The Alpha Female

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Isabelle is the daughter of one of the strongest Alphas, and Gavin alpha of the cruellest werewolf pack.

Isabelle comes from an overprotective family, but Gavin lost his parents at a young age.

Isabelle is always happy, loud and mischievous, but Gavin is short-spoken, heartless and gets angry easily.

When he learns that the petite girl is his mate, he becomes possessive and beyond overprotective.

So Isabelle has been trying all she could do to hide one secret from him – she has an ex who is now her best friend.

"You did have a relationship with that pup, don’t you?"

"What? Nathan? No!" She lied to him, again and again.

But still, one day he gets to know it. And she barely had time to react when Gavin flung himself to her ex.

How does Gavin feel when he finds that Isabelle has been lying to him?

Will the ruthless alpha kill Isabelle’s ex?

What will Isabelle do?

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Chapter 1
"Isabelle!" Damien, the eldest brother shouted after their baby sister. "Come back here!"  Isabelle El Bridge let out a shudder as she ran away from him a playful grin on her face. "I'd rather not." She cooed teasingly egging on her brother. "Nah, let her go, Damien." said the second brother, Max, to the eldest a smile on his face as he watched their sister run off to the woods. Timothy, the third brother smirked. "Yeah. Give her a break, Damien. You've been lecturing her all day." "She's not listening!" Damien growled angrily. "Dad will come home any minute and she still keeps on leaving the house." He jerked his head at her to stress his point. Max and Tim both let out a low chuckle at how Isabelle was pressing Damien's buttons just to have a laugh.  "Whatever." Damien shrugged sighing at how stressful having a little sister was. "Just send some guards and tell her to NOT go close to the borders." He ordered stomping out of the kitchen to his office.  - Isabelle ran faster through the trees feeling her human body coming to its limit. She loved running ever since she could remember she's been running. Once, when she was just a girl she ran so fast her she left her guards and accidentally went across the territory to the other packs land. Thankfully, her brothers saved her before the neighboring pack patrol could sniff her out. "Miss El Bridge!" A young boy with red hair ran towards her. It was Trevor, her personal guard. He huffed tiredly. "Please wait." She stopped and smiled down at him making her dark grey eyes lighter than usual as she patted down her wild untamed wavy brown hair. "Hey, Trev." "Dear me. How you can run that fast in your human body I will never know." Trevor gasped breathing hard. He hunched forward balancing himself by holding his knees. Isabelle only laughed at him in response. "Did you see how red Damien's face was?" She fell to the floor hugging her stomach. "He looked so mad!" "Miss El Bridge, you mustn't do that to Damien. Your father leaving him in command is already stressful enough." He said seriously. Isabelle almost thought that he was actually going to lecture her until a playful smirk twitched at the sides of his mouth. "but yes, I did in fact see his tomato red face." He started laughing then making it even hard for him to breath. - "I can't believe you ran off like that!" Her best friend, Nathan, the only son of the Beta chuckled slapping his thigh. "It's hilarious! Don't you think so too, Sofia?" He addressed the tall raven haired girl beside Isabelle who was the daughter of the pack doctor. They were sitting at the clearing near the river like they always do after school. Isabelle's guards were hiding in the woods far enough that they couldn't hear what the trio were discussing but close enough to jump and save her. Not that the Alpha's Daughter needed it. Regardless, Trevor stood closer to Isabelle than most of the guards like he always does. Sofia merely blushed. "You shouldn't do that to Damien." She scolded.  "Aww! I know you only defend him because you've had a crush on him since we were little!" Isabelle teased in return. "Izzy!" Sofia shrieked covering her red face. Nathan only laughed at this even more as he pushed his light brown hair away from his bright green eyes. "Now, now, Sof. We know you love the guy." "How can we not when Sofia ogles at him whenever he's near." Isabelle pushed earning another laugh from Nathan. The girl in question merely ducked her head on Isabelle's lap muffling her words, "I can't help it!! Your brother is so strong and and and-" "-gorgeous?" Helped Nathan, a grin on his lips. Isabelle shuddered in fake disgust. "My brother gorgeous-? Ugh. Boy do you need glasses, Sofia. He's more of a monstrosity." "Monstrosity?" Sofia shrieked in protest, shooting up from Isabelle's lap. "He's your brother! If he's a monstrosity then does that mean you are too?" "I'm a special case." Isabelle said simply a playful grin on her face. "I second that." Nath replied winking at Isabelle. Sofia lifted her hand to stop them. "Oh, don't start." She said wrinkling her nose at the two. It's been almost two years since Isabelle and Nathan broke up and still Nathan would always look for a chance to flirt with Izzy. "What?" Nathan complained, casually shrugging as he did. "Can't a boy have a break?" "Take a break somewhere else then." Sofia countered testily. "Guys, c'mon." Isabelle said pushing