My Billionaire Ex Is A Vampire

female lead
slow burn
poor to rich

THIS BOOK IS PAUSED - I love Lorena and will continue her story after Miracle of the Moon Goddess is finished.

Years after Lorena caught her cheating two-faced billionaire boyfriend she runs into him again. He tells an unlikely story about what happened that night. Frankly, she doesn’t believe his tale at all and she wonders if he is crazy or something. But when he shows her his fangs she cannot deny it anymore. He is a vampire!

She has to ask herself if his honesty is enough for her to go back to him. Does she still love him after all that has happened? She is now in love with another man, Ben who is a renowned archaeologist. And with her fathers gambling debt she doesn't think she has time for a love life anyway. Besides, does being with Sean mean she has to become a vampire?

Sean talks about her being his Beloved, his soul mate. He asks her to come with him for ten days and do whatever he tells her to. Afterwards, she can decide for herself if she wants to leave him or stay with him forever. Will she take the chance and go with him? Or stay with Ben? He says he loves her deeply, but he has his own dark secrets and seems to know a little too much about vampires.


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Around five years ago: Lorena checked her computer for the umpteen time that day, maybe the results were in? Like every time before, her heart fluttered as she opened the right screen, waiting to see the results of her exam. This time her heart made a jump. She got an A! Raising her arms to the air she screamed a yes and jumped up from her chair. She was elated and jumped around the luxurious apartment. She had worked so hard for this exam and it paid off! She could not wait for her boyfriend Sean to come home. She tried to sit down, but knew in her heart she had to celebrate. She ran up the stairs to their bedroom; she only had an half an hour or so before he came home. She took a quick shower, brushed her blond hair and found a black lace corset with matching lingerie and stockings. She put on red lipstick smacking her lips; knowing she looked amazing she smiled for herself. She loved how Sean made her feel sexy when she didn't put up an effort, and when she did he never stopped staring at her in awe. It made her feel more beautiful than any compliment given to her. Happy with her makeup she found her tight, black leather, killer-heels with silken lace that started at her toes and went zigzaggin to over her knees. She picked up her riding whip, knowing she was going to enjoy herself tonight. Lorena looked at the alarm clock by the bed. Sean hadn't come home and was running late. Standing there in her lingerie was a little bit cold so she looked around. She didn’t want a blanket over her. She was going to take charge after all and a blanket would ruin the magic. The door to the walk-in-closet was open and she saw Sean’s suits lined up. Now that was an idea! Walking over she picked out one of the black suit jackets and took it on. Oh, I’m gonna be a bossy lady! she thought smugly for herself. When she felt a little lump in the jacket she had put on, she slipped her hand down into the pocket to find a small box. Curious, she picked up the box. It was a jewelry box. Heart pounding Lorena dropped her whip. Should she take a look? Is it really? Lorena opened the box and inside she found a ring of white gold with shiny pink diamonds formed like a delicate flower. Happy tears ran down her face and her hand covered her mouth as she gasped. Oh, I’m gonna be a bossy fiance! She heard the door slamming downstairs. Quickly she slipped the box back into the pocket and hung up the jacket where she found it, then ran slowly to the mirror to check her mascara. Doing so, she heard strange stumblings as Sean started up the stairs, but thought nothing of it. Remembering the whip on the floor she ran back to it and bent down to take it up. She fell in her attempt, damn those killer heels! Tears stung her eyes, but she swallowed her pain and got up from behind the bed. She looked up at the door where she found Sean entering and her heart dropped. Sean didn’t see her. He was too busy kissing and grinding into a brunette. Lorena had thought she knew what it felt to be heartbroken, but her imagination had not prepared her for the agony she felt at this moment. Her Sean didn’t only betray her in the worst possible way, but he shattered every ounce of trust she ever had built up at this point. How could he do this to me? It was like time stood still and her brain imprinted every little detail to her mind. The brunette was wearing a red cocktail dress and a luxurious black fur coat slipped down her shoulders. The woman had set her hair up with small diamond-tipped pins and a little black veil covered the side of her head. Around her neck was a diamond shocker formed into a small V-shape enhancing the sweetheart-neckline of her dress. Lorena could never compare herself to a woman like that. The illusion of sexyness she had built up around herself disappeared in a heartbeat. Now she only felt sick of how ugly she was. Lorena wasn’t the beautiful woman Sean had made her believe she was. His parents were right, she thought. She was never the one and only. She should have listened to them and not dismissed them as snobby billionaires. I will never be good enough for someone like Sean.  The woman was the first to notice Lorena. She stopped kissing Sean to smile with hunger and lust at Lorena, as Sean kept kissing her neck and breasts. The way he ignored Lorena made her blood boil. It’s not me who isn’t good enough, she told herself as her sadness started to seethe over to anger. I will be the best woman Sean has ever had. He will never find someone as good as me! I’m better than him! “I didn’t know you had company for us here!” the woman laughed heartily. Only then did Sean look up at Lorena. He was panting like an animal. At first his eyes looked sad, but the woman got his attention again. “I didn’t say you could stop. Let us all have some fun.” The woman turned towards Lorena, but she had had enough. Quickly drying her tears she grabbed what she could reach off her clothes and ran for it, avoiding the clutches of both Sean and his fvcking brunette.

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