Heart Of The Lycan Queen

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Between lies and secrets and looming death, can she survive the rebirth without getting killed again?


'A legacy bound by moon. Can she reclaim her birthright, find her happiness with her mate and destroy her enemies?'

His breath was hot on her neck. His canines scraped along the sensitive spot where her pulse throbbed. She moaned, even as she resisted the pull of him and his hard body.

He pressed a kiss against the vein in her throat, that was begging to be touched. A finger gently rubbed against her breast and she hated herself for moaning out.

"You- what are you-" her voice was hoarse.

"One day you will become mine and you will never, ever think about anyone else except me. I will show you how a real man loves and you will discover the untamed wildness that sleeps within you. One day you will stop being so afraid of the secrets that lies in your soul. Until then, Elian dream of me in the steamy nights when air is thick and lusty, and stay in your bed writhing, moaning, wanting, oh so wet. I will dream of you too." He sucked her throat and then bit it and licked It stung but the pleasure was blinding...

"Until next dream, my fierce Queen."


All her life Elian Knight hated werewolves. Those hideous beasts were the reason her parents were dead.

After her parents' death, Elian is adopted and raised around the Order of Amethyst, a group of elite hunters.

One fateful night, while doing the usual patrol, she stumbles upon a majestic beast with glowing silver eyes. Instead of fearing the beast, she finds herself attracted to this creature from hell. And the meeting is just the first of many that will change the course of her life.

After the meeting, she starts to have vivid dreams about the beast and she is disturbed by the way it always ends - her screaming in pleasure as the mysterious man with silver eyes takes her and marks her. She knows what it means, and that is what scares her the most.

One night, her whole life changes when she is hunted and killed by The Ruby Hunters, the best of the best, along with one of her good friends, Robyn.

She is dead, or rather she was, until she is NOT!

In a freak twist of fate, Elian wakes up six months before her death, the night where she first met the silver-eyed beast.

Elian now knows what is going to happen after six months. The betrayal by nine hunters, one of them her good friend.

She has six months to seek the truth without rousing the suspicion of others. Six more months to change her fate.

She will find her answers, she will unearth every hidden secret, find out who she is and why she was murdered, and then... she will get her sweet, sweet revenge.

After all revenge, it is best served deadly cold!


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