Female Alpha and Her Two Alpha Mates

kickass heroine

Greenlee is a Vampire Lycan Hybrid and the Future Queen Of the Vampire Di'Mera Coven.

Her mates are Alpha Tristan Braeden of Silver Crescent and Alpha Chandler Cosgrove of Raging River. packs

She has many enemies that are trying to discredit her pack. Stalkers that want Greenlee for themselves and to kill her mates to have her.

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Chapter 1
My name is Greenlee Nicola Masolo today is my eighteenth birthday. I'm looking forward to two things today becoming the Alpha of Golden Moon and finding my Mate. My pack is located in Georgia and we have about five hundred members. My beautiful wolf's name is Eva, she is pure white with blue eyes. She has a gold crescent on her right thigh and I am a Vampire Lycan Hybrid. I was five years old when I first shifted and started training to fight. I have eleven powers which are teleportation, levitation, hypnosis, mental shield, healing, pain illusion, psychic electrokinesis, a fire elemental, elemental manipulation. I have the power to change my scent to smell like a human and my clothes stay attached when shifting. I am an expert in ten different martial art skills, I'm also an expert with seven different weapons. I am sitting in the limo with my parents on our way back home to our pack. I have been away for two years. My parents picked me up from the airport. I lived with my grandparents in Montana to start training with their coven. My grandparents are the King and Queen of Vampires of the DiMera Coven. I graduated from high school online when I was thirteen, with a degree in Psychology at fifteen, and my MBA at seventeen. I will become CEO of DiMera Publishing, the company that my grandparents own when I turn twenty. I received my trust fund from my mother today and one from my grandparents when I take over the company. **** I'm Alpha Tristan Grayson Braeden of Silver Crescent Moon Pack and I'm twenty years old. There are two hundred members in my pack which is located in South Carolina. I haven't found my Mate, I am not giving up. My parents were killed five years ago by rogues, one night when the pack was attacked. My older brother Carter became the Alpha of our father's pack. We divided our pack between him and me when I turned eighteen. I also have a set of twin brothers Axel and Aiden, they turned eighteen last week. None of my brothers have found their Mate either. Alpha Masolo invited my brothers and me to his daughter's eighteenth birthday party, that's where I'm headed now. My brothers left me and my Beta Phil, so they should be there by now. I was out with Phil partying all night. I go to parties to keep my mind off of not having a Mate. No, I'm not a man whore. I'm still a virgin and saving myself for my Mate. Carter said that Alpha Masolo's daughter is the new Alpha. That he heard that she's smart and beautiful. I hope he doesn't give up. I hope Carter finds his Mate soon. Drake, my wolf has been talking non-stop since we woke up this morning. He keeps saying that we will find our Mate today. I hope so. I am looking forward to sharing my life with my Mate. **** I'm Alpha Chandler Joseph Cosgrove of Raging River Pack. I still have not found my Mate at the age of twenty-eight. I am beginning to give up hope of finding her. Sometimes I think that maybe my Mate died. The she-wolves in my pack keep asking me to pick from them to be my Luna. If I do not find my Mate when I reach thirty, I might have to do that. I need an heir. I saved myself for my Mate, I hope she did the same. That is the only reason I will reject my Mate.  If she isn't a virgin. Last week I met with Alpha Masolo because my pack had been attacked several times by rogues. I had three hundred and fifty members in my pack until last week. Now I have one hundred and sixty now after all the attacks. I spoke with him regarding becoming allies. We are neighbors, the borderlines are the only thing dividing our packs. He said that he was stepping down and turning his pack over to his daughter when she turns eighteen which is today. He invited me to her party and a meeting with her about signing a treaty. Last night my pack was attacked again all the packhouses were burnt. I have never dealt with a female Alpha personally with one being in charge. I don't have a problem with it as long as she isn't pigheaded. Marc my wolf has been depressed for two years and hasn't shifted or talked to me because we have not found our mate.

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