The Runaway Groom

arranged marriage
first love

Because of wrong assumptions and pride, Riley Carter was tagged as a runaway groom on his wedding day. He left his one true love, Dylan Anderson, broke and devastated.

Seven years later, he came back because of a proposal he couldn't resist. One of his colleagues asked for his credible service. He was oblivious of the fact the company he would engage with belong to the Andersons.

Given the situation, everything went haywire. How would Dylan handle him? Would he take drastic measures and redeem his love? Or would he run away again?

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“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Cairnhill International Airport, local time is 10 am and the temperature is 22°..........................” the voice of the pilot woke him up from sleep. He doesn't know how long he fell asleep during his entire flight of almost 11 hours, because he is tired. After work, he went straight to the airport to catch his flight. “Whew! After 7 years!” he made a deep sigh. “Cairnhill, I'm back!” He utter to himself as he headed towards the baggage area to pick up his luggage. And he will go straight to the waiting area where his friend is waiting for him to escape the bustling airport where people have just arrived from different parts of the world. Most are tourists visiting the country and some are locals. He notices that there are a lot of changes in the airport and he is sure that outside has more changes. For seven years, of course, he knows that changes will happen as only changes are the lone constant in this world. “Even feelings changed,” he murmured. He shakes his head as he brushes off those things that are trying to linger in his mind as soon as he sets his foot in his home country. He heaves a sigh as he approaches the baggage area to collect his belongings. In a few minutes, the baggage conveyor belt brought his belongings. He picked it up, dragged his luggage, and walked out to the waiting area. He hadn't gotten out of the exit door yet when he heard some people talking. “Is he the runaway groom?” A woman in her forties muttered to the other lady walking next to him, and it didn't escape his sensitive ears. “He is back!” the other agreed and said. He knits his brows and walks fast. Some still remember what he did seven years ago. Who could forget if the name he carries is one of the popular names in the business world? Carter Group of Companies are one of the thriving companies in the entire business community in Cairnhill City and the entire country. “Riley, here!” He looked at the side where the voice came from. There, he saw his friend Arden waving his hand. He waved back and walked towards him smiling, putting his sunglasses on to hide at least his stares. Arden Boyle is his friend. He met him at the wedding of his colleague in Paris. They became close when they knew that they both came from Cairnhill. They're in the same field of work, graphic designing. They worked together until Arden decided to come home two months ago. “Welcome home, my friend.” Arden greeted him and took his luggage and put it in the trunk of his car. “Thank you, Arden.” He said and opened the car door next to the driver's seat in front. “No worries,” Arden replied as soon as he sat on the driver's seat after settling his luggage in the trunk. “How's your trip?” Arden asked while starting the engine. “Tiring!” He answered and looked outside as they were heading out of the airport. “Someone recognized me just now.” He said while he was still looking outside. He is right, there are a lot of changes in the city. “Who could not recognize a striking, handsomely beautiful heir of the Carter Group of Companies?” Arden replied while he maneuvered to the main road. “And a runaway groom!” he said. Arden laughed as they traversed the road. He turned to his friend and glared at him. Arden's laugh became a chuckle and he spoke. “They're telling the truth to be honest,” he said. He fell into silence and turned his stares back outside. There were a lot of changes, from infrastructure and construction of buildings. There are new and old that he still recognizes the names of the state. He heaves a sigh as thoughts are rushing through his mind like small and big waves in the sea rushing to reach the shore. He released a deep sigh, “whatever! What will be will be. I am ready to face everyone.” He said in his thoughts. Then someone's figure suddenly appeared in his mind. “Is he okay now? Does he still remember me, mad at me?” He is asking in his thoughts. He still has news about him because he is popular. And what he did was hunt his conscience for the entire seven years. “But he is the one who hurt me, betrayed me.” Trying to convince himself that he didn't do anything wrong seven years ago. “Are you okay?” Arden asked, which made him get back to his senses. He turns his gaze towards him, nodding his head and smiling, telling his friend he is fine. He leans against the car seat and closes his eyes, remembering his life from the past. He is successful though; he achieved his dream without the help of his family's influence. He can't believe that he will survive for seven years in a country where he knows no one. But, there's an emptiness inside of him that he can't figure out. And that emptiness drives him to decide to come home aside from Arden's job offer, but he has no concrete plans yet, aside from work-related and maybe visit his family. It had been seven years that he did not communicate with his family. He knows that they are mad at him, but whatever the consequences, he will face it. He is at fault. He just wishes that they would understand him, understand the reason why he ran away on that very special day for both families. He sighs and stops thinking, he needs his energy for work. He was tired and wanted to relax before they would get busy with work the next few days. The air coming from the car air conditioner is like a sea breeze that fills inside, which makes his thoughts fall into a deep sleep.

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