The Weakest - Math Arnottir

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I can only describe my life as pathetic, weak, and... formulaic. I dunno, because sometimes there are some, well, quirks of my life that make me feel like I'm in a game, where I'm the weak side character that's there for comic relief whilst the calm and gentle Hero gains some sort of weird-ass harem. Sounds like hell to me -- I love women as much as the next guy but being surrounded by 'em sounds like a pain in the ass. Rather focus on one, and ironically I have a crush on the childhood friend love interest. Wish I never did get a crush on her since I'm constantly made painfully aware of how much she loves the Hero. I'll slow down for now and go from the beginning. I am Math, the weak comic relief, as I've previously stated, my friend, whom I've referred to as "Hero" is named Mikael, and the childhood friend's love interest is Beatrice, she's the Saint. We've been together since elementary school and even from elementary school and above, I've always been weak. It's not like I haven't tried to get stronger either, that has been what's been bothering me. No matter how much I work out, follow directions on how to make a mana core or whatever, it never works. I have pretty good reflexes and senses but that's all I've got going for me, not like having good senses is very useful since an S-Rank warrior could probably send me into a seizure if they tried. I'm lucky enough to even get a chance to go into the magic academy, too bad for me though, I'll probably fail since they don't just determine your score from education alone. Can't do magic, can't even fight. Here's a quick description of what we look like by the way; I'm pretty short compared to Mikael - I think I'm around 5'6" or something - I have muted brown hair with dull amber eyes, I normally wear these round glasses that kinda look cartoony on me but it fits the style. I also like wearing a lot of clothes -- lots of layers and all that jazz. For example - for my uniform, I typically wear a sweater under my uniform coat, and probably another coat under the coat. It's not always consistent. Also, my hair is pretty long so I typically have it tied up in a ponytail, I also have a part in my hair that branches out on two sides, like, um... two separate bangs, yeah, like that. Mikael is 5'10", he has short brown hair and looks like someone you could probably bully but handsome enough so that girls would fall for him - his eye color is a pretty sky blue so I hope that gives you a better idea as to why anybody would fall for him, not considering the fact that he's also absurdly strong. (Dunno why his eyes have anything to do with his looks I just sort of figured) Beatrice - long chestnut-colored hair -- eyes that resemble a nebula, purple with a sparkling glitter surrounding amidst a deep black space. It would look similar to if a black hole was placed in the middle of a nebula that stretched into even more blackness. When we were younger, her eyes always intrigued me, and the longer we grew up together the quicker she grew on me and... well now I love her but... I want to move on. I know that'll nothing will come of it so... I'll nut up and shut up and hope it goes well for her but... knowing how these things go, it probably won't. I forgot to mention her height, she's 5'8" by the way. Let's voice my suspicions about what will happen to our Hero when we first enter the academy! Methinks that the collection of heroines will end at 4, or 5, depending on if he's frisky. Maybe even more if he aims for the teachers... or royalty. Never mind, I think it'll be 7. Then funny and epic antics will ensue. The first on this list of heroines of course is my beautiful and wonderful Saintess childhood friend! Imagine me hitting some drums building to me saying her name; BEATRICE! My next guess will be a typical tsundere who somehow still hasn't noticed that pigtails have been out of style since elementary school. They'll probably have some sort of conflict about him not being a noble or something and they'll probably run into each other a bunch before she challenges him, gets beat, gets mad, goes off to do something reckless, almost gets killed, and... drum roll... he saves her~! This starts her descent into madness as she falls madly in love with him. Keep in mind, these are all just my own guesses, maybe it won't turn out this way and my life won't actually be some hellscape trapped in some shitty visual novel rip-off, but we'll end that part of the tangent here. My next guess is that some sort of battle-crazed woman will challenge him to a fight, he'll win, and that'll essentially be the end of that... uh... of course, there's gonna be the student council character who continually berates and pesters him about joining before being defeated herself and accepting whatever it is she needs to accept then some shenanigans ensue causing her to also swoon over the intrepid Hero. What else... Maybe a teacher? I think I'm getting ahead of myself, but if my first two predictions happen I'll actually have a mental breakdown. Oh, yeah, can't forget the princess that also falls for the Hero as well, can't forget that trope...but, but... I can't think of anything there honestly. I just know it's gonna happen though, the dude is already a lady killer y'know? The only thing is it's more like, temporary flings that accidentally occur and disappear as fast as it... well, occurred. It's depressing being the weakest of two people who are going to become the strongest in the world... but... I can't just leave them, right? I... ironic honestly. Why would I even say that? I already know that I would be the one disheartened if they left since that'd confirm my own bias... it'd confirm everyone's bias. I'm fucking useless... so why would they need me around? What right do I have to say that I'd be the one to leave, I know I wouldn't and couldn't because