them away from each other. Usually, Sofia and Nathan got along great until one day Nathan beat up Sofia's older brother for flirting with Isabelle when they were still together. "Let's not fight. The barbecues tonight remember?" She said trying to ease the tension. The two hesitated and nodded successfully defusing the fight. The group then started discussing about the event. The barbecue was a sort of a monthly celebration for the pack. Everyone in the pack was invited. Mostly, it's a time when pack members would be at the same place to have a laugh and bond amongst each other with free food and alcohol. "What are you gonna wear?" Sofia asked Isabelle excitedly. Isabelle laughed, a mischievous smile playing at her lips. "Something my brothers would never approve of." "Izzy!" Nathan glared at her. Sofia on the other hand, clapped her hands approvingly. "Relax. I was just kidding. My brothers would probably lock me inside my room if it did." Isabelle replied, laughing at his reaction. "The more important question is how did you acquire such an outfit." Sofia jumped in looking at Isabelle with a funny expression on her face as if to say she wanted one too.  Nath remained quiet still glaring at Isabelle. "Nath and I used to play." She teased making Nathan jump from his seat and start yelling in protest his cheeks red with embarrassment. The two girls only laughed harder running towards the river and splashing at each other. They were stopped shortly after when Trevor came towards them. "Miss El Bridge." He addressed formally bowing as he did. "Your father has arrived. He wishes to speak with you." Isabelle's eyes lit up at the news. She made her way to Trevor who handed her a towel. Isabelle was always the daddy's girl. Everyone who's anyone knows about it because the way the Alpha assigned five guards not including Trevor to watch over her. That in itself is all the entire Werewolf world needed to know of how protective he was of her. "I'll see you guys at the barbecue then." She waved at her two soaked friends. They waved back moving away from the river making their way towards the woods most probably to the small werewolf town. Isabelle's pack was hidden from human civilization by the woods though they were close to a human settlement.   Isabelle wasted no time as she hid from her guards to strip her clothes and put them inside a bag which Trevor gave. She knew the guards respected her enough not to take a peek at her. Shifting into her grey wolf she went off towards the Alpha's house or rather her house with guards on her flank already in wolf form. Hiding from them again, she shifted back when she was close enough to her house to run in human form. Just like any other Alphas house, theirs was huge able to house at least twenty people of different packs who would come and visit. Though the Pack house is just across from the Alphas house was bigger. It could house all of the pack members if necesarry. Even though their pack was hidden away from civilization, their town still had all the essentials and is quite modern thanks to having one of the biggest and most powerful packs in the area. Though, not as big and not as powerful as the Blood Howler Pack. Isabelle let out a shiver. She's only heard stories from her guards but apparently they were the cruellest and most dangerous pack that there's ever been. Other packs and rogues alike would always try to avoid the Blood Howlers territory for they know that if they even accidentally step into that territory they would be nothing but a corpse within a minute. They say that Isabelle's pack, the Windrunner Pack was close to nothing compared to the ferocity of the Blood Howlers and that was saying something since her pack was one of the best. Isabelle couldn't help but smile suddenly wondering how the Blood Howlers were. It excited to say the least. The Windrunner pack has always been a peaceful one with no enemies but the Blood Howlers- they were something else entirely. The thought thrilled her. Isabelle stopped realizing that she was in front of her father's study. She could hear voices and just like her she listened in. "Father, you can't be serious." It was Damien. "The Blood Howlers? Really?" Isabelle was just about to leave and come back later when she heard the packs name. Speaking of. She smirked suddenly very interested in the subject and crouching low to hear better. "They only want a meeting." Her father answers back sounding flustered. Her father was never flustered. "A meeting?!  For all we know to them a meeting could mean attack." Damien shot back angrily. "Don't let them in the territory, father." Isabelle could almost imagine Damien shaking his head. "It's too dangerous and to top it all off they're coming tonight, when everyone is out and having a barbecue!" They're coming! Isabelle shrieked in her mind fighting the urge to jump in excitement she's always been quite interested and curious about that pack. "Hush, Damien." Her father said he probably had his stern commanding look on. "Father, haven't you heard? They've been attacking all the neighbouring packs and taking their land. Who's to say that they won't take ours?" Isabelle fought to contain the gasp that wanted to leave her lips at the thought of someone trying to take their land. Just thinking about it was utterly impossible. "Isabelle!" Someone hissed in her ear.

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