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Mandy was his - his wife. Or rather his ex-wife. She was plain. Dull too. He knew her well. Or so he thought. She never had any suitors. Or so it had seemed at some point. So, why and how did she suddenly become the most beautiful and most sought-after woman around? She was laughing – with another man at some silly joke he told her no doubt – and Harrison suddenly felt ire like never before. He wanted to march there and claim her lips in a searing kiss, to brand her as his for all eternity, and for all to see… but then he thought better of it. He wasn’t sure his date would appreciate it. Truth be told, he could care less about said date at the moment. He had his gaze trained on his ex’s luscious lips, and his ears were strained in an effort to hear their exchange. He shouldn’t care about her. They had been divorced for three months already. It should be no business of his whom she dated or allowed in her bed. And yet, the very thought of her being intimate with anyone but him drove a knife into his insides. He tried to focus on what his date was saying – rambling about some jewelry set she claimed she fancied – but to no avail. His attention was on his radiant ex wife. When did she become so damn beautiful? He asked himself. Their eyes met, and her lips quirked into a small smile. And then, she raised her glass to her lips and drank, completely dismissing him. The nerve! Harrison didn’t know how to deal with her indifference. She had once worshipped him and the ground he walked on. And yet, she had made no fuss when he suggested that they get a divorce. “Are you okay?” His date, whose name he had all but forgotten, asked as she reached out to squeeze his hand. “Peachy,” he told her dismissively before digging into his dinner at long last. He needed to get Mandy out of his head. And yet, when he bedded that date of his that night, all he could think of was Mandy’s pliant, yielding and oh so delectable body. When morning came, he had but one thing in mind, and that was finding out whether his ex had loved him at all, and if so, whether she still did. For some reason, the thought of not being loved by her irked him. 
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