I rely on them. I am nothing without them. If they weren't around I know for a fact I'd be bullied by everyone under the sun but nobody tries it because they know they'd get their asses beat. Didn't stop them from laughing hysterically when I went to check my class all those years ago. I was so confident back then, I was friends with the people who would save the world after all but... nothing... I got nothing. ***** We'd arrive at the Academy relatively early, it was orientation after all and we didn't need to do anything that day except show off our skills. I'd end up with what I always had, good grades in everything except the magical and physical activities. After I was done with all the written assessments I went to see what Mikael and Beatrice were doing in the physical and magical tests. Mikael had an A in the physical test and an S in the magical test, for Beatrice it was a B in the physical and SS in the magical test. If I were to choose who'd win in a fight between Mikael and Beatrice, I'd choose Mikael though since he has a higher physical grade than her, making him more balanced. There was also a magical control test too so I can also take this into account; Mikael has an SS and Beatrice has an A, which is really important, especially in a fight, if you can't control the mana properly you'll expend more than you need to. You know, even if I'm not an important friend to them, they really know how to make you feel important. They're always excited to see me and spend time with me but there is always that lingering doubt within myself that makes me want to vomit... a pestilence within my lower chest cavity... that anxiety. "Math?" One of them noticed me, giving me a smile, it was Mikael. "Yo, you here to see the magic happen!?" He waved to me and I approached. "I checked your guys' ranking, as impressive as ever." "Well, that's kind of the young adults ranking, if we were adults we'd probably rank lower." I shook my head, "It's still impressive, and you guys are still strong. You both could probably flatten an adult onto their ass in no time." Beatrice chuckled nervously, "I don't really like fighting though - would prefer it much more if I stayed as a healing role." "What about those massive fuck-off gauntlets you got, they fight well right?" I pointed out, using the motion of my arms as an example. "Well... yeah, but..." She looked uncomfortable at the thought of fighting in general. "You're gonna participate in the competition, yeah?' "Well... yeah, but... I feel..." "If you're gonna participate but not like fighting, what's the point in participating?" "I just want to protect everyone, if I don't get stronger then... it's meaningless... just being able to heal people isn't exactly practical after all." Mikael shrugged, "I'm just here for the fights." "Bullshit," I continue, "You can't just come here only to fight, right?" "What do you mean!? I could just go out and become a Hunter and I'd still accomplish my goal as a Hero y'know?" "Wait, no! I know why now!" "Why?" "You're here for your friends aren't you!? Little Hero doesn't wanna be left alone?" "Well, of course, y'know? That's a positive but... uh... fighting others is just as much as a positive, especially in this environment, y'know?" He was trying to hide his embarrassment but honestly, it shouldn't be that embarrassing if you're the Hero. They're all about friendship and magic right? "Holy shit!" Someone screamed from afar, astonished by something. We all go to look at what happened, being met with a considerable large woman, about 6'4" in height wearing a modified version of the normal uniforms - long red hair reaching her back tied up in a braid, bright amber eyes which looked as if had two still burning flames within spreading out like a flower from her iris - one arm and one leg blackened as if cast in onyx - pursed red lips and just above her nose being blemishes and the like adding onto her beauty. Her hair blew against the wind showing slightly pointed ears. "Is she an elf?" I mumble to myself, trying to fathom what was in front of me. "She did it again! The Scarlet Giant!" A nickname which was given to her by those within the school, in her second year here. I decided to scan the area to determine what happened, surprised that a massive pillar in front of her had been reduced to ash and melted stone, some remaining cinders lying atop. My guess was that she was giving an example to those around her. "As impressive as always Frejya!" A girl with pigtails and red hair which transitioned into yellow highlights, as if mimicking raging flames yelled, a smirk on her face, rubbing her chin with her index finger, proud as if she was the one who reduced stone to rubble, magical stone at that, which is something especially hard to break, and especially to such a degree. "I, Melamir Francesca Charlemagne offer you an accord!" Freyja's brow became furrowed, pressing her teeth slightly onto her lower lip, visibly clenching her jaw. "If you are to become my bodyguard, I be-" "Fuck off." Freyja spoke, looking down on the little noble girl with disgust before turning to a group of students, "As you saw, this is what some might be capable of if they-" She continued on her tangent as the humiliated noble girl, Melamir, hunches her back in a quite visible rage. "Fine then!" She huffs and puffs her way over to our direction, noticing Mikael from afar. I couldn't help but click my tongue as she stomped toward us. She stopped in front of us, pointing at Mikael, "Your name, commoner!?" "Mikael So-" She shook her head violently, "I need not know more!" She brought her thumb to her mouth and began lightly biting the nail. "Why is a commoner like you a Hero?" Needless to say, Mikael was not impressed. Needless to also say... I am furious that I was right. The only step is if she falls for him or not. (Or if events play out as I predicted)
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