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Bethany’s P.O.V. “Mom… I did it”, I yelled aloud in excitement while running towards my parents with my degree in my hands. It was my graduation day and I was really excited to show my parents my degree. I was the first one in my whole family who is graduated now. I almost threw myself on my mother and she embraced me tightly. “I am so proud of you, honey”, she said while tightening her grip around my torso. I also tightened my embrace around her torso and closed my eyes in contentment. “Let me see my daughter’s degree”, my father snatched the degree from my hand while asking me in excitement. I opened my eyes and pouted but grinned immediately when I saw that content and prideful smile on his lips. “You are the best, Beth”, he chirped while looking at my degree. I was the only child of my parents and they gave me everything that could to cherish me. My father was a salaried person and my mother was a housewife. My father earned enough to keep us content and I had no complaints with my life. Today was my graduation ceremony and I was really excited because I was the first girl in the whole family from both sides. The truth was, there were very few girls on both sides and most of them were younger than me. Well, there was the only one after me. That was also the reason that I got love from everyone because our families lack girls.  I smiled widely when I saw a prideful look on my father’s face. “Let’s go… I am starving now and I am sure that Beth is also hungry”, mom said after a while in a chirpy tone and I immediately pouted while rubbing my belly. “O I forgot”, dad immediately spoke and both I and mom looked at him. “James called me half an hour ago and asked us to come to his place to celebrate Beth’s achievement. Hannah and others are also coming”, he informed us and I bumped my fist in the air in excitement. Hannah was my cousin from my father’s side. She was 6 years younger than me but we had a great bonding. “Let’s go then”, mom said in a cheerful tone and we all walked towards the exit. “Beth…. Wait”, I looked behind when someone called my name. I saw Emma coming towards me running. I smiled and ran towards her. We met halfway and embraced each other while jumping and screaming in excitement. “We did it, girl”, she screamed in excitement and I also screamed in excitement with her. Our parents were now standing near us. They all were happy for us. “Where are you going now?” she asked me. “To James… to celebrate our day… join us”, I told her and asked her at the same time. She looked at her mom for permission. “Why not…. It’s your day girls”, her mother chirped and said in an excited tone. She grinned while holding my hands. “Let’s go now”, my dad said and we all followed him. Emma was my best friend since primary school. I could say that she was my sister from another mother. We were together in almost everything. We both were single because we wanted to have boyfriends at the same time but it didn’t happen. So, we were single and happy with each other. Sometimes people questioned our sexuality but it didn’t matter to us because we knew what we were and the best thing was that our parents trusted us. We all walked towards the exit. I and Emma were still walking hand in hand. Our parents were talking with each other as they were also good friends with each other. We all went straight to the parking area to get our cars. Both I and Emma were still living with our parents when most of our classmates and friends moved out of their parent's houses and now were living independently. Both I and Emma didn’t want to leave our parents until we get boyfriends or we get married. We loved our parents so much and wanted to spend as much time with our parents as we could spend. “Hey James… we did it”, both I and Emma ran towards James excitedly while spreading our hands widely as soon as we entered the restaurant. James owned a restaurant and was successful in his business. He smiled widely while spreading his hands widely to embrace us. “That’s my girls… I am so proud of you two”, he also praised us in a cheerful tone and we both squealed in his embrace. We released him from our embrace after a few seconds and grinned. “Today is my treat and tell me what do you want to eat. I will make you for you”, he said and we both squealed again in excitement because James was also a very fine cook. “Beth…. Emma”, Emma was about to say something when we heard Hannah’s voice. We both moved back towards her and then once again the whole restaurant filled with our screaming and squealing. Everyone was looking at us but I could see smiles on their faces too. “I will be the next in a few years and then we will have a grand party”, Hannah squealed and both of us immediately shook our heads in agreement. After me, Hannah was the only girl in line from both sides. We then joined three tables to make everyone sit together. We ordered our favourites to James who he happily noted. This was the happiest day of my life and I was looking ahead to more days like this. “Now what’s your plan?” my dad asked this time and I looked at Emma. “We have applied to Knight’s Enterprises and some other companies after completion of our exams. I also got the interview letter from Knight’s”, I told them in a cheerful tone. “I also got the interview letter from them and we have our interview the day after tomorrow”, Emma spoke in a cheerful tone and also informed them about our interview schedule. “That’s great, girl. I am sure that you will nail the interviews and will get the positions that you want there”, Emma’s mother encouraged us in a cheerful tone and we both grin again. I have applied for the secretarial position whereas Emma has applied for the marketing department which was her major. I was hoping to get the job here because Knights’ Enterprises was my dream company with an aspiring future. They were on the top right now due to the hard work of their CEO, Hunter Knights. He was a very mysterious person as no media had the courage to take his interview or click his photograph. He was also known for his cold behaviour and merciless attitude. “I have heard that the CEO of that company is not a good person”, James spoke this time in a serious tone while looking at me and Emma. We were sitting together and Hannah was sitting on the other side of me. “He may be but it doesn’t mean that his company is also bad. In fact, his company is in the top 5 in the chart now. It’s not like that we are going to meet him anyhow. The department for which I have applied is Marketing and I don’t think that they will allow an entry-level employee to deal with the CEO”, Emma spoke in a confident tone. “Mine is close to CEO but I agree with Emma here. Just like her, I will also be on entry level. So, there is no way that I am going to meet him soon”, I also put my thoughts in front of them. “Whatever girls… be yourself wherever you go and everything will be okay”, my mom interrupted us and encouraged us. “Thanks, mom”, I said in a chirpy tone and she smiled at me. “Okay… enough about professional life. What you two are thinking about dating now?” both I and Emma choked on our food when suddenly her father asked us in a casual but serious tone. “Yeah, Beth… I also want to know”, Hannah also spoke with a grin and I just gave her a confused look. For God's sake, she was only sixteen and she is interested in love life? “Dad… we told you that we have no plans right now”, Emma replied to her dad in an irritating tone. “And why not? Do you want any help here?” my mom joined him and I looked at her with wide eyes in disbelief. What a family we have…….
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