Romantic Cavalier: Warfare

love at the first sight

NOTE: I'm currently editing this story but please bear with the slow development as I am doing it only during my free time. Thank you!


Lawrence Xiao is known as a trusted doctor who was assigned to a military hospital in Dunearn City, but being a doctor was difficult. The life of the fallen is in your hands, and one mistake will take away the life at stake. Ironically, he was able to heal other patients, but not his brother. He felt devastated when he failed to revive his brother, a military official who was one of the casualties in the war.

As much as it affected him deeply, he had no choice but to continue his sworn profession.

After a year, he was chosen to lead a team for a medical mission. It took place at an isolated place, where the war had almost resorted to bloodshed between the terrorist and the militants.

But fate seemed to be playing with him, for he met an arrogant captain of the military team who would bug his life every day.

Then as a sassy guy, he could be, he wouldn't let the captain treat him like that so easily, but as their life in the middle of the warfare begins... chemistry would take place alongside confusion, inspiration, and a fight to bring the victory and honor onto their hands.

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“Calling, Dr. Xiao, please proceed to the emergency room. ASAP. Calling Dr. Xiao, please proceed to the emergency room immediately.” He glanced at the speaker as the public address system of the hospital echoed in the hallways, scurrying at his feet, the best doctor of Dunearn City Military Hospital, Dr. Lawrence Xiao. A twenty-eight-year-old doctor who was trained in a range of medication procedures and specializes in surgery as well. An hour ago, he had surgery- his plan to take a rest for a while was interrupted, because he needed to be in the emergency room. “As if I am the only doctor here,” he sarcastically said, but as he strode towards the area, he abruptly stopped. His gaze dropped onto a group of medical personnel, helping out a patient on the stretcher from the ambulance. What caught his attention was the uniform that the patient was wearing, a military uniform. He didn't know why his heartbeat sounded like a wild beast all of a sudden, unusually. Upon seeing them coming closer, he fixed his gaze on them as he planned to assist them, but to his shock... It was his brother who was a military officer. He was severely injured, bathed in his blood while chasing his breath. “Bro, it's me... Lawrence. Can you hear me?” He asked as he checked the pulse of his brother while running with others towards the emergency room. Feeling betrayed, his tears fell from his eyes as he felt the pulse getting weaker. “Doc, we need to do this quickly or we'll lose the patient.” One of the personnel spoke. He wiped his tears with shaking hands soaked with blood and climbed on the stretcher, trying to revive his brother. He did it as hard as he could while the others were increasing their pace to reach the emergency room. “Bro, please hold on! I'll do all my best to save you.” He said between his sobs, he didn't care anymore about what the peers around him might think and say. His brother's life was at stake, he needed to save him, or else he'd be broken into pieces. Inside the emergency room, Dr. Zhuo Feng quickly, but perfectly put on all the machinery needed, like electrocardiograms to monitor the heartbeat of Levi Xiao, while the assistants prepared the tools for surgery. “Renz! Renz!” His brother chanted, painfully, with eyes closed. Gritting his teeth, he did all his best to talk, he whimpered, “I can't do it anymore... promise me, you will take care of yourself, dad and mommy. Hah,” Trying to catch his breath, he managed to grab Lawrence's hand, which was already clothed with surgical gloves, holding it tightly. Lawrence Xiao's eyes were puffed with tears, “Bro, please no... fight, for me, for mom and dad...” He whimpered upon saying these words, for he knew that there was no more chance of reviving his only brother. His world shattered when he heard the annoying sound of the electrocardiogram as he felt the losing grip of his brother from his hand. On the other hand, Dr. Zhuo did the CPR, but there were no changes shown on the monitor nor a response from the patient. Everyone looked at each other with the only expression plastered on their visages, sadness, and sympathy towards the young doctor. “Defibrillator!” Lawrence Xiao yelled as he wiped his tears roughly with both hands and grabbed the apparatus from the person beside him and tried to revive his brother. “Three...two....one!” He counted as the pads on his brother's chest connected. He did it twice, thrice, but there were no changes nor responses. His tears continued to course down his cheeks and flowed like a river. He felt his body weakening, the defibrillator pads were subconsciously dropped by him when his body slumped on the floor with his hands grabbing his hair and crying as loud as he could. He thought of how ironic his life was when he could save someone's life, but then he couldn't save his brother. He cried until he lost his voice and drifted himself into darkness.

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