Alpha's Secretive Young Mate

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Katya had just turned fifteen when her Mate Alpha Nico Martino found her. Nico was twenty-three, but he refused to leave her and took her with him to New Orleans.

No one told her why she had to live with him.

When she arrived at his pack Nico would not allow her off the third floor. He had a gate installed to keep her in and the pack members away from her. He loved the fact that she was beautiful, sweet, and innocent, and that's exactly how he wanted her to remain.

The love blossomed and Katya mated with Nico when she was old enough to finally start the new journey of her life, but the world soon came crashing down when merely a few months later he cheated on her because of all the changes, all the overwhelming emotions of keeping her to himself drowned him to a deep end. He was not prepared for the change that had happened, he was not ready to handle his own feelings. Everyone wanted Katya... even the King. He doesn't know why and his Mate denies that she knows.

But when the rogue attacked, he sees his young Mate as a fighter, not as the innocent, precious thing that he had been trying to hide from the world. Who was she? Why wouldn't she tell him?

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Chapter 1
I'm Katya Arline Burrell, I will turn eighteen tomorrow. I'm 5'8, light green eyes, long light brown wavy hair, and light brown skin The day after I turned fifteen, Alpha Nico Martino came to our pack to visit. He was there to conduct some kind of business with my father. My father is Alpha Andrew Burrell of the Silvery Moon Pack. Every unmated woman there was drooling over Nico. I have to admit, that I was  also drooling. Nico is 6' 2, Italian, with handsome black eyes and beautiful long black hair. He's not only handsome but he also  has a body that looks like a God. Nico has the most handsome smile, I have ever seen. He kept looking at me weirdly, he winked at me. I was beginning to wonder did he have something in his eye. My friend Eric came over to ask if I wanted to go to the mall with him and some of our friends. I thought I heard someone growl, but I thought that I was hearing things. So when I asked my father could I go with Eric and the others. My father looked at Nico, then he said that I couldn't go. He told Eric that he thinks it would be best if he comes back another day. That was the first time my father wouldn't let me go to the mall with my friends. He has never told Eric to leave before. I was trying to figure out what was going on. Nico and my father walked toward my father's office. Nico looked at me, smiled then winked at me again before closing the door to my father's office. They were in there for almost an hour. My father walked out of his office, he told Maria to pack my bags. He looks at me and said that I would be living with Nico. When I asked him why. My father said it's for the best. My brother Aiden was looking at me worried. I told him not to worry that I'll be okay. I even managed to put on a fake smile. I didn't want him to worry. To be truthful I was worried enough for both of us. I looked over at Nico and Angelo his Beta. Angelo looked away. He wouldn't look at me. Nico was standing there with a huge smile on his face looking at me.  As he has just won the lottery and I was the prize The next thing I knew I was on a private plane with Nico and Angelo. I was sitting beside Nico, he kept smiling, still looking at me weirdly. Every once in a while, he would wink at me. I threw my head back, looking at him as if he had lost his mind. "He needs to have that eye check. Maybe it's a nerve problem," I was thinking Angelo walked to the back of the plane. He was reading something on his tablet. He didn't talk to me or Nico. I didn't know why or where I was going with these two nuts. We landed late that night at a private airport. We rode for about thirty minutes or so to a big house. There wasn't anyone in sight. I was escorted to a huge beautiful bedroom.  It has two large walk-in closets with a large bathroom. Dark four-post canopy king-size bed with pink and white bedding. Nico asked me was I hungry. He said that anything I want to eat or need, he will make sure I get it. I shook my head no, walked around looking the room over. He stood by the door staring at me for a few minutes before he left. When I was showering, I told Seraya, my wolf not to talk to any of the wolves. Until I tell her to. Seraya it's a white wolf. She is larger than an Alpha wolf. Seraya said we should kill him and anyone else that tries to stop us and run away. I told her not yet,  because we need some money and a plan. We'll stay here until we're a little older. Unless Nico's a sex predator. If he is then we'll kill him and run like hell. I laid down thinking that no one still hasn't told me why I'm here. I still have not figured out how one day I am in Atlanta with my family and hanging out with my friends to living here with a nut. The next morning there was a knock at my bedroom door. I thought it was Nico. But it was an older woman. She said that she is my private maid. Her name was Betty. I asked her where was I. She seems shocked that I didn't know where I was. She said New Orleans, not to worry that she was going to take good care of me. For some reason, I believe her. Maybe because she reminds me of my grandmother. When I walked into the hallway the next morning there was a locked gate. It blocked me from going downstairs. I can go anywhere on the third floor. That's the floor Nico and I live on. He said I'm not allowed to go downstairs or outside. The only time I go to his room is when I want something, to talk to him, and to eat. He always has time for me. We have breakfast and dinner together in his room every day. Sometimes lunch, if he isn't busy with pack duty. He always wants me to read to him. He will sit or lay on my bed for hours listening to me read. "Present" In two days I would be here for three years. Tonight he said it's time for him and me to have a serious talk.  I walk into Nico's bedroom looking for him. He is in his bathroom. I turn to walk out. But he walks out of the bathroom in his robe. I have seen him many times in his robes or towels wrapped around him. I didn't think anything about it. "Princess, your birthday is tomorrow. I have planned something special for you."  Nico is smiling at me as he walks over to the bed. When he said that, I am thinking, "yea let me go back home." He looks at me, asks me "to sit down beside him." That's not unusual. So I sit down beside him. The next thing I knew he's kissing my neck, hovering over me. His canines are in my neck. I screamed for a minute then for some reason I moan. I felt so much pleasure.

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