Alpha's Regretted Rejection

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Nayla Tallchief, a Native American, is the Alpha of Dawn Feather the largest and strongest pack in New Jersey. She is also the CEO and owner of Tallchief's bank. Her mother turned over the pack to her the day that Nayla's father was ambushed and killed by rogues.

Alpha Traylor Martakis is Greek, the new Alpha of the Silver Thunder pack, and the new CEO of Martakis Financial Company. After landing in New York City to celebrate his eighteenth birthday with friends, he found something that he didn't want to find.

His mate.

He rejects her because of a promise he has already made to someone else, but the regret of rejecting Nayla swims in his heart from the minute he does it. He does not expect to see her again, but when something terrible happens that forces them to face each other once again, his feelings force him to get her back while she is determined to get over him. Will Traylor be able to win her heart between fighting rogue, regaining his pack's wealth, and other obstacles that are trying to keep them apart?

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Chapter 1
Alpha Nayla Kai Tallchief, Owner, and Ceo of the Tallchief's bank. I became the Alpha of Dawn Feathers pack last year. My pack is the largest and strongest pack in the state of New Jersey. My mother Alpha Sedna stepped down the same day that ten rogues ambushed my father Koda and killed him. My mother said that she couldn't do it anymore and that she was tired of being the Alpha. My father was her world, his death took a great toll on her. I would give anything to have someone to love me half as much as my parents loved one another. Now I split my time and energy between my pack and my banks. Mostly during the week, I stay in New York for a few days where I own a penthouse on Madison Avenue. But this weekend Maka Lightfoot my Beta, assistant, and best friend has talked me into staying until Saturday. She lives in a penthouse on the floor below me. Tonight Maka is taking me out to celebrate my eighteenth birthday. We are going out dancing at a club named Canine. Chaske Black, my Delta has been handing all the pack duties when I and Maka are away. He grew up with Maka and me. He and I made a promise that when we turn thirty and neither one of us has found our mates that we would mate. So I can have an heir for my pack. Hopefully, I will find my mate soon. I don't care what his rank or financial status is just as long as he is not weak, a bully, a jerk, and an arrogant asshole. "Traylor" Alpha Traylor Christos Martakis of a medium-size pack named the Silver Thunder pack in Rhode Island. Wednesday I turned eighteen, my father made me CEO of Martakis, which is our family's financial company. Azarious my father has decided that Monday he will announce me as Alpha to the pack. As my father has done over the years I will be working mostly from home because of my Alpha obligations. I have already decided to make Deirdre Andino my Luna. She and I have been dating since we were sixteen years old. Deirdre will also be my secretary at the financial company. She is the daughter of my father's Delta Cepheus. She is 5'3, has black eyes and black hair. She turned eighteen two weeks ago. As far as I know, she has not found her mate yet. But that will not be a problem because she and I have promised each other that we will reject our mates. My mother Cleobello and my father are not happy at all about my choice of Luna. They both are highly upset and want me to wait for my true mate. My father said that Deirdre is only good for one thing that is to keep my wolf Apollo calm. My mother said that she is a whore, a waste of my time. She also said that she will never step down as Luna for Deirdre. This weekend to celebrate my birthday my best friend and Beta Ladon Diakos and Midas Ganas another friend of mine are traveling to New York. Midas has been talking all week about a new club named Canine is in neutral territory and is owned by werewolves. Deirdre was so excited for some strange reason she had the notion that she would be traveling with us. She threw a fit when I informed her that she wasn't going with us. So her next step was to have sex with me. Deirdre figured that I would change my mind. I lied to her, I told her that it was pack business. She is always under me. I need time to myself sometimes. To be honest she is smothering the hell out of me. As soon as we arrive in New York it seems like Apollo starts talking and he howls when the uber drove past the Empire State Building and some penthouses that are built beside the building. "Later that evening" Naya and Maka step out of the limo when they arrive at Canines. Maka reaches for Nayla's hand pulling her behind her. "Nayla hurry up, walk a little faster before all the good men are taken." "Maka is that all you can think about? If you remember I told you earlier that the only reason that I agreed to come tonight was that I want to dance and have a few drinks. Hopefully, it will relax me. Catori has been acting a little strange since around lunch. She is also talking a lot. I had to block her out. Why are you still pulling me?" Nayla laughs as they walk inside the club. Maka starts pulling Nayla faster. "Because I want to get a good table." She is looking around the club."There is an empty table over there." Maka said as she is still pulling Nayla behind her. "Let go of my hand," Nayla said as she snatches it from her. Maka didn't pay that any attention. She is smiling looking at the club entrance. "Perfect, now I can see every man that comes in here from this table." She sits down looking at the door smiling Nayla shakes her head as she sits down looking at Maka. " I keep telling you to slow down. I am going to dance, order me a Sidecar." She is looking at the people dancing. "Girl, I keep telling you the same thing every time you tell me to slow down. I will slow down the day that I find my mate and not any time before that. Your tail needs to loosen up a little and give that stuff up." Maka is pointing at Nayla's private part with her head. Nayla stands up. "You know that I am saving my treasure for my mate. Now I am going to dance, don't forget to order my Sidecar." Nayla dances toward the dance floor. Maka smiles as she starts looking around the club. Her attention goes toward the men that are standing at the bar. She is trying to find a man to take home for the night. Nayla is still on the dance floor dancing. She has already danced through two songs. When the second song ends she starts walking back to her and Maka's table. When she smells cinder wood and vanilla. She smiles, looks around the club sniffing. She sees a redhead and two blonde men man sitting at the table with Maka."Damn it, this girl. What am I going to do with her?" Nayla is thinking as she walks closer to the table. "This is my unmated best friend Nayla," Maka said as soon as Nayla sits down. Nayla rolls her eyes at Maka and the three men. "Hi" She turns her head looking around the club. She is trying to find her mate. "Maybe my mate doesn't want me. Since he hasn't come over to introduce himself." She is thinking as Maka hands her drink. One of the blondes is smiling at her. Nayla ignores him. But he is looking at her as if he is hungry and she is his next meal. Even his tongue is hanging out of his mouth. "I know you" She looks at him shaking her head. "No, you don't know me. trust me when I say that." He winks at her and smiles ."Oh Yes, I do. You were in the newspaper this morning. I don't remember the details. But I remember you. Because you are beautiful. That was you, right?" He winks at her again Nayla slides in the opposite direction. Yes but. You__ She stops talking in the middle of her sentence, "Our mate's sexy scent is coming closer," Catori said in Nayla's head About that time Nayla hears a loud growl coming from across the room.

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