Midnight Runaway

kickass heroine

Esme was woken up by the feeling that something was wrong and her wolf Ava gave her the reason why.

Heart broken, grieving and broken down in every way, she runs away not knowing where she is going but that she needed to get away.

"You have to help me! You have to break the bond!" I yell at the witch standing in front of me.

"I already told you that it takes a hell of a stronger witch than me to break a fully mated mate bond between wolves."

The witch turned away from me and walked back into the shop, I rub my head but then I have to rub my heart. I have to be free of this! There has to be a way!

I have been running for about a month now and I feel sick, tired, broken and the hollow shell of myself.

Follow Esme on her journey! She will face some hard things but hopefully she is going the right way towards her happiness.

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Chapter 1.
I jolt up from the bed where I was sleeping peacefully, my whole body is hurting, with every beat of my heart a new wave of pain runs through my body. My mark is burning and Ava is howling and whimpering inside of me, I let out a big scream of pain.  Ava what is going on? Esme! Mate is having sex with someone else.  My eyes widen up in horror! I feel Ava roll around inside me and whimper, then another wave hits me and I bite down holding down a scream. I know someone has already woken up by my other scream so I have to stay calm and hopefully this will pass.  Ava are you sure about this? Yes! I can feel him cheating on us! I see red, we were happy! We are the Alpha and Luna of a good pack and we are happily mated and I thought life was perfect. How could he do this to us? I will kill him! Before I could answer her there was a knock on the door.  “Esme! Is everything alright?”  That was my mother in law, she sleeps with my father in law in a room a little down the hall, I can not tell her what is happening and I have to fool her to think that everything is okey. I cough a little and gather myself together. “Yeah, Holly I just fell out of bed, I am fine”  “Okey honey, good night”  I stand up from the bed and every movement is agony, I am not sure how long this will go on for but I have to get moving. I go to the bathroom, I do my business and then I start to prepare.  NO, NO, NO! We can't! We have to talk to mate and see what is going on! I just shush her and push her back into my mind, she is still in huge pain and I am too, my mark is burning and with every move I make, I feel like I am about to break. I walk over to the closet and find a suitcase, I start to fill it with clothes and things that I want to take with me. I am leaving and I am not going to wait for him to come home and use the matebond to make me forgive him. Then I feel like someone punched me hard in the stomach and I fall to my knees with my hands on the suitcase. Tears are already spilling down my cheeks and I am a mess, I am not sure that I can do this.  No don't do this, wait for mate to come back! Hearing her beg me like that almost made me rethink this but then I felt the burn come from the mark so I push her away and continue packing my stuff. When I was done I changed my clothes into some black pants, black hoodie, black biker boots and a light gray baseball cap with my hair up in a ponytail.  Where are we going? I stop for a little while, where am I going? I can't go back to my old pack, they will only send me back to him. I just need to get away as far as I can, I sneak out of our room and head for his office. When I am there I go straight to the safe and open it, there is a lot of money and my passport. I take as much money as I can and leave again for our room, when I get back I stand there looking at my suitcase and around the room. We decorated this room together, we picked everything out together and we had our fun doing it. His face popped up in my mind.  See mate is not all bad! I am sure this is a misunderstanding.  The pain is gone from my body but my mark is still burning and I am heartbroken, I am feeling such emotional pain that I miss my real pain. This is horrible and I will not be treated like this! I take my suitcases and make my way out to the hall again, I sniff the air, no one is around. Good. I go very quietly through the house and down to the garage, there I take the first car I see and put the bags in the trunk. I look around the garage for the last time and sigh, all these cars, big house and this pack was not enough for him. I was not enough for him. I take the driver's seat and drive out and into the woods, I follow the path until I reach the highway without looking back. I know people heard me drive away but I am sure no one will realize what happened until morning. I look at the clock, it is a little past midnight.  I am raising to the airport, Ava is howling and hurting inside of me, I am heartbroken and I just want to get away from this. I have no idea where I was going but I am sure I will figure that out when I get to the airport. My mind was going a million a second but I am trying to push those thoughts, Ava and my pain away while I figure out my next move. Tears are still running down my face, I make no attempt to dry them off or stop. When I arrive at the airport I park the car in a long term parking space but leave the keys in the car so they can take it back. I clean myself up and take myself together in the face, putting on my Luna mask. Then I walk into the airport, I smell mostly humans but I can also smell a few wolves but I pay no mind to them. I walk up to the big screen and look at the flights, there are all types of flights to almost all of the country but I have to pick carefully. He will track my card and I am sure he will not just let me go, I know I will be getting calls and mind links. When I am done thinking about all the countries and their pros and cons I am decided. I buy my ticket, check my bags and know I am looking through the shops trying to keep my mind busy but then my phone rings. I check the number and see it is my best friend, I am hesitant about answering, why is she calling me at this hour? I then decide that I should ditch my phone all together. I love my friend but she is loyal to her alpha and she will rat me out if he asks her, if I am going to do this then I need to cut all ties and just be free. I dump my phone in the next trash bin along with my cards but I keep my drivers license. Now I only have the money I brought with me but I know that will be enough for me to rent a car when I land and to live on for a while. This will never work, we have to go back to mate! Ava! We can't go back to him! He cheated on us! He does not want us! I will not let anyone walk all over me like this!  But he is our mate! I am sure he has an explanation! Well I have no interest in hearing it so just drop it.  Then without me, she pulls back, she is in pain but she is in pain for a couple of reasons. She misses her mate, she is hurt because of what he did and she is in pain because she is not sure what she should do. I am sure however, I might have alpha blood in me and my destiny might have been to be the Luna of his pack but then I am not following that destiny.  Moon goddess, I am sorry, I know you might not hear me but I can not follow the footsteps you have let out for me. I am sorry but I will not have a mate that does not appreciate me and cherries me. O dear Moon goddess forgive me and shine your light on me to find another place in this world.  Then open my eyes and finish my shopping, I am sitting outside of the gate when I feel it, there is a pull, I know this pull. This is the matebond pulling me back to my mate, I ignore it and just pinch me on the arm so hard that I know I will bruise. The pull disappeared and I am left with the pain in my heart and body. My body is still sore and hurting from the beginning, I somehow feel every string in my body, I almost feel every cell in my body. I stand up and walk over to the pharmacy, I ask the woman for painkillers and some air sickness pills, I am sure if I take enough I will fall asleep on the plane. Then when I am in the air I take the pills, swallowing one after another then I chug it down with some alcohol. The pain in my body eases a little but the pain in my heart is just as big and sleep is so far away from my mind, I get angry at this. Stupid werewolf body! Burning up the pills like nothing has happened and I can't even drink to get drunk.  There is one hour until I land, it is morning and I am all ready to receive mindlinks and cut them off and just cut them all the way off. Then nothing, we land, nothing, I get my bags, nothing but then when I am walking to my newly rented car it blasts in my mind and I fall to the ground.  WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? MOM SAID SOME OF YOUR STUFF IS GONE AND I SEE A PLANE TICKET ON YOUR CARD! WHERE ARE YOU? COME BACK RIGHT NOW! I push my hands to my ears but I know that wont do anything since the voice was coming from inside me, I just focus on him not hearing anything back and focus on closing him off. I imagine a chest and I am putting him, my feelings and everything inside the chest, I stack it neatly and while I do so his voice gets lower and lower until I can't hear it anymore and then I close and lock the chest. While I was driving to god knows where I sometimes have to go back and lock the chest again because he broke through, I listen to his crying, his apologies and what he has to say but I never answer nor stop putting him back into the chest. 

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