Guard dog

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Archer The moment she walked in, I could see she wasn’t comfortable being in here, but she quickly squared her shoulders and walked on. She is dressed far too formal to be out in a club and when she takes two shots, I know she is drama wrapped in a very attractive package. I sat back and just took her in, I guess she felt my eyes on her because she slowly started turning around, pretending to take in the place around her. From where I’m sitting I can’t really see her eyes but her face and body makes my cock respond, begging me to go to her. She quickly throws back her whiskey and then orders another and throws that one back as well. I decide to sit right where I am, not in the mood to deal with a drunk woman with too many problems, no matter how pretty she might look. Tonight we are celebrating our newest company. Since we finished school, my friends and I, with the help of my mother, started buying companies that were sinking under the wrong leadership. We build them up from the ground and then move on to the next. The new company we bought works with advanced technologies, creating better ways for people to live. It has been slowly sinking since the previous owner's son took over the company. He had no clue what he was doing and clearly hasn’t been trained to run a company. I sit back with my beer in hand and try to focus on what my friends and partners are joking on about, but my focus keeps going to the beautiful woman at the bar. I wonder what her deal is, if she has boyfriend troubles or if she is just pissed at life in general. If she keeps drinking the way she is, she will be drunk off her ass in less than an hour. It doesn’t take long for someone else to notice her. A guy that looks like a college kid walks up to her and sits down next to her, pretending to be there to order a drink. When he turns to her and moves closer to her, probably to ask her if he can buy her a drink, she moves as far to the side away from him as she can without falling off her chair and shows him the drink she has in her hand. After a few more seconds of him trying to talk to her, she starts looking really uncomfortable. Before I can even think about it, I tell my friends that I will be back, not worried if they heard me or not and make my way to her. When I get to her, I put my arm over the back or her chair and stand between the asshole and the woman. She looks at me surprised, eyes wide. For a moment I forget why I stood up, why I came to her, so lost in her light blue eyes. This woman can stop traffic with her face and those gorgeous eyes. His lips are full and all I can think about is bending down to taste them. She seems to be just as lost as I am in our little moment and we both nearly jump out of our skin when the guy behind me pushes me forward. “Hey dude, I was here first, go find yourself another bitch to take home.” The kid says and I turn around slowly to face him, hoping he will recognize my face and just turn around and walk away. The guy's eyes go wide when he takes in my face and realization registers on his face. “Sorry man, she is all yours.” He says before walking away. I turn back to the woman in front of me and she is looking at me in confusion. “What the hell just happened? Do you have some or other mind control, is that why he just turned around and left when he couldn’t take a no from me just twenty seconds ago?” Even her voice is sexy and my dick jumps at the thought of hearing her moan in pleasure. “You don’t know who I am?” As the youngest billionaire in New York, a lot of people know who I am. I have worked hard to get where I am and people either fear me or respect me. I have quite a reputation on this side of New York. “Are you the owner of the club or something?” She asks. “Or something.” I reply back with a smirk. This is actually the one place that I co-own with all of my partners. We saw this place about five years ago and it was fast going under with the underage drinking that was involved. We took over and made it the best club in uptown New York. People stand in lines from about ten pm, waiting for a chance to get in, clearly Jace, the bouncer thought she was pretty enough to enter, and I can’t blame him. “Thanks for playing guard dog, but I’m good now.” She says and turns away from me. For a moment I am in shock, first she doesn’t notice who I am and then I save her from that jack ass and she dismisses me like that? Normally women throw themselves at me, but this woman couldn’t give two shits about who I am or what I look like. “Guard dog you say? Mind if your guard dog sticks around for a little while, maybe buy you a drink?” I want to hit myself when the words are out of my mouth. She just tried chasing away one guy, just to get another one that can’t take a hike. “You know what, never mind, I hope you have a great ev…” “Whiskey will be great.” She says before I can finish my sentence and I freeze for a moment, wondering if I heard her correctly before I turn and signal the bartender. “Two whiskeys please.” I turn to look at the woman beside me, realizing that I don’t even know her name. “Archer Cullen.” I say as I extend my hand in greeting. “Gwen Fitzpatrick, and if you haven’t noticed, I’m a lady, I don’t shake hands.” She says, lifting her new drink at me in greeting. I raise my drink and do the same and watch as her lips as she takes a sip. There are no lipstick stains and I assume that her lips are naturally red. I wonder if she is crazy, I mean, she has to have a flaw right? We spend the next hour just talking about random things, staying away from anything personal. I tried, but she just moved over to a new topic. We ended up just talking about different kinds of people and joking about the idiot that I saved her from. I’m surprised she isn’t drunk off her socks with the amount of alcohol she has consumed. “You know this has been fun, but I really need to get to my hotel room and get some rest. I have work tomorrow and I need some sleep. She signals the bartender and gives him her cards but I shake my head at him. “It’s on the house.” Tell her before getting up and turning to go back to my table. “You’re not going to offer to walk me to my room?” She asks me and I smirk, knowing the night isn’t over yet. “What, paying for your drinks isn't enough?” I ask her and for a moment she looks lost but then her face turns into a sexy smirk. “Then let me repay the favor.” She says, placing her hand on my arm. The heat coming from her hand makes my body heat up. “Let’s get out of here.” I tell her and lead her outside.
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