Chapter 1

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"Axl, you don't need to live with him. I can talk with Sir Arthur for a place accessible to your client." Kairo insisted. "I know Kairo, but I can watch him effeciently more if I will live with him. Besides, I'm his new P/A." I needed to be discreet, and the only way to be around him 24/7 is to become his Personal Assistant. "I will check on you. And I will take care of your things." Kairo sighed. I just nodded to end the conversation. I didn't have any of my clothes aside laptop and stuff. I couldn't live without my precious stuff why I made sure to bring this along with me at the townhouse of the young Abellioni. I looked with the keys in my hand. And rubbed my face, this is too much for my confusion. Setting them aside, instead I brought out my lock pick. It's better to use this than those annoying keys. I instantly opened the main door of this house. I walked inside with my stuff on my back. and was stopped half way when I saw him.. naked, banging a girl on the couch. Male chauvinist pig. "Harder Zero!! Ooohhh!!" a woman's voice. Was rooted in my feet before I made a step. What a view. It's not my first time to see a scene like this. Even at our barracks I'd sometimes seen my co-agents with their 'past time lover'. His eyes went up and our eyes met. His black orbs penetrated to mine. He was banging hard the girl while looking at me. I continued walking towards them not minding what they were doing. I've waited for him to slowly his pace. And started to get annoyed by the loud moan and whimper of the woman who he's been banging and the poor woman did not even noticed that they are performing live in my naked eyes. Even so, I just looked straight in his eyes. Without any emotion within it. I mastered this act for a years, act of not showing any emotions. "Second round?" I heard the girl's cat like voice. "You may go home now." he dismissed the girl, thanks heaven! And his eyes went back at me. "But I want more." her high pitch voice became noise in my ears. From Zero Abellioni, my gaze went to the poor girl and pointed my M9A1. "Get out of here or your brain will splatter on that couch." I said in a casual voice. "Bitch! Who are you-" she was halted by my handgun and it literally made her stopped from saying a thing or two. "Out." she didn't make any move. Lazily I glanced at her and that's her cue. She was dressed in a hurry. "Evil bitch!!" the girl screamed before she left. I let out a sigh before I looked around. I found him wearing his boxers now. Much decent than wearing nothing. "Where's my room?" Emotionless, I asked him. "Do you want to continue what have you interrupted a while ago?" he smirked. What a bastard. "I won't hesitate to waste one of my bullets for you Mr. Abellioni." I said seriously. "Chill honey.." he chuckled and put his hands in the air. "Anyway your bedroom located beside mine." his smile gone wide. "Show me my place." I left him and made my stride. I've seen the blue prints of this house. I already knew that my room would be going to the left since his own room was located there. "Is it only Axl your name? Or do you have a second name?" I heard him behind my back. "Only Axl." my replied shortly. "Why you accepted my case?" he's too loud for a man. "I heard you hated cases related with mine." "I'm a professional." I stopped ascending and looked over him. "And this is my job." I answered in a low voice. "You're a professional then." he nodded more for himself. "So you don't have time to play?" then arching his brows. "Let's be professional Mr. Abellioni. I will do my job and just do your part. Or act normal as if I'm like a wind." I looked within his eyes, telling him I was not here for any business than a professional help. "But you frightened my girl. How can I act normal if you were bitching out with my girls?" he creased his forehead. "Then do it privately." I turned my back and continued, nonsense conversation. "But my door is always open for you." I couldn't clearly hear his voice. "Get down!" I shouted and saw a bullet hole in his wall. While he stood there like an idiot. Shaking my head I dragged him down on the ground with me. Carefully, my eyes reached for the window. The sniper must be there. "Stay here." In a swift movement I ran to the window. My eyes looked for someone but found nothing out there anymore. "Welcome shot." I murmured as I placed back my handgun in my jacket. Glancing at Mr. Zero Abellioni who's now lifting himself up. I groaned inwards, he was just pure muscles and talks. "What was that?" he asked away. "Nothing." it's either the enemy knew my presence here or they really generous for welcoming my. I cursed in my mind. It was supposed to be a discreet mission but it seemed the enemies are updated. I fished out my cellphone to call Kairo. I needed to check the old Abellioni. "..Yes Axl?.." his calm voice gave me an indication that nothing was bad happened to Mr. Gerard Abellioni. "I was welcomed by a shot." I heard his loud curse. "..How are you? Do I need to come over there?.." he sounded in trouble. "Why?" my brows knitted. "Anyway, I call only to check on Mr. Gerard Abellioni." "..Are you alright Axl?.." he asked again. "Yes I'm fine." I frowned at his question. "..Okay, just call me if you need a back up or if there's-.." "Kairo, I'm an agent. My job is to secure people." I'm annoyed as hell now. He sounded like I was like this idiot on my back. Couldn't protect his own life. "..My apologies.." he calmly said now. "It's okay. I will drop the call." not waiting any minute and ended the said call. "Is Kairo your boyfriend?" I was forced to glance at him. He was crossing his arms while knitting his brows. "Mind your own business Mr. Abellioni." I picked up my stuff. "Zero, just call me Zero." I glanced at him once more. "Where's your room Mr. Abel-Zero?" his lips