Prologue I

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Prologue. I am Zayan, Zayan Orsini, a  twenty nine year old business tycoon. Firstborn of Noah and Layla Orsini. Born in Barcelona to one of the richest families in Spain(The ORSINI'S). I am proud to say that I am part of the Orsini legacy and CEO of Orsini industries, the largest automobile and aircraft manufacturing industry in the world. They say that money can't buy you happiness, well it is partially true in practical life but for a child, it's completely true. I was the golden boy of my family, I remember my grandparents used to adore me, buy me toys and spoil me to no end until they passed away.  My father was a busy man, yet he always found time for me. To him, my mother and I were his wealth. We were a happy family not for the world but for everyone or so I thought. As a child, I was oblivious to the fact that we have a snake among us and that snake was none other than my mother or should I say that money-hungry bitch. She is the reason for so many storms and the anguish we have been through. Growing up, the most evident thing in our household was our father's love for our mother. He used to cherish every moment with her, it wouldn't be wrong to say that he worshipped her.  She was his college sweetheart and right after graduation they married and welcomed me a year later. I used to believe that my mother also loved my father in the same way but it was all a delusion she created. Everything was perfect until the day I turned four, that's when reality began to sink into my mind and I wished that I was never sensible enough to realize the fallacies and betrayal of my mother. It was the day I caught my mother naked having sex with our relative in our guest room, cheating on my father while he was away on a business trip. At first, I didn't understand what it was but then it became clear as I grew up. How she acted all motherly in front of my father and when he was away she would leave me with nannies or maids or should I say, witches.  The first time I caught her cheating on my father, I remember how she told me that it was a way of showing love and how I believed it like a fool. But then I caught her many times going into that guest room with different men and then coming out all dishevelled. I realized what she was doing when it became a frequent routine when my father went on trips, I even saw her kissing my fathers best friend once. My nannies were too negligent to focus on me and that's why I was able to see what my mother was doing. Every staff member in the household knew that she cheated on my father behind his back but none dared to speak a word.  I still remember the day when I finally mustered the courage and went to tell my father but my mother got a hang of it and locked me in our basement for days. That was the time when I developed Nyctophobia. She knew she couldn't abuse me unless she wanted my father to know that something was fishy. She threatened me that I would never get to see my father if I uttered a single word.  I became silent about that matter, the only thing a six year old could do. But it hurt whenever I saw my father bringing expensive presents for my mother from his business trips. He used to work a lot just to provide us with a luxurious life and it made me feel guilty that I was hiding such a thing from him, my mother, on the other hand, was a remarkable actress who played the role of a lovely wife and mother in front of everyone and at the same time continued to slut around with men. I remember the horrible day when my father came home early from his trip only to find his wife with his rival in bed. He wasn't furious as expected, he was shattered beyond anything, I have seen the tears, that crestfallen face of my father as he hugged me tightly that night to sleep. It was the first time I felt unbearable hatred towards the woman who gave birth to me. Over the years I found that my mother married him only for his wealth as she came from a mediocre family. She played it well though because my father loved her to no end and the most heartbreaking thing was that she never wanted a child but in the end, she had to give birth to me as my grandparents and father wanted an heir and child.  In other words, she trapped my father more in this marriage. The day after my father caught her red-handed, she attempted to commit suicide showing my father that how deeply regretful she was. Asking him for forgiveness, tears and all the drama and like a lovesick person my father forgave her in the end, letting her enter the Orsini household once more. I wanted to protest but I didn't want to lose my father by going against that woman.  For the first few months, she was sickeningly sweet to both of us, maybe my father fell again for her but I could feel the fakeness and facade she was putting on. I felt shivers whenever she gave me that threatening look. I was eight years old when she came home running telling my father that she was pregnant again. It was the first time my father smiled like usual after a long time. I was also excited because I always longed for a sibling being the only child.  I couldn't miss how she complained to the staff and her friends that her figure was once again going to be ruined.  The thing that still itches is that my father wasn't his usual carefree and laughing self anymore, he was distant not from us but from himself. He used to play with me, read me bedtime stories but deep down I knew he wasn't okay. He was ageing rapidly despite his young age, the betrayal from my mother broke him. Despite everything, we welcomed Zayem Orsini not long after my ninth birthday. He was the perfect little child with both of my parent's features, my father even cried when he held him for the first time. My mother was the same, pretending to be happy but behind her mask, she never wanted another child. It was obvious because she never treated me like a son but as an obligation. I thought everything was going to be somehow perfect and for my father's sake I was ready to even forgive my mother and move on but I was wrong.  She went back to her old ways, the only thing different this time was that she began dating my fathers rival. This time when my father found out he was furious and without a second thought he kicked her out when Zayem was three months old, he even got divorce papers ready but we should have known that a snake always bite. She came back with a prenuptial agreement that she fooled my father into signing. According to that agreement, if my father divorced her, seventy per cent of his property would go to her. This nearly killed my father when he learnt about her true intentions from the start, the last shred of emotions broke in his heart but he knew he had to live for us. I was sent to a boarding school near my house because my father didn't want me to grow up in such a tainted environment. I didn't complain because I loved my father.  He was the person I looked up to, for me he was the perfect son, husband and father anyone could have and I felt lucky to have him in my life. I would feel the safest, comfort and love in his embrace. I remember the times when he would come to meet me at the boarding school every single day and on weekends he would take me with Zayem to our farmhouse where we would enjoy like a perfect family except my mother. I didn't ask about her but I knew that she still lived in our home because at that time my father didn't have a choice.  My father would run behind us, laugh with us and cook us food. That farmhouse was our safe haven and my father devoted his life to being the best father. But I knew deep down he was broken beyond repair, how would you feel when the person you loved to death played all along and cheated on you. At that time I learnt that love could even bring the strongest of a person to his knees.
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