Her Boss

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  When Ofie came back with her coffee and croissant, Aya thanked her and immediately submerged herself in work. Since the spa campaign was tagged as a priority, she started working on the draft that she’s going to present to her boss. And all the while she was working on it, she strictly told Ofie to not disturb her and just come in when called.    It was around lunchtime when Aya called Ofie inside the office. “You finally called,” Ofie said. “What are you having for lunch?” Aya asked Ofie without looking away from her computer screen. “I’m going out with the A-team. They wanted some Japanese food.” Ofie answered. “Then can you bring me some gyoza and chicken teriyaki?” Aya told Ofie. “Okay, noted boss,” Ofie said, and then she left.   Aya continued her work, blocking everyone around her. She didn’t even dare to look at her phone when it rang. And when Ofie came back with her lunch, it is the only time she stopped what she was doing to eat.    And after she ate her lunch, she immediately went back to work. She is so immersed in what she was doing that she didn’t notice that her friend Yvette was calling her and flooding her with texts.   It was around five in the afternoon when she finally finished the draft of the campaign. She printed out the proposal and while she was waiting for it to finish, she checked her phone and noticed the missed calls and texts. It was all from her friend Yvette and reading her texts made her feel really tired.   Yvette just told her that the committee requires everyone from the student body to attend and she already confirmed their reunion committee that she will be going. Reading those texts made Aya more stressed because there is no way that she can’t go. Everyone is expecting her to come, and it only made Aya wanted to strangle her friend and drown her at the same time.   Once the printing is done, she arranged it and brought it to her boss herself. Her boss is pretty much like her. A very career-driven woman; she’s beautiful and brains with no time for anything else. But just last year, she got married to a guy that was like he was cut out of a magazine.    When Aya came into her boss’ office, she immediately gave her boss the proposal. Her boss made her sit as she reads the proposal. She scans the contents and the corner of her bow-like plump lips tugged upward, and then she looked at Aya.   “Aya, are you sure this is just a draft?” She asked. “Yes ma’am,” Aya answered, and then her boss let out a giggle. “Well, you can now proceed to work on the presentation. What you did is not just a draft but a great proposal.” Her boss said and Aya smiled. “Thank you.” “I knew I can count on you despite the situation you are in.”    Her boss said and Aya looked at her with a questioning look. Her boss smiled at her and stood up from her chair and turned towards the huge window. “I know your birthday is coming up and you’re turning thirty. And it only means you are now up for grabs, as per your family’s tradition.”    Hearing what her boss said made Aya frown. Somehow her boss remembered about her family’s tradition when in fact she told her that, eons ago. Aya is actually quite close to her boss as she acts like her older sister that always has her best intentions at heart. Aya cannot help but let out a sigh of frustration. “You don’t need to remind me about that,” Aya grumbled and her boss turned towards her and chuckled. “Oh, Malaya. It’s no secret that you are my favorite employee in this company because you reminded me so much of myself. Career-driven, focused, perfectionist and has a messed up family.” Her boss said.   Her boss is actually from a very strict Chinese family. She was also suffering from an arranged marriage, but somehow she was saved by her estranged husband from that arrangement and they are living their happily ever after.   Aya sighed as she thought that her boss is quite lucky to escape such fate and be with someone she really likes who makes her happy. She thought about her situation and it’s really stressing her out, not to mention their reunion that she was now obliged to attend.  “Loosen up Malaya. Don’t stress yourself out with work and your family tradition.” She paused. “I believe you haven’t used any of your leave for this year as well as last year and the year before that. You are a very diligent employee, you deserve a rest. So after the presentation, I’m giving you a two-month leave with pay.” Her boss said and Aya looked at her like she grew another head. “I don’t think that is necessary,” Aya said. “Oh boohoo. You will be having that well-deserved vacation, I am ordering you.” Her boss said and Aya sighed in defeat. “Fine. I’ll take that vacation.” Aya grumbled.   Hearing her say that, her boss grinned and approached her, and then she grabbed her shoulders and started shaking her violently. “Good decision!”   “Yeah, just stop shaking me,” Aya grumbled, and then her boss lets go of her and gave her a sheepish grin. “I guess I’ll be needing that vacation since I am obliged to attend our reunion.” She said. “That’s great, reconnect with your school friends it’ll be fun.” Her boss chirped. “I don’t think listening to them bragging about their careers and spouses will be fun,” Aya said with a frown.   Her boss chuckled and went to sit on her chair behind her desk. “The first time I attended my class reunion, I just spent my whole time listening to how their lives went while I mentally judge them. You should try it, it's fun.” Her boss told her and Aya just gave her a what the hell look.   “I really don’t care about their lives, but they will surely pester me with mine.”   Her boss gave her a warm smile after she spoke. “I believe you will have the solution to whatever problem you have right now.” She told Aya who gave her a questioning look.   Then there was a knock on the door and a tall and handsome guy came in. “Hey, I hope I am not interrupting an important meeting.” The guys said.   Aya’s boss’s eyes slit up and grinned as she saw the guy. It was actually her husband that looked like he was cut off from an Abercrombie ad.  “I’m just here to pick up my wife.” He said.   They stood up and Aya’s boss grabbed her bag and meets her husband halfway and gave him a kiss that made Aya feel uncomfortable. Her boss chuckled at her facial expression. “You should go home and work on the presentation tomorrow.” Her boss said and Aya nodded. “Okay, see you tomorrow,” Aya said and then she gave the couple a curt nod before leaving the office.   Once Aya was gone, her boss turned towards her husband. “I’m a hundred percent sure she’ll be a great client to that company.” She said. “If you think so then I’ll be giving them a recommendation.” He said.         
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