The Hurt Princess and her harmful mate( The Knight#3)

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Blurb For Angelina Knight:-

Princess Angelina Knight the daughter of Alpha Christian Knight and Queen Cassandra Knight the next royal heir to the throne of her mother's kingdom. The most powerful witch of all after her mother Cassandra Knight. She woke up with lost memories of her mate who happened to be the enemy of her family. The same mate who tried to kill her family members on several occasions. The same mate who took all of her memories that includes him in it.

Princess Angelina struggles to fight back the memories but failed miserably. Her life was getting back on track and was working really hard to make herself worthy for her mother's throne because according to her mother she is not ready to be the Queen yet because she is known as the spoiled princess. Just when she was a few steps away to achieve her goal of becoming a Queen, her mate Jared Rodgers decided to return and claim Princess Angelina as his own.

Angelina didn't remember any memories of Jared so she felt happy when she found her mate. Jared took that as an opportunity and make her fall in love with him. Bit by bit, Angelina regained her memories and became furious when she remembered how much pain Jared provided to her family. She vowed herself to make Jared pay for everything he made her family go through and never to forgive him.


" Bella mia, please give me another chance. I love you. I really love you." Jared pleaded in front of me.

"I don't care. You deserve to die after what you made my family go through." I snapped in anger and attacked him with the energy ball.

