Chapter 1/ It all started...

1934 Words
      Sitting here looking at my girls playing with their dolls on the living room floor, while I rub my swollen belly. I would have never thought I could love them so much. 4 years ago, was the worst time in my life. It all started the day I turned 18…           Waking up with the sun shining into my window I sat up quickly realizing today is the day, the day I finally turn 18 and I find my mate… well hopefully. I will also finally get to shift and meet my wolf. Just then I feel a little tingle in the back of my head. “hello Gracilyn” I hear in my mind “my name is Lola. I’m your wolf” my wolf says in my head. “wow, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to that” I said back. Lola laughed and replied, “you will.”     Looking at the alarm clock; I jump out of bed and ran for my bathroom. I need to shower and get ready for school and hopefully I will meet my mate sometime today. I take a shower and wash and shave everything, just in case. I look in the bathroom mirror with a wink and wrap myself in a towel. I step back into my room to find my mother standing there.     “Good morning sweety. Have you met your wolf?” Mom asks.     “Yes mom” I say rolling my eyes.     “Oh! REALLY?!” She says looking shocked.     “Yeah, I know it’s really soon, but she has shown up.” I say with a smile. “Her name is Lola.”        “Oh, that’s a lovely name. Lola.” Mom says with a sweet smile.     Just then my wolf chimes in “yes, it is, isn’t it?” I roll my eyes again and giggle.     “What’s so funny sweety?” She asks with her head tilted to the side.     “Lola”      “Oh, Well I just came to tell you Happy Birthday!” she says as she wraps me in a tight hug.      “MOM” I yell. “I’m in a towel here.”     “I’m sorry sweety, I just love you, and I will miss you when your mate takes you away.” She says as she gets teary eyed.     My mom is an emotional creature. I am an only child and for the past two years she’s been worried about me finding a good mate.     “Mom I might not even find my mate today. Please don’t cry. I’ll always be your little girl.”     “I know sweety, but I just want you to be happy.” She says as a tear slips down her cheek.     “It’s all going to work it’s self out mom. Don’t worry.” I smile at her hoping to calm her.     “Now get out of here so I can get dressed” I laugh.     My mom smiles at me and walks out. I turn and look at myself in the mirror. I’m 5’7” with blonde hair down to my waist. I have really pretty blue eyes, a full chest, and a muscular toned behind and legs. I look like my mom mostly, but I’m built a little thicker and taller. I think I’m a package. Hopefully my mate thinks so too. What am I thinking of course he will. Mates are meant to love everything about you.     Dressed and ready for school I head down the hallway to the kitchen. My mom is standing at the stove finishing up some bacon. Dad is sitting at the table. He is freshly showered, after his morning workout. My Dad and Mom are both Warriors of the pack. They are positive I will also be one.      My dad is the Delta Warrior. Which means he is the 4th strongest wolf of the pack and that leads the training every morning. Mom is usually with him, but on my birthday, she skips and makes a huge breakfast.     “Hey kiddo, happy birthday!” My dad says looking up at me.     “Thanks dad.”      “Mom tells me you already met your wolf.” He says smiling like an idiot. “Names Lola?” He asks and I nod.     “That’s a good sign kid! Most wolves take till midday before they come thru. Means you’re going to be strong.” He beams with pride.     “That’s great. Hope it’s true.” I say smiling.     I really hoping that it is true. We all sit and eat our breakfasts together. And chat about my wolf and me possibly meeting my mate today.     “Alright well it’s time to head to school.” I say looking at my mom who insists on driving me to school on my birthday.     Mom tells dad she will be right back. I kiss my dad on the cheek and head out to the car.     It’s the end of my Senior year in high school and I cannot wait for high school to be over. I’m not saying that because I’m bullied or anything, I just am ready to get on with life. On the drive to school Lola and I start talking about how awesome it’s going to be to shift tonight. She tells me it will be painful but not to fight it. The less I fight the faster it will happen.     “Whatcha doing over there sweety? Your being awfully quiet.” My mom asks.     “Just talking with Lola about tonight.”     “Oh, it will be painful, but I know you’ll manage.” she replies.     We pull up at the school and I tell my mom I’ll see her after school and jump out of the car. As soon as I walk in the door of the school, I am hit with the smell of tree bark and honeysuckles. Lola stirs and says “Mate.” She says quietly. “Where?” I ask her “I don’t know. Follow the scent.” Lola says.     I do as she says, and I follow the smell. As I’m walking down the hall following the smell, I try not to look like a weirdo. I see my friends standing at the end of the hallway. Jasper, our future Alpha, Livi, Jasper’s girlfriend since the 8th grade, Kevin, our future Beta, Lillian, Kevin’s mate, and Kieran, Kevin’s little brother.     Right then Lola screams “MATE” as my eyes fall on Kieran. He is so handsome; he always has been. Kieran has the prettiest honey brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, dirty blonde hair, and muscular frame. My face falls slightly. Kieran is 17, which means he won’t know he’s mine for another year. And per pack rules I can’t tell him. I just have to wait. Lola is yelling at me “go get our mate.” “I can’t Lola, he’s 17” I yell back at her. “Why?” she growls. “the pack laws state that if your mate is under the age of 18, they can’t be told. You have to wait for them to find out on their own.” Lola growls once more and then disappears.     I focus back on my friends and continue walking towards them. They all take turns telling me happy birthday and giving me hugs. When Kieran hugs me, I melt into the hug. I let go and my eyes fall on his beautiful face. While everyone talks about my meeting with alpha tonight, I’m dreaming of a future with Kieran. The bell rings and I am snapped back to reality.     Heading to class with Kevin and Jasper I can’t stop thinking about how unfair it is that I have to wait another 10 months for my mate to know I’m his.     “Earth to Graci” Jasper says pulling me back to reality. “So Graci are you excited to see where my dad puts you tonight?”     “Yeah, totally excited. Dad thinks I’ll be with the warriors, just like him and mom are.”     Tonight, I will be sorted into my pack job after I shift for the first time. I’m totally terrified. The alpha always seems to know exactly where to place the pack members, I shouldn’t be worried. But I am, it’s all I can think about, well that and Kieran. All day at school, I was either daydreaming about Kieran or having daymares about tonight’s sorting. “Ugh Lola what am I going to do?” She ignores me.       After school I head to my favorite spot to do my homework. It’s a quaint little coffee shop in the town we live outside of. The towns people think we're some kind cult because we have boarders and guards, and we stick to ourselves. If they only knew what we really were.     We have our own town on pack lands basically. We have a gas station, grocery store, hospital, bowling alley, etc. Everything really, except a school. We even have our own coffee shop, but I like this coffee shop because of the waitress Fay. She knows where I come from and has never been judgey like the rest of the towns people.     “Hello Graci. The usual?” Fay greets me.     “Yes ma’am.” I reply sitting at my favorite table by the window to watch the people walk by.     I love watching the people without them knowing as they go about their day. Are they in a hurry to get home to a spouse, or children? Are they on their way to a secret rendezvous with a lover? Are they out doing something illegal? I love to make up scenarios in my head. I’m pulled from my thoughts when Fay walks over with my white chocolate mocha.     “What are they doing today?” Fay asks.     I look up and giggle, she knows why I like to sit at the window. “Well, you see that tall guy with the fedora, he’s meeting his gay lover. They are both married to women who work together at the bank. They met at the annual Christmas party and have been meeting in secret ever since.” I say with a shrug of my shoulders. Fay throws her head back with a laugh.     “You are too much.” She says walking off.     I pull out my laptop and start working on my homework and drink my coffee. It’s almost 6 when I finish my research paper on Rehabilitated Fighting Dogs. “Omg I can’t believe it took that long” I think. “Well, I’ve been waiting patiently for a while now.” Lola chimes in. “Let’s get back we need to prepare.” She adds. I leave a tip for Fay on the table and run out the door and down the street towards pack lands. 
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