Beginning Again

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Rynn didn't do goodbyes. They were messy and they just led to lies. Lies of keeping in touch, lies of seeing them soon, lies of missing them. Only this time it wouldn't have been a lie. Or a whole lie. Rynn looked at her phone and winced seeing an unread text on her IPhone XR. Sighing, Rynn knew without checking it, it was Camille. And was probably along the lines of, "You bitch you told me you weren't ready to say I love you and then move without saying goodbye?" Yeah she so did not want to have that conversation. Because while Rynn had liked Camille, she hadn't wanted anything serious with her. Camille had been sexy with her soft coco brown skin and long chocolate ringlets. Her brown eyes always dancing with happiness and her soft pink lips curled up in a smile. And the sex had been good, so Rynn thought with them being friends who fucked when it suited them worked. But then Camille started dropping the g word when asked what they were. And at first Rynn had down played it. They had lived in Chicago for a couple of months now and they didn't seem to be going anywhere. So she let Camille throw a title on them to prevent an emotional meltdown over the phone. But then she started talking love. And that's when Rynn had to shake her awake and told her to cool it. Which was basically, "I like you, I like our sex, and I do like us together. But slow it down alright, I'm not in that deep yet." Camille had been a doll and kept the psycho/girlfriend in check in front of Rynn. She nodded and pretended she was okay while in reality festering not understanding why her exclusive hook up was so against being with her. But now she had to understand. Rynn looked up and met the guilty blue eyes that were the same shade as hers and looked away. Her mother, Yolanda Nicole, was not a bad mother. She was sweet, understanding, and cool in all aspects of a single mom with two teenage girls. But it was her scatterbrain tendencies and eccentric behavior that put her at odds with her daughter. Yolanda was 38 years old woman with two bastard daughters of men who were well off and married to other women. She was single, bitter, and above all lonely. She was on the hunt for the mythical "the one" and felt no sacrifice was too much for the sake of finding him. Including uprooting her daughters every six or eight months when something didn't go her way. Recently, Yolanda had been shacking up with her boss, who she found out was married. Conveniently after she had her conversation with Camille she had come home to her mom bawling her eyes out to her sad looking sister. Peyton had looked up at her older sister and in a dead tone informed her, "Mom found out Paul was married. She's too embarrassed to go back to the company." Rynn had gritted her teeth since she knew telling her mother, she had warned her about him would only make things worse. "I'll help you put in job applications tomorrow." But Yolanda was mortified to be seen in public. She had looked at her oldest and wailed that everyone would know and talk, and she'd be humiliated. Rynn tried to talk her mother off the ledge but Yolanda pulled herself together and firmly said they were moving. In hours they had a place, had packed, and were on their way. Rynn sat in the backseat with her music playing loud enough for her mother and sister to know she didn't want to talk. She looked to her left as they passed the Welcome to IronWay, Oregon sign and huffed. The town itself was beautiful, a little dreary with it's grey sky and tall trees. It kind of reminded Rynn of a vampire town. A dark and mysterious location. It was ideal since her mother was practically a criminal with all her town hopping. Rynn was sure she was so fucked in the taxes department because they couldn't keep track of her. But Rynn was sure the only thing she was guilty of was infidelity. When Yolanda pulled up their new house, Rynn climbed out the car and grabbed her bag. It was a three bedroom, two bathroom, Royal blue painted home with white shutters and a grey fireplace chimney. Rynn walked in as Yolanda and Peyton grabbed their bags. Holding on to her stuff, Rynn snatched her headphones out as she held her head. She had a migraine and it wasn't letting up, but then again having headphones in for over seven hours over the recommended sound allowance would do that. Yolanda came in squealing, "I'm so excited! Okay so Rynn you're on the right and Peyton your next to her. Wait to you see your rooms!" Rynn ignored her mother trying to make them feel better about another move. It was the same thing all over again, she'd make the decision to move for all of them. And then act like she didn't just yet again yank them from everything with no regards on how they'd feel. Rynn walked into her room and when she saw all her crap in boxes, she sighed in exhaustion. She hated unpacking, she hated the dysfunction it brought to her life. Kicking a box annoyed she looked up and saw Peyton with the same look on her face. "Got any pot?" Rynn pulled her sister into the backyard and they sat huddled together in the chilly twilight air. As the sun dimmed the sky became a pink/purple, the stars became more prominent and a sliver of the moon. Puffing on her glass pipe, Rynn inhaled the narcotic before looking at her seventeen year old sister. "Did you tell that boy bye?" After inhaling her hit, Peyton asked, "What boy?" Rynn smirked, "That boy...Nick right?" Peyton sighed, "No...did you tell Camille bye?" Rynn shook her head, "Nah, she won't care. We weren't like that." Peyton accepted the glass pipe as she snorted at her sister, "No, you were using her as a sexy choclate jump off and she was into you. She's probably called and texted you a thousand times." Rynn looked down, "Doesn't matter. I didn't want any attachments and I didn't make any promises. She got her hopes up, it's her fault." Peyton looked at her older sister who had hardened and changed in the last couple of years. "You're so cynical sister." Peyton teased lightly making Rynn laugh, "What can I say Pey? I mean yeah I liked her, she was fucking sexy, and if we had a normal life than maybe we would have been more. But's not set up that way. " Peyton looked at her sister amused, "What's your definition of normal Rynn?" Rynn shrugged, "A life that doesn't consist of living out of our suitcases. One where I don't have to pack up my room and still find boxes from when we first moved in still packed." Peyton looked at the darkening sky, "It's a nice fantasy sis, but it's not happening unless we leave her on her own." Rynn looked at her sister, sighed, and then muttered, "Come on kid, we got an all nighter o pull." And so after ordering pizza and wings, the three women went through the house unpacking. Putting things in their natural place. When they got to the part where they'd need actual furniture both girls looked to their mother who smiled forcibly. "So the truck hit a snag and won't be here until late tomorrow." Rynn nodded knowing that meant roughing it on the floors tonight. When both girls went to the car they both grabbed their air mattresses and air pumps. When they got settled in a somewhat decent way, it was 4 in the morning and they were running on fumes. Both hugged each other good night and Rynn fell on the plastic mattress and grabbed her blanket. Hugging it to her chest, she held up her phone and looked at the numerous messages. Cami: Can we talk? Cami: What's up? Cami: If this is about earlier I'm not mad. Cami: Hey this isn't cool just be real and tell me if we're good. Cami: You moved...and you didn't say goodbye? Who does that!? It just got worse from there. Plus the twenty voicemails on her phone making her feel worse. Rynn felt horrible but she couldn't change her past. She had done much worse to her old flames. It was better to let them hate her then trying to keep something going she was only half into in the first. Debating texting Camille an excuse, a sorry, Rynn closed her eyes, and locked her phone. Closing her eyes, she rolled over and tried to get some sleep.
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