One Night Stand

one-night stand
second chance

A One night stand, I’m not normally that kind of girl but he is gorgeous and sexy and well damn right hot and definitely out of my league.

And well I will never again be doing that, he left me right after we done the deed and not only left me questioning my life but left me with an unexpected pregnancy.

Being a single mother and business owner is not all it is cracked up to be.

Will I get by, or will I drown and hate myself for bringing a baby into my life. Only time will tell.

***contains mature scenes of a sexual nature****

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Chapter 1
When all you want to do is stay at home and chill out after a hectic week at work, but no I don't get the chance to do that. Not with my crazy friends anyway. Tonight they are dragging me to this new club that opened up in the city last week. Seemingly it is the place to be. I really cannot be bothered but I did promise them that I would go. So here I am sitting in the taxi on my way to meet them. As my phone beeps with a new message from my friend Monica, ‘Where you at?’ ‘5 minutes away’ I reply ‘good. Plenty nice ass here tonight for you’ I chuckle just as the taxi pulls to a stop. I quickly pay and jump up, fixing my clothes as I walk up to the club doors. Monica had booked a table in the VIP so we would not have to stand and wait to get in. I give my name to the doorman and he lets me through. Walking inside I am instantly hit with the smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies, my ears ache already with the loud music and the noise from people shouting. I find my way over to VIP, giving the guy my name again and he lets me through. I spot Monica standing at the edge of the booth handing out drinks to our other friends. “Eventually” she shouts as she sees me walking over to them. “Sorry, got held up at the bakery” I tell her as she pulls me in for a hug. “Never mind, here drink this, you are way behind the rest of us” she says handing me a shot of what I presume is tequila. I take it and smell it, yeah it’s tequila. I wince as it burns my throat and slam the glass on the table. My friends all cheer and my lateness is soon forgotten, and another shot is pushed in my face. A few shots and a vodka and coke later, I’m definitely more relaxed and waiting to hit the dance floor. As a few of us are heading the dance floor I spot a really good looking guy at the end of the bar. He looks kind of bored as he stands with a few other guys. He is pretty hot, wearing a tight pair of dark coloured jeans and a light blue polo shirt. A few tattoos on his arms, making his muscular arms stand out, the material stretched across his chest. God damn. A fine specimen of man. Monica notices me staring at him as we walk past. She nudges me grinning and wiggling her eyebrows. I shake my head and push her past them and onto the dance floor. The music is blaring but the tunes are amazing. I soon forget about the handsome stranger and let loose on the dance floor with my girls. After a good few dances and a lot of giggling we head back to our booth to get more drinks. I notice the guy from earlier still in the same place he was when I walked past him earlier but this time he notices me staring at him. He grins at me and I send him a wink as I walk past, strutting my stuff. Sliding into the booth Monica and Katy, one of our other friends, go to the bar to get more drinks as I sit and chat with the others. It is pretty hard to hear what anyone is saying with the music being so loud, but I manage. Just as Katy hands me a drink I can see from the corner of my eye that guy walking over in my direction. I’m kind of hoping he is heading over to try chat me up. I am in need of a bit of fun, the last few months have been pretty shit for me to be honest. “Hey sexy” a deep and husky voices says as an arm lands over my shoulder. I look up to see the owner of the arm is indeed that sexy guy, “Hey handsome” I flirt back, batting my eye lids. “I’m Dale and I couldn't help but notice you were checking me out a minute ago” he says as his breath hits my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. I try to play it cool and hopefully he didn’t notice. “Yeah. I’m Bree. And for checking you out can you blame me?” I say back to him, giving him my best sexy smirk. “Well no I suppose I can’t. I noticed you on the dance floor. You sure have some moves” he says as his hand runs little circles on my bare shoulder, sending more shivers through me and making goose bumps show on the surface of my skin. “Yeah. I do like a good dance, the music in here, just makes you want to move, you know?” I say back to him, turning my body slightly towards him. As the night goes on Dale