Falling For The Crown

arranged marriage

Set in a far off place and time we travel into a magic kingdom called Sumitria. Sumitria was once a land filled with magic and wizards alike, until one day the king of Sumitria had them all slaughtered leaving no magic left in the land. Years later the royal family has been overthrown leaving a new king to rule.

King Blackwell now on the throne decides to have his adoptive son Knight Dimitri as his new heir to the throne. However he needs a bride before he can do anything. The king arranges the marriage between him and the strongest duke in the entire land.

All is not what it seems when headstrong Aurora arrives trying to keep her real identity a secret.

Can the two come together and find redemption and possibly love? Or will they ended up destroying each other in the process?

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Chapter 1: Dimitri
"Please I beg of you have mercy!" Looking around the battlefield all I can see is the bodies of close personal friends and enemies alike. Just the very sight of it turns my blood. "Do you think they were shown mercy? Please explain to me why you feel you deserve my mercy when they weren't worthy enough to be shown yours?" The man looks at his surrounding's as the blood continues to drain from his face. He knows he can not answer my question for he does not have the answer. This man came into this battle confident that he would win. Boosted by the thought he was their best fighter. Their best chance at victory. And now here I stand and here he kneels begging for mercy while my friends lay on the ground slaughtered like animals. I cocked my head to the side as the man tries to distract himself by staring off into the distance. Maybe he is praying to whatever god they believe in. Either way, this has one ending for him. He looks back up at me, knowing what is about to come. He closes his eyes and drops his shield as he waits for my strike. I lift my sword above my head and strike down aiming to take his head off in one fell swoop. *Thud* I look around in a cold broken sweat and realize it was all a dream. Not a dream but a memory. A memory I would rather forget. Looks like I have fallen off my bed. I have recently moved into the castle as per his majesty the king's request. I still haven't gotten used to it. I'm kind of surprised that I am still being plagued with these horrific dreams, as the battle of Fauve feels like it was a lifetime ago. It might as well have been a lifetime. So much has changed in just a few short months. The days and months feel like they are all blending into one and it is hard to keep track of the days. It isn't that big of a surprise though. The war between Sumitra and Fauve went on for the last three years. It was only four months ago we were able to claim victory. It was not an easy battle but our kingdom made it through. Our kingdom isn't run by blood royals. King Blackwell and Queen Natalia over through our tyrant of a king about a decade ago now. If it wasn't for King Blackwell our kingdom most likely would have been lost long ago. However ever since King Blackwell has taken the throne there has been nothing but threat after threat trying to rip the kingdom out from under him. I have been fighting for King Blackwell ever since I was old enough. He has been there for me when no one else was. I would do anything for him. I have done everything for him and will continue to do so. King Blackwell has been like a father to me and a son to him for as long as I can remember. This is why he has asked me to move into the castle. King Blackwell and Queen Natalia are unable to have kids of their own. They have been trying for years but the best healers in the kingdom have told them it is not meant to be. Even though he doesn't believe in it King Blackwell reached out to an oracle and was told the same thing. The kingdom used to be filled with wizards, oracles, witches and so on. But about ten years ago out of nowhere magic seems to have disappeared from the land and no one knows why. Now, these days if anyone claims they can do anything resembling magic they are automatically labelled a con artist. I have no issue with magic being gone, only makes it easier for us on the battlefield not to have to worry about a wizard popping out of nowhere giving the enemy an edge in the fight. "Excuse me, Sir Dimitri?" I haven't quite gotten used to that. People talking to me so respectfully and being a little afraid while doing it. Ever since the King asked me to come to live in the palace he commanded everyone to treat me as though I was his son. "Come in." "Sorry to disturb you. I have been asked by the King to have you met him in the throne room." "Okay. Thank you I will be right there." "Sir." The young man bows and practically runs out of the room. Poor thing was shaking in his boots. I have heard the rumours about me. I kill anyone that angers me in the slightest. Honestly, I don't know how people come up with this stuff. I don't think I have had a conversation with anyone