The Dark Alpha's Sweet Mate

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Being mated to an Alpha is supposed to be sacred, and is the greatest thing to happen in a werewolf's life.

Carrie knew this...but in order to survive being in the human lab, she made the biggest mistake of her life. She lied.

She allowed an Alpha to mate with her even though her wolf didn't recognize him as her mate. But she never imagined that the biggest mistake of all will happen....she will fall pregnant with the Alpha's baby. And be tied to him forever.

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1 Prologue
If she didn’t open her eyes it wouldn’t be real. Carrie told herself as she kept her eyes tightly shut. Jeremiah was dead, and his cold body was lying right there next to her. She woke up a few hours after they had gone to sleep and tried to wake him up when he started making funny noises. It had sounded like he was drowning or something. He kept gasping for air, and she tried to help him. But she couldn’t. He died right before her eyes. Sky’s brother was gone. A tear slipped from her eyes. Carrie whimpered, drawing her knees to her chest. If she didn’t open her eyes it wouldn’t be real, she told herself again. She imagined she was back home. And she hadn’t followed Ryan and Haile into town like some stupid, overly concerned woman. Even though it was wrong to think like that, she wished she had minded her own business and stayed in her cabin. Well, more like hide in her cabin from the eyes and the gossip. She knew she shouldn’t have taken it seriously. The way those females were talking about her and Marcus, and of course, his mate. She shouldn’t have taken it seriously, but had been embarrassed and she had needed something to take her mind off what she heard them say about her. She had needed something to focus on, rather than the pity and the painful words they spoke about her. They spoke about her as if she was damaged goods, since Marcus chose someone else for his mate, and not her. No one would mate with her, that’s what they were practically saying. Carrie had felt like she had no reason to live as she listened to them. And so she had followed Ryan and Haile. Now, she is here. She didn’t even know where she was. Jeremiah didn’t explain much. He just said there were evil people there. He didn’t sound like he knew where they were either. God…where am I? Carrie asked herself. Fear coursed through her veins and she held her knees tighter. She reached for her wolf, Hera. But she was scared too. She could feel her trembling inside her. Her wolf had a submissive nature. The only reason she could be with Marcus, and not be overwhelmed by his wolf’s power, was because her wolf was submissive by nature. She didn’t react to Marcus’ power because she accepted him as her alpha. His wolf made her submit without even trying. Her wolf was sweet and nurturing. She wasn’t a fighter. She cared for people around her. Her mother always told her that she needed to be careful, because a lot of people would take advantage of her nature. Carrie closed her eyes tighter. God, she missed her parents. She wished they were still alive. And she wasn’t left all alone in the world. She had to raise herself and become the woman she is today. But it got lonely sometimes, especially now that she didn’t even have Marcus. Marcus had been her hope. She thought they were one and the same. He was alone, and she was alone. They were lonely people trying to make a life. She thought he would choose her as his Luna, even though she wasn’t his mate. He wasn’t her mate either but…Carrie shook her head. She knew she shouldn’t go down that road. But what the hell, she might just die like Jeremiah. The door suddenly opened. Carrie’s eyes shot open and she climbed off the bed, cowering in the corner of the room. She watched as three men dressed all in black walked into the room. One was carrying a tray of food. Her stomach growled at the sight of it. The man stepped to the side while the others picked up Jeremiah’s body from the bed. “Damn, the bodies keep piling up,” one of them said. Carrie’s heart hammered in her chest at his words. She was going to die here, she thought. Her wolf curled up in a ball inside her. Her limbs trembled and she slid to the floor. She covered her head with her hands. She shut her eyes again. If she didn’t open her eyes it wouldn’t be real, she told herself over and over again. “Here is some food. Eat. You’re going to need all your strength for what the doctor has planned for you,” the man said. His voice sounded kind, which didn’t make any sense. The door closed again. And Carrie heard the key turn as they locked the door. She was left alone. She sat in the corner for a few more minutes. But her stomach growled again. She was starving. She got to her feet and walked to the bed where the man left the tray of food. She opened the covers, and almost groaned at the scent that drifted from the food. It smelled delicious. Why would they give her delicious smelling food? Carrie asked herself suspiciously. She looked at the large mirror that took up an entire wall of the room. She had a feeling it was a two-way mirror. And they were watching her. Her stomach growled again. Carrie stared at the food. She thought about not eating it. But she knew she was going to die, just like Jeremiah. The man in black said it. The bodies keep piling up. So there was no reason for her to deny herself delicious food. She picked up the fork and sat on the bed. She picked up the tray and placed it on her lap. She started to eat. She moaned at every bite. She opened the bottle of juice they included with the food, and took a healthy swallow. God…if this was the last meal. It was the best meal she'd ever had. Maybe it was delicious because she knew that her days were numbered. She finished her food, and placed the tray on the floor next to the door. She felt a little drowsy as she walked to the bed. She sat down on the bed. Her head felt heavy, and she couldn’t keep her eyes open.  She looked towards the mirror. Did they drug her? She asked as she slumped backwards on the bed. She fought the drowsiness. But the drug they gave her was too strong. Hera whimpered inside her, terrified. Carrie wanted to comfort her, but she was just as scared. Darkness enveloped her, and then there was nothing. Carrie didn’t know how long she had slept. But when she woke up, she was surprised to find herself in the same room. And she felt a heavy presence in the room too. Her heart hammered in her chest as she pushed up into a sitting position. She wanted to close her eyes and not look at whoever was in the room with her, but she wanted to see the person who was coming to kill her. She looked around the room. And there, a few paces from the bed, he stood. He was big – he had a massive body with broad shoulders. Claws tipped off his fingers. Long black hair came to his shoulders. His eyes shone bright grey, making him look dangerous with a wild urge as if he could snap at any time. He looked feral – and his entire focus was on her. “Mate,” he said, his voice was dark and possessive. Oh no, Carrie thought.

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