The Good Deities

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The Good Deities OROMASD: the world’s creator, ultimate power of light, truth, and goodness THE BOUNTEOUS IMMORTALS: seven powerful spirits who sit on golden thrones in the House of Song and advise Oromasd. These include: Spentaman: The Bounteous Spirit Vohuman: The Good Mind; sits at Oromasd’s right hand; protects useful animals and keeps a daily record of men’s thoughts, words, and deeds Ashath: Truth; the most beautiful of the Immortals, she preserves order on earth, protects the fire, and smites disease and evil creatures Kshatravar: The Desired Kingdom; personifies Oromasd’s might, power, majesty, and dominion; helps the poor and weak, and allots final rewards and punishments Armaith: Devotion; Oromasd’s daughter, she sits at his left hand and personifies obedience, religious harmony, and worship Hauvarta: Integrity; represents wholeness, totality, and the fullness found in salvation; she protects water Amerta: Immortality; the protectress of plants, she represents the deathlessness found in salvation YAZATAS: Worshipful Ones; lesser heavenly beings who are prayed to and often act as intermediaries for Oromasd; their ranks include: Varyu: the king of the winds; dwells in the void, produces lightning, and makes dawn appear Anahil: the source of all waters on the earth and of the cosmic ocean, as well as the source of all fertility; she is tall and beautiful, pure and nobly born Athra: the guardian of the holy flame Verethran: the warrior spirit of victory who defeats the malice of men and daevas; he punishes the untruthful and the wicked Rapthwen: the lord of renovation; protects the sun Sraoshar: the lord of holy rituals; protects the world at night, and protects the soul for three days after death, until it reaches the Bridge of Shinvar
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