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AN: The following story is intended for a mature audience due to a variety of things that will be included in the story. There will also possibly be some triggers for some. It really depends on what you consider triggers and what could trigger you. This is your warning so read at your own discretion. I hope you all decided to give this book a chance and thanks to those that will and have. Thank you to the people that have left reviews and voted for it. If you read the story and love it like I hope you will, please leave reviews and vote for it. It really helps me as an author by getting this book more popular and known. It also encourages me to continue writing. I even appreciate constructive criticism. As of right now, I am working on editing the posted chapters while continuing to post new chapters. Thanks to everyone who gives my story a chance. Thank you to everyone who has been reading, voting, and reviewing. Words cannot express how much it all means to me. When I started posting this here, I had no idea or hope that it would blow up as fast and as much as it has. Thank you, everyone, and I hope you enjoy and maybe even get a nice escape from reality. Love to all, XOXO BlueEyedMisfit
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