going to die within a week. My mother would die when I was 17. That I was going to raise my sisters. If I wanted to meet my Soulmate I would have to move from California to Missoula Montana. At first, I was yea right, whatever. I blew it off until my father died five days later. I went back to New Orleans on my fifteenth birthday. I wanted to talk to her again. I wanted to know more about my Soulmate. My parents always told my sisters and me that there is that one special person that was designed just for us. My parents were Soulmates. Mrs. Dupree informed me that my mother has been sick for a while. That my Soulmate was born with the letter N on his right shoulder. I also was born with a K on my thigh. His initials are KMS He's native American. When I first see him, I would know him by his black eyes. That he would be different from anyone I have ever known. Mrs. Dupree also told me that after I meet my Soulmate there would be a few problems. But he will never be unfaithful to me. That a man that I will meet in my future will try to harm me. "Flashback" Nia, I know you had planned on attending college in the fall. I'm sorry to put all of this on you. I don't want you and your sister to be separated. I have already signed papers, you are their legal guardian. You and your sisters will never want anything. The insurance money from your father and me. The money from me selling the clinics. I want you to sell the house. That alone is worth about 2.5 million dollars. Buy the ranch that you always wanted. You will get your trust-fund when you turn twenty-one. That's your money. Mia and Lia have a separate trust fund. You already have access to the bank accounts. If you or your sisters ever have any problems contact Kenneth Locklear, he's our family attorney. I still want you to be a doctor. You are going to be a great doctor. Remember always protect each other. Never separate. Thick and thin, I love you and your sisters. "End of Flashback" That was the last conversation I had with my mother. She died within thirty minutes in my arms. I bought an 8 bedroom 12 bathroom two-story log house on 400 acres. It's near Big Feet Indiana Reservation. My ranch is named Big Claw Mountain, has a creek and a swimming pool on it. We're getting some horses and dogs. I have never seen the house in person. I found it online, fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I call Mr. Locklear my parents Attorney. He said he has a friend that lives in Missoula, Montana and his son is a Realtor. His name is Sean Planters. I put in a bid for the house, almost lose it but Sean stayed on top of things. I was able to outbid the other person. We drove my mother Lincoln Aviator. My mother sold my Corvette ZR1 and bought me a black Porsche Taycan Turbo S. My car is being brought there by the movers, we had to have two trucks. The movers will be there in two days. There were some things we needed before the movers arrive. We stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday to buy items for the kitchen, three king size air mattress, bed linens, and towels I decided to stop at the grocery store before going to the house. Mia is pushing the cart, Lia is in front of Mia singing and prancing her little tail around as always. I have a feeling that I am being watched. I stop in the middle of the dairy aisle. I turn around to see who is watching me. There isn't anyone there. But I know I feel something. Mia and Lia noticed that I have stopped walking. They walk back to me, asking me is anything wrong. I told them I had a feeling that someone is watching me. Lia being Lia said, "of course, we're being watched, we are beautiful." Then she skips down the aisle, singing. I told Mia that I knew peoples would be looking at us funny. Because we are new, but that feeling I felt was different. My body got hot, it has never done before. I shook it off and finished grocery shopping. After we left the grocery store I told them we will pick lunch and something up for dinner. I am tired of driving and wanted to rest. It's a 21-hour drive, we took our time. We spent two nights in a hotel, went shopping for clothes at an outlet. Anyway, we decided to pick up sandwiches from Subway for lunch. Lia wanted chicken, so we drove through the drive-thru window at Popeye's. We drove about thirty miles out of town. Sean is parked in the driveway waiting for us to give me the keys. He's Native American, he's in his late twenties. Nice looking, but very married. So I knew he's not my soulmate. His initials are not KMS but he's nice. Mr. Locklear and his father went to law together. "Nia it's finally nice to put a face with the name," Sean said getting out of his car walking toward Nia's SUV. "I agree it is nice to finally meet you. After all the trouble I put you through." Nia said smiling at Sean "It was no trouble at all. Everything is on, cable, the internet is up and running. All you have to do change the password to the alarm system." Sean said looking at her smiling "We appreciate everything you have done for, us," Nia said smiling "Mr. Locklear was very specific about everything. All the cameras were installed. I put the link info and everything to them on the kitchen counter." Sean said "Thank you for everything," Nia said "Your welcome. Call me if you all need anything." Sean said as he hands Nia the keys. "I will," Nia said smiling "Well, I better get back to work. I have a house to show in an hour. It was nice meeting you all." Sean said getting back in his car pulling off Nia pulls into the garage. "Welcome home sisters," Nia said opening her door getting out of the SUV.

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