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I want to be able to write 2000k words a day as well as write everyday. I want to learn to be able to put my ideas into a really great book that is able to really draw my readers in.

I also want to be able to sit down and write a new chapter without constantly getting stuck and know exactly where I want my story to go.

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Week 1 + outline
    My ideas:     1. Main Character Archer Dashwood has been working in his family business since he graduated college. However, he desires to take over the multi-billion dollar company by 30 as promised to him.     2. His father, Daniel Dashwood, doesn't want his son to end up like him. Putting work first and marrying a woman for power. He wants him to have the happy domestic life he never had, as he thinks this will make him a better man and the best man for the job.     3. His father sets the deadline until his 30th birthday     4. Archer only has a few weeks left to find someone. That's when he meets Amy.     5. Amy agrees to marry him, but in return, he has to help her pay off all the debt that was left to her after her father died     6. He sets the contract for one year, then they will go their separate ways.     The plot:     Archer is a rich and handsome man, CEO of one of the smaller publishing companies his family owns. His goal is to take over the company completely. Since his great-grandfathers time, this company has been in his family, which is now a huge multi-billion dollar business. His father currently runs the company he inherited from his father, which Archer is set to inherit one day.     Daniel, Archer's father, can see so much of himself and his father in Archer, which scares him. Daniel and his father were never the warm feeling type of family man. To them, work always came first and family second. Although he wasn't there much in Archer's life as a child as he was always working, now years later, he can see his son is following in his footsteps in every way.      Unsure what is actually going on in his son's life, he has seen in tabloids that he is in a serious relationship with a woman and makes a deal with Archer. If he gets married by his 30th birthday, the company is his. If not, his grandfather will split the company up between his cousins.      Archer is unsure what to do next as he never saw himself getting married. He sees marriage as a way for a person to get trapped in a lifelong commitment of torture. He doesn't even know who to ask to go into a contract marriage without wanting to screw him over. That is until he met Amy. Strong, beautiful and feisty, Amy Amana is suffering from the debt she inherited from her father when he died.     The two agree this is simply a contract marriage that will last for one year, giving them both what they want. That is until love gets in the way?     Scene 1:     Archer has just finished up with his border meeting. Every person running to inherit the company is tasked with taking care of a branch for five years. Once the five years is up, Archer's father and grandfather will decide who takes over the company once Daniel retires. Archer agrees to meet his father for lunch; that is where he is told to be considered in the final running for the company; he is to be married to by his 30th birthday. Scene 2:     We are introduced to Amy as she struggles with debt collectors. She is currently working two extra side jobs on top of her full-time job. Trying to keep the debt collectors at bay. Her father made some horrible investments before he died, and now she has been told it falls on her to pay it off.           Scene 3:      Amy works at the branch Archer runs, and the company is a publishing firm. She was one of the top publishers in the company until her father died; now, her work is slipping and at risk of getting fired. So Amy is called into Archers office to be given a final warning or gone.     Scene 4:     Amy tries to appeal to Archer to make him understand that she is simply just having a hard time at the moment and that he doesn't need to take as far as firing her. He wants nothing to do with her excuses and tells her she should know better than spout nonsense left, right, and centre. Amy, already having a terrible week, doesn't want to take any more abuse from anyone and explodes. She lets Archer know exactly what she is thinking and tells him to shove his job and attitude up his ass before storming out of his office.              Scene 5:      Archer sits stunned in his seat, not exactly sure what has just happened. He has never been spoken to that way by anyone, especially an employee. But then, he starts laughing to himself; he finds this whole situation and her amusing. That's when Archer realizes she is perfect. She is the perfect person to ask to be his wife. Archer jumps out of his chair and runs after her hoping he can also convince her that this will be perfect for them.     Setting: New York City, USA, Contemporary setting     Language: English     Characters:     Archer Dashwood, 29yrs old     Daniel Dashwood 65yrs old     Dashwood family     Amy Amana, 24yrs old     Rachel 23yrs old     Melissa 25yrs old      

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