Chapter 2*The wreck*

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"Mama! Mama!! Papa!! Tobi!!!"    Maha screamed in fright right before she lost consciousness, the last storm that hit the cruise did a pretty bad one on it..  Few minutes after Maha had fallen asleep in her moms hand everything became chaotic, water flowed in to the boat through the little opening in the dent made from the impact of the iceberg, the captain already loosing control of the wheel,  Annetta, Sensing the impending danger handed Maha to her father,dashing out of their room to the children's room for her son, James without thinking twice worrying about the safety of his wife and son, placed Maha on the bed instructing her not to move,he ran after his wife not wanting her to get hurt or their son, half way back to their room for Maha, the final blow was dealt on the ship and everything came crashing over. Screams rang out throughout the ship, parents screaming for their young ones, cries of pain and despair, the ship was sinking and it was happening so fast,.. Maha sat unmoving on the bed her papa placed on her not wanting to disobey her dad, despise her fears and the water flooding the room, screaming for her papa and mama when one of the suitcase fell of from ontop the closet hitting her head rendering her unconscious...................               *BREAKING NEWS* five families on an holiday cruise, was caught up in the storm three days ago wrecking their cruise ship in halfs, reports reaching us from the rescue team now,so far 3 of the victims are still alive but unconscious, 7 dead and 4 missing, the search is still in progress, the 3 survivals have been sent to the Hospital for immediate treatment, stay tuned for more updates on the missing victims, out deepest condolences to the affected families... NYT news... *******/***Time skip Fortunately Maha was one the 3 others survivors,and has been in coma for 5days as a result of the Hit on her head, the doctors say there are chances that she might loose part of her memories due to the trauma of the wreck, hopefully she wakes up on time.. The authorities have been able to identify her and words have been sent out to her father's relatives in California but no one has shown up yet in concern for her..... The police have finally decided to wait it out till she wakes., the search for her parents is still ongoing, no one knows if they are dead or alive because none of their bodies have been found yet,  it's been 8 days after the crash, the families of the dead had come along to claim the bodies, why the two other survivals a married couple, although they're still in the hospital but already conscious and getting better, reason because they didn't suffer much damage from the  wreck.  Maha finally woke up from coma after 12days, still no relative came in to check on her, the hospital found it weird but didn't comment on it, well Maha knee nothing about that anyway.. Opening her eyes slowly she winced as the bright light of the hospital room almost blinded her, looking around trying to discern where she was, after taking note of the white hall and the horrible smell of bleach and blood Maha realised she is the hospital.... Surprised as to what she was doing in the hospital and why I head hurts, she unconsciously brought her hand to her head to rub it when she noticed her head is in a cast, bringing her hand down, she called out for her mama, feeling g uneasy why her mom wasn't beside her when she woke.. She called out for her mama again getting no response, on her third attempt, one of the officers stationed outside her room heard her and walked into the room, clearly surprised to see her awake, because according to the doctor she shouldn't be awake for the next 3week,... The officer slowly stepped into the room careful enough to not scare her trying to start up a conversation with her, " I see you're awake little one, how you feeling " he added gently showing is concern.. "my head hurts and my left arm also, who are you mister and where is my mama and Papa,? " Maha asked "oh well, I'm Michael, but you're allowed to call me Mike because you're cute" The officer replied trying to avoid the question about her parents, how do you tell an 11years old who just woke up from Coma that her dad is dead and her mom plus younger brother are still missing, how do you explain, so instead of hurting the little girls feeling, the officer decided to skip the question... "OK mister, but where is mama, mama wasn't here when I woke up and Tobi too, where did they go, Papa told me to wait on the bed before I fell asleep" She explained quietly to the officer  trying to make him understand why she is asking for her mama,..... Micheal obviously couldn't tell her the news not yet, atleast he can stall before the doctor gets here  and probably till they locate her relatives before breaking the news for poor Maha, "your mama caught the flu  so erm well the doctor is attending to her, why don't I go call the nurse to check up on you, that's the first thing I should have done, seeing as you're awake,"  he explained softly to Maha "ah ok mister, mama got the flu, when is mama coming back," She asked again..  Micheal was already growing impatient and definitely isn't good at lying "oh, I guess we will have to ask the nurse when she gets here,just go back to sleep while I get the nurse okay?" he asked getting an approving nod from Maha before walking out of the room.. He heaved a sigh of relief when he finally got outside the door, lying to the girl wasn't the right thing to do, but he can't tell her the truth also. Micheal goes In search of maha's  nurse, while maha closed her eyes to sleep in hopes that her mama, papa and Tobi will be right beside her when she wakes like always, little did she know that they wouldn't be....... 
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