Kissing Pact With The Bad Boy

opposites attract
slow burn

Is the bad boy the tempting devil or her guardian angel? Which one of him is real?


She bit her lips, looking up at him with a devilish smile and pressing a finger against his soft, plump lips. His breath left in a shuddering gasp as his hands found her lush body and he pulled her towards him and this time it was her turn to gasp.

"Holden," she breathed his name out in a moan and his eyes smouldered, full of desire and need.

No one had ever looked at her like that—she couldn't imagine not being at the receiving ends of that look— like they would die of pain and pleasure if they didn't touch her, never in her life. And she felt powerful, she felt undefeated. She felt like she could war a million battles, and win every one of them.

"Yes, freckles?" His voice was hoarse, breathy and his words slid against her electrified skin, sending tremors down to her toes.

"I can pay you with kisses, yes. Like this." She said, as she grabbed him by his neck and pulled him to her. "I can be your unpaid servant/slave, whatever."

"What?" He blinked up at her as if he couldn't understand what she was talking about.

"Steal her away, Holden and teach me how to seduce." She said as she looked into his eyes, challenging him to defy her words.

For a moment, he looked utterly pissed. His eyes brew violent storms in their depths. Dark and dangerous and alluring, the look in his eyes made her stomach clench with unspeakable need and lust.

"Okay, freckles. If that is what you want." He said, after what felt like a decade, his voice a soft, defeated sigh.

He cupped her face gently in his hands. His fingers trailed along her cheeks, her chin and he pressed his thumb against her bottom lip. She trembled from the touch.


Sky Mitchell has an unrequited crush on her childhood best friend, Hunter Reed for a while now, which almost everyone can see except the oblivious recipient of her affection. And Hunter Reed has a gorgeous girlfriend Sky hates and the girlfriend is not going anywhere else, unless Sky makes a deal with the devil, Holden Reed.

One drunken mishap and many sleepless nights later, Sky agrees to sell her soul. Holden will steal Hunter's girlfriend away and Sky will repay it with kisses and whatever else Holden needs. They sign the pact and everything is set in motion. Kisses. No feelings. Faking. It is easy, isn't it?! Or so she thinks!

Suddenly, she is kissing the wrong brother in the shadows, inside the closet, under the bleachers and she is starting to get addicted to the kiss.


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