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"Memory Loss"
 Angelina Knight:   “Angelina…..Angelina, wake up. It's time, you need to wake up from your deep sleep now. Our mate awaits us, we have to look for him.” My wolf Linda said in my head while I was trying really hard to open my eyes, but it felt like something was holding me back from waking up. Something powerful was protecting me, my wolf, and my powers, it was keeping me alive, but I can't figure out what the power is.   “I am trying….I am trying really hard to open my eyes, but I can't, Linda. I can't open my eyes. Can you mind-link dad or Zediab, I know they can help me. Please try to mind-link them.” I pleaded with my wolf, but heard as she sighed.    “I have tried, trust me. I have tried a thousand times for the past five months, but every time I have failed because I can't function without you. We both only function together, remember? So wake your lazy ass up and open your eyes. We have already missed so much in these past few months and I don't want to miss anymore. Don't you want to meet the new additions to the family?” Linda asks, confusing me and making me angry at the same time.   “My ass is not lazy because it's crazy and I don't understand why I can't open my freaking eyes, Linda. Wait….what do you mean by new additions? What am I missing?” I asked and my wolf let out a chuckle.   “You are lying in a coma and yet you still have a mouth on you. Sometimes I wish I could get a good scenario type of human girl for me, but yet here I am stuck with a girl who has a wicked persona.” Linda replies, rolling her eyes. This time she made me let out a chuckle because she is such a drama queen.   “Hey, don't put all the blame on me. After all, maybe the only reason I have a wicked persona is because of you.” I replied, teasing her.   “No, according to your mom you were always a spoiled child, so I am not to blame, but don't worry I still love you and I am glad that I am stuck with a crazy badass girl like you, rather than some boring girl with no sense of fun because this gorgeous wolf likes to have fun.” Linda says, winking at me.   “Seriously though, you need to wake up. We have to search for our mate before he dies.” Linda said and I felt as if my heart stopped beating when she said that.   “Our mate? What do you mean by our mate? Have you seen him? Have you met him?” I asked, feeling both happy and excited at the thought of my mate.   “Wait, what do you mean by before he dies? Are you hiding something?” I ask, worried.   “Oh….ummm….nothing, I was just trying to motivate you into waking up. I was just messing with you.” My wolf Linda replies, but I could sense that she is lying to me.   “I swear to kill you myself….” I started to say, but I wasn't able to complete my sentence when I felt a presence near me. Through my senses I could feel the presence of none other than my mate and even though I wasn't able to see him, I could still feel him. I was trying so hard to open my eyes and see him for the first time in my life because I have been waiting to meet him for what feels like forever.   “It's time for you to wake up, Bella Mia.” The deep voice of a male said and tears began to form in my eyes because he was with me and I wasn't able to see him.   “I need to see you….I need to see you. Please tell me your name. I need to wake up and see you. Please….please help me wake up, my mate.” I pleaded.   “Sssshhh….dont stress yourself, Bella Mia. I am sorry I can't tell you my name and when you wake up I’m afraid that you won't find me here, but know that you will always feel me closer to you by your heart. I promise to come and meet you once the time is right because one thing is for sure, I am not going to leave you to be with another man. You. are. Mine.” The man, my mate, replied.   “A...Are you a human because I can't feel any power around you or coming from your aura?” I asked, trying to sense it.   “Yes, I am and soon we will meet again, but now it's time for you to wake up, Bella Mia. I love you.” My mate replied and I felt him brush his lips gently against mine, but before I could kiss him back my eyes opened and he was gone.   “MATTTTEEEE!!! MATE…..MY MATE!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!!” I scream out.   “Angel...oh my God...my beautiful daughter you have finally woken up. I missed you….I missed you, so much…” My dad said, sobbing as he pulled me into his arms, hugging me and holding me in a tight embrace.   “DAD!” I exclaimed and hugged him tightly, sobbing.   “Dad, where is my mate? I found my mate. He was here. Where is my mate? Wait, what do you mean by you missed me? I was asleep for just a night.” I asked, playfully pinching my dad's cheeks, but then I felt his body go stiff.   “Ummm….actually my beautiful angel, you weren't asleep for a night….you have been in a deep sleep for the past five months.” My dad nervously replied.   “And what do you mean by mate? You haven't ever met your mate and there was no one here except me.” My dad asks, looking confused.   “FIVE MONTHS?!” I shriek, shocked by what he said. How can that be?   “No….no….no, dad. That can't be true, I feel like I just slept last night.” I replied, but he shook his head.   “No angel, you have been asleep for the last five months. Tell me, what is the last thing you remember?” My dad asks, his voice thick with worry.   “Ummm, today, last night my twin Zediab became the King of wizards and then we went to a club where Zediab met his mate who was running to save her life from some bunch of vampires we killed. After that, I don't remember. I don't remember a single thing, dad.” I replied, trying to think hard.   “No angel, that happened five months back, all this time you have been asleep and now you don't remember anything.” My dad said, without looking at me. He refused to make eye contact with me which told me only one thing, he was hiding something from me.   “Dad, are you hiding something from me?” I asked, placing my hand on his shoulder and hoping he would answer me, but before he could even reply the door to my room burst open. My mother and twin brother entered, both of them looking shocked and happy at the same time.   “TROUBLEMAKER!!” Zed yells, making me smile.   “Angelina, my baby.” My mom said, running over to me and pushing my dad out of the way so that she could engulf me in a tight hug.   “Mom, is dad really telling me the truth? Have I really been asleep for five months and if so, why don't I remember anything?” I asked, as my mom pulled away from me slightly.   “Yes, I am afraid that your dad is telling you the truth, you have been in a deep sleep for the past five months and you are suffering from memory loss because of it.” My mom replied, looking at my dad.   “And that's the first thing that you decide to ask your mother without even letting her pour all her love on her daughter?” My mom asked.   “I am sorry, mom, but I….I..” I replied and I was trying to tell her what I saw earlier in my mind or in my dream, when Zed cut me off.   “Trouble maker, please get up. I miss you and I miss the stunts and trouble that you provide us with, you spoiled princess.” Zed said, laughing slightly, but it only caused me to frown and everyone to look at me in confusion and sadness.   “I am sorry if I am reacting oddly or unhappy, but I am confused at the moment and need so many answers. Like my first question is what happened that caused me to fall into a deep sleep?” I asked and saw my family's expression quickly change. They all looked like they were hiding something from me, something big, but what?   “Angel, we will talk later, you have just woken up and need to….” My dad said, trying to reason with me, but I quickly cut him off.    “No dad, I want answers now. I can feel that Zediab is scared and nervous, so you guys had better tell me the truth about what happened and right now.” I said or more like yelled. I’d had enough of these secrets already and it was driving me crazy not knowing what was happening or rather what had happened.

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