Kenda: The Demon Princess


Imprisoned for three centuries Kenda, the princess of Demons, finds a way to get home, only the one who comes for her turns out to be her biggest enemy – her betrothed. A man who’ll do anything to be the new king of her people.

Even take her to the Pits – the shadiest place in the Underlands where sex, drugs and erotic punishment reigns - to convince her of their marriage. Kenda vows to exert her revenge and get her kingdom back.

But only one man stands in her way…Hans – the hottest man she’s ever seen and her new captor.

And she doesn’t know whether to fuck him or kill him.

He never thought he’ll find his true mate…

Hans – a Forxard slave turned slave owner finds his true mate in a Fucken Princess – a princess he has to keep prisoner and punish as her betrothed dictates.

With every touch, and kiss their past resurfaces revealing secrets long buried.

They discover that they were once bonded.

As danger loams and threatens to keep them apart. Hans fights hard to claim his true mate. And he hopes he’s not too late…that time hasn’t erased their precious gift of love.

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Prologue (Kenda: The demon princess)
Kenda stared down at the human female the Gog had brought to their dwelling. She pulled at the heavy chains that were manacled to her ankles to get closer to her. She needed to make this quick. She looked over her shoulder to check if any of them were skulking around. The coast was clear. They were probably feasting and fucking the emaciated slaves they kept in the dwelling. The fucken perverts. She shuddered in disgust as she remembered what the Gog got up to when they were in the mood to get down and dirty. She couldn’t believe she’d been lured by the filthy creatures to the surface. Her father must have called her a thousand types of fools, when he was told that she had risked her life by travelling through the Hungry Darkness beneath the wasteland to the surface. Not only that, allowed herself to be captured by the fucken Gog for three fucken centuries where no one could find her, because the Gog didn’t reveal their dwelling to just anyone. Kenda shook her head. She didn’t have time to dwell on her past mistakes. She turned back to the task at hand. This little female was her only chance. Kenda didn’t understand why the Gog had brought the wounded female to the dwelling since they couldn’t heal the wounded. For centuries they’ve syphoned her magic to enhance their power and keep numerous creatures asleep in their crypts, and do other things she would rather not think about. Well they couldn’t syphon her healing power because it was her born gift while the magic she’d learned over the years.  But now they brought her, a blood slave…why?   It doesn’t fucken matter, Kenda! She lost focus sometimes, Kenda shook her head. This is your chance to escape. Kenda ran her hand over the female’s arm, giving her a warm soothing touch that patched up her skin as she went. “Focus on your vampire.” Kenda leaned close and whispered to the female. She didn’t want others to hear what was doing. “Hold him close.” Kenda closed her eyes, plunging back into the Hungry Darkness. She held on to the female and pulled her to the surface. Robin started to choke as air returned into her lungs. It burned as she tried to breathe too quickly. “Don’t let him go. We’re almost there.” Kenda placed a soothing hand to her chest, and ignored her wheezing as she tried to pull in air into her lungs. Kenda focused on the invisible intricate strands depicting the woman’s and her vampire’s life force. They were intertwined, but their bond was not yet linked. She moved her hands along the strands trying to find the best way to link them. Her hands moved as though she was weaving something together. Kenda focused on linking the human’s life force with that of her vampire. Their connection was already strong making her task easy. She bit the inside of her mouth as she finished. Her arms hung limply at her sides as she watched the human female. Kenda desperately needed this to work. “Sleep,” Kenda commanded her. The woman slumped and fell into a dreamless sleep. Kenda placed her hand to her forehead.   “You will be my beacon. My father and brother will follow your bond. The vampire’s need for you will be like a map for my people. Sleep now, we will both be home soon.” Kenda smoothed the female’s hair out of her face. She was a beautiful one.    Kenda stepped back when she heard the unmistakable sound of robes grazing the stone floor. “She sleeps,” she said before the Gog could ask her anything. “You woke her…” the Gog paused dramatically. Kenda stared at him unflinching, “before time.” “There was another life force within her, pulled her to the surface.” Kenda lied. The Gog stared at Robin thoughtfully. “Mmmm. They have a strong connection then. Come.” Kenda inclined her head calmly and followed the Gog. Her heart hammered in her chest. She couldn’t believe that her plan could actually work. The vampire prince just had to come for his blood slave. She silently followed the Gog through one of the labyrinth that led deeper into the earth. Kenda breathed in the damp air. She definitely won’t miss this place – with its clanging bells, and murmured prayers. And definitely won’t miss the cold. She never knew the surface could be so cold.  Her home was always hot night or day. The Gog came to a stop at her door. Kenda slowly walked into her room.   The heavy door closed behind her with a resounding thud. Kenda flinched as she heard the turning of the key in the lock. She had hoped the Gog would forget to lock her in. He wasn’t the same one who’d been guarding her ever since she was captured by the weird creatures. Kenda didn’t even know how but suddenly she could tell them apart. The creatures all looked and sounded the same with their long black robes, face masks and scary white eyes. Kenda breathed a sigh of relief as she heard the whooshing sound of his robes recede.  She rushed to the wooden cot she’d used as her bed for the past three centuries as fast as the chains manacled around her ankles would allow. She sat on the floor and braced her back to the cot.    Her heart hammered harder against her ribs as nervous energy coursed through her. Sweat pooled in her armpits as her body turned warm. She cupped her hands together and focused on her magic. But she couldn’t do it. She was too keyed up. Mmmm fuck! She was shaking. Get a grip Kenda, she thought shaking her trembling hands. Maybe it was a good thing that the Gog who brought her to her room wasn’t her regular guard. Or she wouldn’t be able to pull this off.  She was never able to keep her emotions to herself especially when something big was about to happen.                        

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