curled up. I wanted to raise my brow at him. "The one over there." he pointed on my left side. I walked towards the other side, to my supposed room here. "Hey! Aren't you need to check if I'm all right?" I halted from my step and stared back at him. "You look okay. Without a shot or a scratch." I cocked my head. He groaned exagerratedly. I turned my back and went inside my room. I have things to attend to. In a swift movement I placed down my things and open the black attache case. My handguns, revolvers and ammos were all here along with my latop. I needed to check the parameter of this Townhouse. At first I thought I would be bored here. But my first day wasn't that bad. My blood had gotten alive. I even thought that I was gonna use this early all of these. I cracked the cctv of his house. I don't need to go to the control room to see it for myself. I have the skills so might as well used it for my own benefits. I cursed when I heard a knock on my door. I quickly closed my laptop and covered my stuff with the comforter. I walked towards door and opened it. "Yes Mr.-Zero?" my face twisted. I am not comfortable calling him by his name. "I have a practice now. You have to come with me." he said casually. I glanced at my things. I wasn't yet finish to set them up. "Give me ten." I was about to close my door when he stopped it. "I'm going to be late. We needed to go now." and for effect, he glanced at his wrist watch. I sighed in defeat. He left and I have no choice but to follow the brat. This was the sleepy part of my job, baby sitting the infamous Zero Abellioni. "Can you stop staring?!" I was irate. He's been ogling at me for the entire drive, it's a good thing he has a good Centenario with him or else. "I was just wondering why a gorgeous girl like you, chose a dangerous job like this for a living." he seriously said. "I can protect my self." still gving him an answer. "And you're willing to sacrifice yourself to protect other people?" I heard the disdain in his voice. I didn't have time for this. I don't need to defend or explain myself. Coz no one would understand why I chose this field. Even my own family. Loud sound from loud music welcomed my ears. My breath shortened and and I could not.. I remembered someone.. "Axl?" I felt a tap on my shoulder. "You okay?" I saw Zero's face. I tried to calm myself down by inhaling deeply, giving him a nod and continued my pace. Reluctanly he walked to the crowd of people. "Zero! What a surprise dude?" a short-haired guy greeted him. "Welcome back!" a guy with curly hair tapped his back. "Long time no see dude!" now a blonde guy gave him a brotherly hug. "Who is she? Your new girl?" the guy grinned at me and instantly he's in my face. "Whoaa! She's my new P/A dude!" Zero cut the space in between us "Everyone this is Axl, my new personal assistant." "You're gone for a month and now suddenly you will bring a personal assistant with you? You're the man!" the short-haired guy shaking his head like as if there's funny at this charade. "Hi there Axl, I'm Ethan Olliston." the blonde guy approached me. "Abbas Medrano." the curly guy extended his hand. "Kale Haverford. Welcome to The Xemical!" the short haired guy said. I nodded to them and accepted all of their hands. I was not friendly but I know how to being polite because of my job. "What a quiet girl." Abbas sighed. "That's enough dude. Don't freaking her out. She might be scared of your face." Kale smiled politely. I looked at Zero and he was staring at me. I don't know what was running on his mind. Trying to act cool I just walked to the vacant seat. While the others got back to their things. It took a moment before I heard the intro of their song. 'Seemed to stop my breath My head on your chest Waiting to cave in From the bottom of my.. Hear your voice again Could we dim the sun And wonder where we've been Maybe you and me So kiss me like you did My heart stopped beating Such a softer sin' The beat of the song was a little bit fast but Zero sang it well. Every move he made, he did it effortly and flawlessly. This guy has a talent. '(I'm melting, I'm melting) In your eyes I lost my place Could stay a while And I'm melting In your eyes Like my first time That I caught fire Just stay with me Lay with me now' Nostalgia. It felt like I'm back in my high school life again as I blinked my eyes repeatedly. 'You could stay and watch me fall And of course I'll ask for help Just stay with me now Take my hand We could take our heads off Stay in bed just make love that's all Just stay with me now I'm melting (I'm melting) In your eyes I lost my place Could stay a while And I'm melting In your eyes Let's sleep till the sun burns out I'm melting in your eyes (I'm melting in your eyes) Let's sleep till the sun burns out I'm melting in your eyes' The song's end and I let out a breath. That song was reminding me of the things and people I don't want to remember. They played another song again. While I busied my self with my cellphone. I texted Kairo for my other stuff. I would need them and also my personal things. "Axl!" my gaze went up to him. He used the mic to call my attention. "I need my water. It's in my bag." he pointed at the chair behind my back. For a second we were challenging each other's stare. I'm not his real P/A for him to act that way. He knew that simple fact but it's clearly crystal he's using the situation. I walked to him with this bottled water in my hand. Giving him and then I was about to go but again I heard his voice. "What?" I arched my brow. "I said I need my towel too." he told me like I was this idiot like him. I wanted to snatch the water in his hand and poured it all over his face but I hold better of myself. Instead, I inhaled deeply and left him for his towel. Feeling annoyed I rummaged his things. He's getting on my nerve.
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