yet in the castle. I leave my room for the first time in what feels like a year and begin towards the throne room. I have been to the castle countless times but something feels different when you live in it. I don't know how to explain it but everything just looks different. I suppose that's because I am taking it in from a different perspective. It seems like there is a lot of things I need to wrap my head around. To be honest I don't think I will ever truly get used to it. I have lived my entire life basically as a knight and now to be treated like a high member of society makes me uneasy. Although I did agree to it it's still hard to get used to. I can tell it is also hard for the men and women I use to fight alongside with are having a hard time coming to terms with it. After a few minutes of walking around, I finally make it to the throne room. The guard outside the room was taken aback when I simply walked in instead of announcing myself to his majesty. I hate that kind of crap. I feel this is much easier. Everyone seems to care about such trivial things when living in a castle. Although I suppose to them it isn't trivial, simply a way of life. I walk down to the end of the room until I am standing just a couple of feet away from the throne where the King now sat. He was staring off into the distance with a very serious expression on his face. "Is everything alright your majesty?" It seems like I have startled him. I guess he didn't hear me come in. Maybe that is why they have people announce themselves before walking in? "Dimitri! At last. What happened got lost on your way here?" "Sorry, your majesty I was, taking everything in. Did you need me for something?" "Yes, I wanted to talk to you about the announcement we will be making to the people in a few days. About you officially becoming my heir to the throne." Ah yes. That announcement. I feel like I am crazy for accepting his majesty's wish. But when they told me if I had refused they were going to choose Deon gold. A formidable opponent on the battlefield but he was also a loose cannon. It would be like we are putting the tyrants back on the throne all over again. It is slim pickings for the next heir and I would do anything to keep my people and kingdom safe. "What was it exactly you wished to discuss?" "Your majesty! Knight Marcelo has arrived!" "Yes yes thank you let him in." Marcelo. I haven't seen him since our last battle. He had been injured but no one knew where he was recuperating. We use to be close but now it is like he is nothing but a stranger. "You called for me your majesty?" "Yes. Marcelo, you shall be Dimitri's anointed knight. It will be your job and responsibility to keep him safe! You are now looking at the one and only heir to the throne." I can tell Marcelo is not pleased. He snaps his head at me with so much force I thought it was going to break. This is something he hadn't seen coming. I'm not sure what but something has happened to make him standoffish when it comes to me. The whole journey home he refused to look at me. Let alone talk to me. "If that is what you wish your majesty, understood." "Hold on a minute! Your majesty, I am one of your best knights! I do not need protection!" "No, you were one of my best knights. Now you are the heir and will have a target on your back from every single person that wishes to take over our kingdom." "I can handle myself, your majesty." "I'm sure you can. But this is about protecting the future of Sumitra. You are that future and this is not up for discussion. Are we clear?" "Yes, your majesty." Marcelo continues to stare at me, eyes full of malice. I understand where the king is coming from and why he chose Marcelo but I might need to watch my back within the castle as well. Marcelo looks as though he wants to say something but before he is given the chance in walks Queen Natalia and our kingdoms advisor. Queen Natalia is one of the most beautiful women any of us have ever seen. Sure we have beautiful women throughout the kingdom but none like her. She is like a rare jewel that every man envy's to have. How the King met and convince her to marry him I shall never know. She is very kindhearted. To kindhearted for his cruel and chaotic world. "Oh good, you are all here! I have good news, my love!" "And what would that be?" "We have found the one." The one? What the hell are they talking about. They are both looking at me so it has something to do with me and for some reason, I have a feeling I am not going to be pleased with what they have to say. "Dimitri. You will be given something other than a knight for protection. Now you will rebel against it at first but if you are serious about becoming my heir this also is none negotiable." "Yes? What would that be your majesty?" "How about you tell him, my love?" "Alright. Congratulation's Dimitri we have found you a bride!" A bride? I just stand there stunned staring at both of them. For I feel that my life will forever be turned upside down.

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