1 Sold to the evil alpha.

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  She had to get away. Go to a place where they couldn’t find her. Sky pumped her arms running faster. She heard them coming, running faster behind her. They were going to catch her. No. She cried. Don’t cry, Fay her wolf said as she turned around to face them. She growled as they got closer. Sky watched as her brother’s massive wolf came closer. His lips were pulled back showing his dominance. He was expecting her to submit. To give in and allow him to do whatever he wanted to her. She was not going to mate with that evil alpha, no matter what. She didn’t care what he did to her. He could kill her for all she cared. Fay stood her ground. She resisted her brother’s dominance even though it was hard for her. He was her alpha after all. Her brother’s wolf snapped at her. He came closer and used his body to make her obey him. Fay didn’t give in, even when he sank his sharp teeth into the flesh at the back of her neck. She didn’t cry or drop to her back to show her submission. “She’s a tough one, huh?” a voice said above them. Her brother’s wolf moved away. And Fay could see who spoke. It was alpha Reagan. His mean looking men stood behind him. He bent down so he was close to her. He reached out and ran his fingers in her fur. Fay twisted to bite his hand off. But he sank his fingers into her scruff. His hold was cruel. Fay whimpered and wiggled to get free. But he was too strong. “Change back,” he commanded. Sky ignored him and hid inside Fay. “You will obey me, or you won’t like what I do.” his said, his voice hard and scary. Sky could feel the power behind every word. He wasn’t kidding. He will hurt her. She’s heard the rumours about him.   Sky changed back to human. Reagan’s fingers wrapped around her neck. He pulled her up as he stood. He was big, making her feel smaller. That terrified her. And worse it didn’t help that she stood there naked. She felt vulnerable. His eyes roamed her body, making her want to cover herself. But she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of making him see that he made her uncomfortable. “Let’s go to the house and talk,” he said. He walked with his hand still on Sky’s neck. She could feel his claim like a brand on her skin. He guided her home. Their pack members stood outside staring at them. Sky closed her eyes embarrassed. Why was her brother putting her through this? He knew she would rather die than mated to him. Reagan was cruel to his pack. He thrived on the power he exerted on others, and he was doing the same to her now. And Jeremiah was letting him. Sky didn’t know what Jeremiah wanted from Reagan that he would sell his sister for it. They entered the house. Reagan finally let her go. “Go get dressed. Wear a that white dress I bought for you.” Sky clenched her jaw. She was about to refuse when Jeremiah clamped his hand around her wrist painfully. She swallowed the cry that formed in her throat. “I will make sure she does,” he said dragging her away from Reagan. He dragged her up the stairs all the way to her room. He opened the door and threw her inside. “You will not mess this up for me.” Sky hit the floor hard. She tried to brace so that she didn’t fall too hard but her elbows hit the hard floor anyway. This time she cried out as tears sprang to her eyes. “This is important Sky. Why don’t you get that into your tiny little skull? Our pack needs the money. We can’t survive on our own. We need alphas like Reagan. He has money and he is willing to help us in exchange for…” he pointed to Sky’s prone body on the ground. “I don’t think that is a big price to pay.” Of course it wasn’t because he wasn’t the one to pay it, Sky thought. “We could go to the Alpha King. He could help us. He’s supposed to help us,” Sky said pleading with him. “Marcus, I am not going to grovel in front of Marcus. I am an alpha too or have you forgotten,” Jeremiah shouted at her. His pride, Sky shook her head. He had too much pride. And she knew there was no talking to him when he was like this.   “For how long?” she asked despondently. “What do you mean for how long? You think this is a onetime thing? He wants you,” Jeremiah said moving to her closet. He wrenched the doors open and rummaged inside. “Where is that stupid dress? Please tell me you didn’t burn it.” “No.” Sky said even though she wanted to. She didn’t like the gifts that Reagan bought for her ever since he formed this weird relationship with her brother. Sky didn’t even know where or how they met. One day Reagan visited their pack. And he has been coming ever since. He came with gifts or send some. Sky didn’t like the attention he was giving her. It was creepy, and he made her feel uncomfortable. “Where is the damn dress?” Jeremiah asked advancing on her. Sky tried not to cringe away from her even though her legs wobbled in fear. Her brother scared her sometimes. When he wanted to have his way he could do anything. Sky dreaded what he would do once he found out that she planned to run away. Carrie was going to help her. She was from the Bluemoon pack. She knew the Alpha King. She knew the kind of alpha he was. She said he was kind to his pack even though it was small. Sky trusted Carrie. She was her best friend in the whole world she knew that she wouldn’t send her somewhere she would be treated the same way her brother treated her. “I will go and get it,” Sky said as her brother’s eyes turned dark from anger. She reached for the robe she had dropped on her bed that morning after she had her shower. She put it on and ran to the door. She opened it, and walked down the hallway. “Sky? Over here,” Sky turned to the voice. Zoey held up the dress. She must have heard Reagan command her to wear the dress. Sky rushed to her. “I am sorry,” she said as she took the dress back. She had given it to Zoey because she didn’t have much. She was an orphan who lived in their pack. “It’s alright,” she said with a shy smile. “I am happy that you thought to give it to me in the first place.” “I’ll give you another one. I promise,” Sky said and walked back to her room. She walked in to find Jeremiah pacing the space impatiently. He wasn’t even bothering to go and get dressed. Sky walked to the bathroom and put the dress on. She combed her short hair and walked out. “Makeup, put on some makeup. You are not a little girl anymore, Sky,” he shouted at her. “Go!” Sky returned to the bathroom and put on some make up. “Put on that perfume he likes as well. He didn’t buy it for you so you could waste it.” He said from the other room. Sky grudgingly put on the makeup and perfume. She walked out of the bathroom. “Now, was that so hard?” Jeremiah shook his head. He grasped her arm again and dragged her out of the room towards his. “Wait here while I put on some clothes,” he said walking into his room. Sky waited. She looked out the window overlooking the forest that surrounded their pack house. Her freedom was right outside. She had to find a way to reach it. She wasn’t going to allow her brother to sell her.   The door to Jeremiah’s room opened and he walked out. “Let’s go,” he said walking downstairs. Reagan was waiting in the sitting area. He was sitting in one of the large couches, but he seemed to fill up the space. His men stood behind the couch looking into space. Sky walked to the smaller couch, but her brother forced her to sit next to Reagan. Sky sat down. Reagan placed his hand to her thigh. The dress was short so he was touching her bare skin. Sky forced herself not to cringe away even though she wanted to fling his hand away. “She’s perfect for me,” he spoke. Jeremiah smiled. He was happy because everything was going according his plan. He was going to sell his sister for money and God knew what else. Sky wasn’t stupid. She knew there was something more to this. It wasn’t just about the money. “But you know our deal.  You don’t get my sister until you fulfil your end of the bargain,” Jeremiah said. “Of course. She will remain in your warm hands until we’re done with our business,” Reagan said. He got to his feet. He offered Sky his hand. “Walk me out, beautiful.” Sky got to her feet and walked him out. He came to a stop next to his car. “I’ll be coming for you,” he said. There was such finality in his words that put fear in her heart. It was like she already belonged to him and there was nothing she could do about it. Sky watched him get into the car. No. She didn’t belong to him, Sky said to herself. She turned away from the car, and headed to her room. There she paced from one end to the other trying to think of what to do. She will go to Carrie. She will know how to help her. But Jeremiah won’t allow her to go to Bluemoon pack. Not without him. She had to run away. She had no other choice.       
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