Mafia's Love & Revenge

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Modesty Mastroianni-Moore is one of the top fashion designers in the world. Married to her childhood sweetheart, Lincoln Moore, a Billionaire, business magnate, industrial designer, investor, and media proprietor.

Her father didn't want her to grow up in the Mafia as he or his three sons would. So he sent her to New York City to keep her safe and unknown to his rivals, the Troisi family.

Little did Modesty's family know that she had trained herself to fight for years without letting them know. When a rival family murders her father and brothers, she knows she doesn't have much of a choice.

Kill or get killed.

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Chapter 1
The day that Marco Mastroianni was killed was the day that changed Modesty's life. Marco was the head man of the mafia in Catania, Italy. He was also her grandfather. She was only nine years old at the time. That was also the day that Seargeah decided that he didn't want his only daughter to grow up in that kind of life. As he had and his three sons will. But first, he had to convince his wife Carmela. Carmela had always wanted a daughter. Modesty is the spitting image of her mother. She is also as sweet and docile as Carmela. But has the temper from her father's side of the family. After four long days of talking and arguing, Seargeah finally was able to convince Carmela that it would be best if their daughter moved to New York. He has a sister and brother-in-law that lives there. His sister, Lagia and Tobias Vlaho have not been blessed with kids. Seargeah and Carmela have three sons, Marcello is the oldest than Errico and Filippo. Modesty is also the youngest of the four kids. Modesty's papa took his papa's place in the mafia the same day that his father was killed. Marcello is next in line. The Mastroianni has always had enemies. But their number one enemy is the Troisi family, It is run by Salvatore. He and his wife Pietra has five kids. Elexandros is the oldest and next in line to take over. Santo, Giusto, Ciro, and their only daughter Rosalia. None of them has any knowledge that Modesty exists. Modesty met Lincoln Moore on the first day of her arrival in New York. Lincoln lived next door to her aunt and uncle. He fell in love with her the moment he saw her. Lincoln walked up to Seargeah and looked up at him in his eyes. "Sir I am Lincoln Chadrick Moore. I am your new son-in-law." He extends his hand out to her father Seargeah nods his head and extends his hand out to Lincoln. "Son you already have a good grip. But my daughter has to marry a man that can take care of her and protect her. Do you honestly believe that you can do that?" He looks at Lincoln "Yes sir, I will protect her with my life. I will be a millionaire one day, Modesty will never have to want for anything." Lincoln is still looking at Seargeah. "Son for some reason I believe you will. Yep, I believe you will." Seargeah smiles and nods his head. That was fifteen years ago. Modesty is twenty-four now, she is one of the top fashion designers in the world. She is 5'8 with long black hair, brown eyes, and naturally tanned skin. Modesty is also married to her childhood sweetheart Lincoln Moore. The couple was married on her eighteen birthday. Lincoln is 6'1, twenty-six years old, medium brown complexion, brown eyes, bald head, a goatee and is very handsome. That day when Lincoln told her father that he was going to be a millionaire he was wrong. He is a billionaire, business magnate, and i software developer. He and Modesty have three kids. Two girls and a son. Four-year-old Legacy is the spitting image of her mother. Serenity is two years old. She is a mixture of both parents. Then there is Lincoln's mini-me eight months old Amadeo. Modesty has never been back to Catania since the day she came to the United State. Her family visits her twice a year. That is on her birthday and Christmas. When she was growing up she and Lincoln spent a lot of time together. He was quarterback and captain of the football team. Modesty was head cheerleader. During the senior year, they were Homecoming King and Queen. They were and still are inseparable. Neither one has ever dated anyone else. Lincoln would be in the room with Modesty while she was training. So when she was training, he was developing software. She is a 10th-degree black belt in Taekwondo, and is a blackbelt in Kung fu. 10th Dan in Keno. Modesty also has other survival skills. Such as expert crossbow, ax, and knife thrower. She is so good with a gun that Lincoln calls her a sniper. He should know he is also an expert marksman Her aunt and uncle treated her as if she were their own child. They wanted Modesty to go to college to become a doctor. But she didn't want any part of that life. She always knew that she wanted to be a fashion designer. Lincoln stood behind her one hundred percent. Her parents are her uncle and her aunt didn't fight her on it. Lincoln became a millionaire when he was eighteen. A billionaire at the age of twenty. He created some computer software. Several companies were interested in buying it. Lincoln decided to cut out the middle man. Which seems to work for him. His net worth is 10.3 billion now. ***** "Catania Italy" Salvatore Troisi has called a meeting. He and his family have been trying to take over the Mastroianni. Especially after the death of Marco. Salvatore underestimated Seargeah. Salvatore was under the impression that Marco was still running things. But it was Salvatore, Marco just still had the title. He planned on taking over the Mastroianni territory. Salvatore has even tried to bribe some of some men that work for Salvatore. No person in their right mind would ever betray a Mastroianni. **** Elexandros is thirty-one, 6'0" black eyes, and has short black hair. He is handsome but is also very cocky. Elexandros believes that no woman can resist him and his charm. Those that have resisted him have always ended up with a permanent scare on their face. Santo is twenty-nine, 5'9 black eyes and long black hair, He is handsome as his brother Elexandros but not as strong or confident. He is married to Maria, she is also twenty-nine. She wears her hair short and thinks that she is the answer to every man's prayers. Maria had several lovers. Santo and her marriage were arranged, she was supposed to have married Elexandros. But he didn't feel that she was pretty enough or worthy of him. One day she just disappeared. Ciro is twenty -six, 5'10 black hair and black eyes. He is just as handsome as his other brothers. The only thing different about him and his family is that he is a priest. That was the only way he could think of to get him out of the mafia life. Giusto and Rosalia are twins, and twenty-three years old. Giusto and Elexandros should have been twins. Because he is the younger image of his older brother. Giusto wants to be just like Elexandros in every way. Rosalia is 5'7 brown hair and brown eyes. She has no ambitions in life besides shopping and marrying a rich man.

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