The Beast's Bride

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Allison Williams, a headstrong girl find herself in the clutches of the most feared Alpha's of all time. She became the bride of The Beast , the Alpha of Alphas. How her life will turn out? Will she bend under the dominance of the beast or she would change the Beast. See how The Beast and his Bride overcome his past enemies and how two entirely different persons came to love each other.

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The Origin
2018, Lake Town Lake Town is as its name implies the town was surrounded by seven lakes. This is the most unnatural place you will ever find out there, beside the human populous living in here, the town also houses a community that might be the most feared community in the world. The king of this town is Deucalion Forester, The Beast. At a very young age he lost his parents, but that didn’t break this guy, after all when you are born in the long line of Wolf Kings, you get their arrogance and pride along with their unimaginable strength and fighting instinct. These are things which help Deucalion in surviving the continuous assasintion from rival packs. Deucalion was born as the son of Blood Moon Pack’s leader. One of the most dangerous werewolves ever lived, it's said that his father painted the whole country in blood when he ascended the throne but he was killed by his own Beta, who conspired with the rival pack. On his 15th birthday Deucalion lost his entire family, to save him his father sacrificed himself. The fire of revenge kept Deucalion from breaking, he trained, killed and did everything he could to become powerful and after five years he created his own pack. There are two known ways by which a beta can become alpha. By killing his own alpha and taking his powers. A beta can become alpha if alpha of the pack died and said beta is second in command, the power will automatically be transferred to the beta. But that’s not all, there is also a third method, by his sheer willpower a beta can transform into an alpha and no one can take the power of Wolf King, the reason his father lost his alpha spark was due to him being born wolf king and Deucalion was also a born wolf king but even then he generated alpha spark. His father was the carrier of Spark and Deucalion was the generator of the Spark. This is also the reason that he is so much stronger than other alphas. These kinds of alphas are most powerful among other alphas, they are known as Wolf Kings, The king of alphas. Deucalion gathered his forces and attacked the Alpha who betrayed his father and at the last moment of their fight he transformed from Alpha to Wolf King and killed that guy, now it's been ten years since that fight. He has also destroyed the rival pack and swallowed the rest of their pack members into his pack, he is now one of the most feared and respected werewolves in the world. Two years ago, Deucalion with his Blood Moon Pack arrived in Lake Town and became its king, everything is controlled by him. He fortified the whole town by creating boundaries around it. Today is going to be the turning point of Deucalion’s life and he is not even aware of that. Book Cafe, D-56, lake town. The bell above the door rang, alerting Allison Williams from the back that someone had come into the store. It wasn't an automatic bell. Nope, the pack leader, upon moving into town had banned them because sometimes their pitches were too high and hurt the pack's sensitive hearing. She'd only seen the Alpha a couple times but had never interacted with him. A fact for which she was grateful. He was terrifying. "Hello?" "Sorry! I'll be there in a sec!" Allisonson and her mother had opened a Book Cafe together. The library had long gone out of business and once the pack leader had moved in there was no coming and going as one pleased, to Lake Town to buy books. He'd gated off the whole town of Lake Town and the Sanctuary quite literally. Tall walls lined the perimeter. And there was only one entrance and exit. The front gates. Supposedly, they were warded and nothing could get through them without some serious mystical help. So, her mother had petitioned the pack leader, the pack's Alpha, to open a Book Cafe. Reading was important after all and the customer can also enjoy coffee while doing it. He'd allowed it, but he sends his own builders and Carpenters to do the job, we can't even hier someone . At least he wasn't angry over what books we could sell. At the moment, Allison was straightening up the overstock room, trying to make it more accessible. Climbing down from the ladder, she brushed her dusty hands on her jeans as she went out into the main room. A girl around her age was standing at the counter. Allison frowned. She'd never seen this girl before which, living in this small town, was an improbability. Therefore, she must be new around here. "Hi," Allison said. "Can I help you with something?" The girl sagged in relief. "Thank God. You seem nicer than the last guy I tried to ask for help." She laughed a little. "Well I hope I am. I'm Allison Williams. Most people call me Allison. What can I do for you?" She smiled gratefully. "I'm Lina. And I am looking for Deucalion Forester." Allison raised her eyebrows. "You mean the Alpha?" She nodded, the red streaks in her hair sliding in and out of sight. "I'm, uh, joining his pack. A transfer." So she was a wolf, too. Instantly, Allison was spooked but she tried not to show it. "Uh, yeah. The pack is actually settled between here and the Sanctuary. Let me try to write the directions. I've never been there so I can't explain from experience." Lina nodded. "I understand. And you don't have to be scared of me. I'd never hurt anybody. That's how I was raised." Allison looked up from the paper she'd pulled in front of her. "You were born a…?" The girl nodded again. "Yeah. My parents raised me to be respectful of human life. After all, according to some legends, we originated from humans. The very first werewolves were cursed humans forced to live as the monsters they were acting like." Feeling nauseated, Allison finished the instructions and handed them to the girl. "Well, that's what I know. There is a small store at the edge of town closer to the pack. If you get lost, stop in and ask them. They would probably know." The girl looked down at the paper and smiled. "Thank you again. And I'm sorry if I frightened you." She seemed genuinely nice enough. There were a few wolves from the pack who were friendly when they came in, but they still made Allison nervous. She smiled, though. "Maybe I'll see you around. If you like to read, we're the only Book Cafe around." "I do like to read, so I will more than likely be back." She waved as she left the store. Allison relaxed on the stool she'd collapsed on and grabbed her coffee. Even though she'd lived around wolves all her life, they still made her uneasy. Especially the highly aggressive dominant wolves. They didn't seem to care if a woman said no. They took what they wanted, when they wanted. On that front, Deucalion Forester had made it an order to his wolves not to take unwilling partners. It was a law for them punishable by death at his or his enforcers' hands. The execution would be public so that the human residents had confirmation the menace was put down. She would know. She'd seen a handful of them herself over the past year or so that the pack had been here. Another reason she was nervous around them? She could see them, as in tell them apart from humans even when they were trying to pass for human. It was like a flickering candle lit up in their skin, and she could see the wolf form silhouetted inside their human form. It was eerie as it got out. But it only worked on infected wolves. Not born wolves like Lina, which was why she couldn't tell what she was. Sighing, Allison put her head in her hands. At least Lina was pleasant. It might be nice seeing her in the Book Cafe. Allison didn't have any friends. She was too busy helping her mom with the store. Besides, practically everyone came here so she still got to interact. What would it be like to have an actual friend? No idea, she thought.

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