Who Is She

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Avery’s P.O.V. I looked at the woman standing in front of me in a daze while moving my head to and fro with her movements. “How could you be so reckless, Emma? If you don’t want to engage with him, you should have told us earlier when his father proposed this marriage. At that time, you kept your mouth shut, and now see what you have done?” She continued scolding me while screaming aloud. I felt that she wanted to destroy my eardrums. Who was she and why was she continuously calling me Emma..... no screaming at me while calling me Emma? Who is Emma, and above all …… why am I here? She stopped moving around, making me stop my eyes too, and I felt dizzy. She groaned when someone knocked on the door. She crossed her hands on her chest and waited for the person to come inside. I saw a tall, and handsome man coming inside with a poker face. I tilted my head while admiring him. He must be in his early thirties—not more than that—but he had a fabulous body. He could defeat the young models of Kelvin Clein with his body. “How are you, Emma?” he asked me in a cold tone while coming towards me. “How could she be? Look at her…. Is there any shame on your face?” The woman once again started barking like the mad dog that she was. I was now getting annoyed with her. She was also beautiful and had an hourglass-like figure, but her voice was so shrill. “That’s enough, and go out.” The man commanded her in the same tone while looking at her from his peripheral vision. I straightened my back when I realized that I would be alone with him if that woman went out of the room. I didn't need anyone to save me in distress, but right now, my whole body was aching like hell, and I had no strength. I couldn't even throw a light punch. I wanted to stop her but didn’t utter a word when she glared hard at me with hatred and disgust. I flinched when she shut the door with a bang. She had a temper…. But she was showing this to the wrong person. The man slowly walked towards me, making me alert to his every movement. He sat down on the bed near my foot. He sighed suddenly while lowering his shoulders. “I know that I am doing wrong with you, honey… but try to understand your father, Emma.” He said to me in a low and dejected tone. I narrowed my eyes, only getting one word from his statement. Father????? Whose father is he? How could he declare him my father? “I know that we don’t believe in marriages, and you also want to wait for your fated mate, but I am really helpless, honey.” He continued in the same tone, but I wasn’t getting any of his words. The only word that was reeling in my mind was that he called himself my father. My father was kicking alive when I left home this evening, and he was in good health. How could I have another father? And….. wait a minute…… if he was in his early thirties…. Then how could he declare himself as my father?????? My mother died while giving birth to my brother, so of course he couldn’t be my stepfather…. But I am twenty-four…. How could he be my father??????? “Emma….. Emma.” I flinched harder and looked at him with fearful eyes when I yelled my name aloud. He looked disappointed, but what did I do…. At first…. Who was he, and what place is this?????? He closed his eyes and moved his head here and there as if he were trying hard to suppress his anger. I wanted to say something but felt that someone had glued my lips together. He slowly opened his eyes after some time and looked at me coldly. “I am sorry, Emma…. But you have to do this… I will come back in ten minutes…. Go … freshen up and change.” He instructed me in a cold tone and slowly stood up from the bed. “Uhhhh.” I tried to say something, but he stormed out of the room and shut the door with a bang too. What was wrong with these people????? I flinched harder this time while looking at the door fearfully. Why am I so scared? What was wrong with me? And exactly where am I right now???????? Who the hell are these people????? I groaned in frustration and hit the mattress a few times in frustration. I felt a pressure in my lower abdomen. I sighed and stood up from the bed. I almost ran to the bathroom because of the nature call. After relieving myself, I breathed out in relief. I stood up from the toilet seat and flushed it. I went to the sink and opened the tap to wash my hands. I slowly looked up and cracked my neck, keeping my eyes closed. Get ready in ten minutes…… ha…. As if I am obliged to listen to him…. Father my a**…… I slowly opened my eyes and looked into the mirror. I smiled when I saw a beautiful girl standing in front of me. “Hi.” I greeted her with a faint smile, and she greeted me back at the same time. My smile immediately vanished, and so did hers. I immediately looked around me in panic, but I didn’t find anyone else in the bathroom except me. I looked back into the mirror in panic and saw her looking at me with the same expression. My eyes widened in horror when I realized that I was looking into a mirror. I immediately rubbed my eyes and found that girl rubbing her eyes too. My heart stopped breathing in horror while looking at myself in the mirror. It should have been my reflection there…. Why was there another girl? I kept rubbing my eyes for a good few seconds, but every time I saw her looking at me with the same expression as mine. Suddenly, I stopped all my movements and just looked at that girl without blinking. How could I be again in this world when I was already dead? What’s with this riddle? I clearly remember how I died and what I saw after that as a ghost. I could be alive again??????? “Emma…… I am putting your gown on the bed. Hurry up…. The guests have already arrived.” I flinched harder and almost lost my balance in fear when someone yelled aloud from outside the bathroom. “O….. okay.” I replied to her without thinking anything. I felt a severe headache that made me grab my head and groan in pain. I put my hand at the edge of the sink to keep my body steady and lowered my head while holding it tightly. What was wrong with me? Suddenly I had a different face….. a different father…. A different name…. suddenly I was somewhere else that was completely an unknown place to me….. “Who are you?” I whispered to myself as if I was asking that girl in the mirror. “AAaahhhhhh.” I screamed in pain when suddenly the pain intensified, and I almost fell to the floor. I was still holding the sink while squatting down. I shook my head when I heard a few people laughing aloud. I knew that I was inside the bathroom ….. alone…. All those voices were inside my head….. “AAaahhhhh.” I screamed again when another wave of pain hit my head. “She is your mate, Jacob…. Do you really want to do this to her?” I heard someone asking in a teasing tone. I felt that I knew the owners of those voices, but I couldn’t remember where I heard them. “Are you making fun of me, Wick? She can be a plaything but not a mate for anyone, let alone me.” The man named Jacob said it in a tone filled with disgust. “So what are you going to do with her? She is now going to get engaged to the prince tomorrow night.” Someone else asked him this time. I didn’t want to hear those voices. I felt like puking due to the disgust that I felt because of those voices. They were talking about a girl as if she were a cheap commodity. I jerked my head a few times. “Only I know that she is my mate…. She doesn’t….. she can’t because she is wolf-less…. Pathetic (The disgust was dripping in his voice)… I know what I am going to do with her…. I will bed her tonight …. And then I will reject her tomorrow morning. Who asked her to be my mate, huh? She brought this upon herself.” Jacob answered him in a sly tone. The hatred towards this person in my heart intensified and all I wanted right now was to kill him. “What???? Will you bed Emma?” someone asked in a surprised tone, but I immediately lifted my head up and widened my eyes in shock. He… he wanted to deceive this girl…. The girl in the mirror….. Emma…..these were not my memories.... but.... but Emma's......
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