has not left my side apart from getting more drinks and to go the bathroom. Monica notices that we have moved closer to each other to the point I am practically sitting on his lap, not that he or I mind, well I don't think he does anyway. “Bree, toilet” Monica shouts over the table at me. I nod my head, excusing myself and walk to the toilets with her. After doing my business and checking my hair and makeup Monica starts the inquisition. “So? Dale seems nice” she says as she reapplies her lipstick. “Yeah, he seems alright. Will see how the night goes” I reply. “I guarantee you will be leaving with him” she chuckles. I shake my head at her. “Will have to wait and see won't we” I say as we head back out. As we get back to the booth I notice that a few friends getting ready to leave. Most of them all have boyfriends or are engaged so they are heading back home to be with their men. I am the only single one left from our close group of 6. I was in a long term relationship, but we had done nothing but argue the last few months, he had changed since we moved in with each other and I was just getting more and more irritated with every little thing he did so I moved out and got my own place. Anyway, enough about my ex he is a tool and does not need anymore of my thinking time. I turn my attention to Dale as he slips another drink towards me. He leans over and says into my ear. “You finish your drink and then we can get out of here. Our night is far from over.” “Really? Pretty sure of yourself” I chuckle as I sip my drink. I am not normally one for one stands, but I think I need to get it out of my system. It has been months since I was last with a guy and the way Dale is acting, I am pretty sure he knows how to handle a woman. “You and me are nowhere near finished babe. I will show you a good time” he winks as he gets up and walks over to his friends who seem to be leaving as well. Monica sends me a wink and leans over the table to tell me she is heading home as her boyfriend is picking her up. Now the time has come for me to make a decision. Stay with Dale and see where this leads or head home with Monica and forget about it. I look over my shoulder and see Dale still chatting with his friends and decide to leave. I know you might think I was leading him on but I’m not sure if I can go through with it. A one night stand is not really me and I know he is not the type of person to do serious relationships. He is most definitely a player, but his chat has been what I needed. I’m sure he will survive if I leave without him. Monica and I finish off our drinks and get ready to leave. Dale spots me and rushes over. “Where you heading sexy?” he asks as he pulls my hand to stop me from walking away. “Home. Thanks for tonight, I had fun.” I reach up and kiss his cheek. “Come on. I thought we were going for a party back at yours?” he asks as he pulls me into his chest. I look over my shoulder to make sure Monica is still there and see her grinning at me. “I don't know. I’m not really a one night kind of girl” I shrug my shoulders, just as the DJ shouts last orders. “I will make it worth your while. I promise. And who says it has to be a one night thing, I thought we were getting along.” he says as he runs the tips of his fingers down my back. He knows he has affected me, and I will be honest it is a nice feeling. The feeling of being close to man, sexually attracted and I’m definitely horny. I think for a while, weighing up my options. It really is a no brainer I suppose. “Okay then. But I am going now, so if you want you can join me” I say, moving away from his body and walking up to Monica and leaving the VIP area. Dale soon followed after shouting a few byes and profanities to his mates that were left. After Monica got in the car with her man, she waved and winked I don't know how many times in my direction. Dale whistles and shouts hailing down a taxi and opening the door for me to slide in. I gave the taxi driver my address just as Dale closed the door over. As soon as the car started to move, Dale pulled me closer and smashed his lips on mine. I will tell you this now, he is an amazing kisser. His lips are soft but the way he brutally attacked mine, I was sure they would be swollen and bruised, not that I am complaining. His hands seemed to have a mind of their own and were wondering all over my body. Just when we broke for air the cab pulled up to my house, Dale quickly paid, and we climbed out. Dale took my hand in his as I pulled him up the driveway and through my front door. As soon as the door was closed, he started to strip me and him from our clothing and we left a trail of fabric behind us as we headed upstairs to my bedroom.

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