CHAPTER TWO . Memories.

861 Words
I collapsed onto my bed, it was then I realized just how exhausted I really was. I’m not to sure if it was picking out outfits with Becca or being bored out of my mind in a conversation with Becca’s mother, Maggie, about a trip she had with her girlfriends over the summer. It might be 50/50 chance. I think the moral of Maggie’s story was.......I don’t remember I zoned out halfway through. Fortunately, Becca got bored and told Maggie  that she was going to help me unpack. We unpacked and decorated my room with some stuff I bought before I moved here. We finish my entire room before 8:30. At around 9 pm Becca left and so did the rest of the neighborhood. Well....except for Claire she stayed over for some ‘drinks’.  Wink. Wink. I rolled onto my back and sighed. I played with the bracelet my mom give to me for my fifteenth birthday. I frowned. That’s almost two years ago. I looked at the charms. A soccer ball, a book and the Eiffel Tower. My three most favorite things in the world but none of them can compare to my mom. My lips started to tremble. I pressed the cool metal pressed into my chest and sobbed softly.” I miss you mom,” I whispered,” I miss you so, so much.” I grabbed Mr. Peterson off the floor and squeezed him like he would bring her back. I turned off my lamp then cried in Mr. Peterson’s ear until I fell asleep.  I was dreaming about that night again but this time Lucas didn’t come to rescue me.  A gush of cool breeze send shivers down my spine. I could feel his ice cold hands on me. I tried to scream but no sound came out. This same the feeling I got from him was different. I can’t explain how to it weirdly felt....sparky? I shivered when his cool breath hit my skin. I opened my eyes but saw nothing but darkness. Somehow, I’m kneeling on my bed. There was some thing cold wrapped around me and something soft and cold resting on my cheek. I wasn’t sure what to think of it but it was so weird. The coldness disappeared and I fell back onto my pillows, gently. The faint scent of lavender and spices made me smile. Mom. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. At around 12:30 am I woke up feeling beyond exhausted. It had to be the fact that I only got an one and a half worth of sleep. It’s nothing out of the ordinary when I sleep alone. Sigh. Guess who’s going to have to cuddle up Lucas. You guessed it. Me. Even in a new house I still felt unsafe. For the entirety of year I slept with Lucas. He was the only person that made me feel safe again. He doesn’t mind me sleeping with him but I can’t stop feeling like a nuisance.   I would have slept with dad but he goes on business trip 85% of the time. He in marketing and to take his mind off of the break in and mom’s death he took every business trip he could find to get out of the house. Then on an cool November morning he announced that he brought a house in Baltimore.  So here we are. Letting out a harsh breath, I sat up. I looked to my right where the window seat was. The window give me a clear view of the left side of the del Rossi house under the dim moonlight. The moonlight gave off a pale blue light. I slide out of bed and went over to the window.  It’s snowing.  I watched as the snow flakes passed by my window with a goofy smile on my face. Back in Minnesota my mom and I use to sit at a window a tried to name every snowflake we saw. The good ole days.  I turned my attention back to the del Rossi ‘house’. It was so dark. I guess no one really lives there anymore. That’s a shame. I hate to see a place this nice being  left to stand here and waste away.  I wonder what inside looks like. I climbing into the window-seat and sat down. As I examined at the ‘house’, lights on of the top floor were turned on. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt a hush of cold wind. I rubbed my arms with my palms over and over until I felt warm again. I looked over my shoulder to see if I had left any windows open. They were all closed. I frowned. That’s weird. I jumped when my closet opened just a crack.  My heart started to race. I grabbed Mr. Peterson and bolted to Lucas’ room.
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