Chapter 1 Experts

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The room was dark and creepy. Didn't she turn on the lights before she left? She thought to herself, wondering why the sudden darkness in the room just five minutes after she walked out. This is fucking sick! She grumbled. Then, the only light in the room was the reflection of the door light outside the room. She tried three times turning on the light switch, which refused to be turned! She had been standing at the doorstep for over 60 seconds now. Still thinking about what happened to the light switch. "Do you want to stay there forever? And where didn't you think you were coming from?" He thundered, making her shriever at his word. How did he manage to get in when she had ensured he locked the door before going out? She thought to herself. She was stunned and scared as her eyes wandered in the dark to catch a glimpse of the strange figure in the dark sitting next to her bed. She composed herself, taking a deep breath before answering the unknown voice. "What are you doing here?" She asked, trying not to show him she was terrified. "Hmm, that didn't answer my question. Where are you coming from?" The voice threatened again. This time she could feel her heartbeats pounding out of her chest. What would she say? That was the fact she went to visit another man who he had warned her earlier not to go to. Now, she is sweating profusely, her hands shaking. This is not part of the plan. But yet she still wants to act tough to cover her trash. "Well, that still didn't answer my question. How did you get into my room, which I know I locked before going out?" The man smirks devilishly at her words. She must think he could easily be a fool, so pitiful for her. The figure emerges from the dark and walks towards her, covering the distance between them. He leaned closer, holding her hands towards his chest, giving a false smile. Now she could see the devilish face of the man as her eyes gulped in fear at him. He smirks, seeing the nervousness on her face. He teased her cheek. " You are mine, mine alone" he thundered. She couldn't say a word to him as her fear had eaten up with her by the fact that her words refused to come out. "Now, tell me, where have you been for three hours?" His voice was now more threatening than before. His devilish charming eyes were locked on her, giving her no breathing space to escape from his gaze. "I'm asking you a question and demand an answer!" he said harshly, as the woman was bewildered anxiously. She tried to push out her words even though they refused to come out. She had to because keeping him waiting would only make things worse than they had ever been. "I-I went to get some fresh air outside," she said, stammering while her heart was racing fast. "Why?" The next question came from the man whose eyes had refused to look away. She knows that is a lie. If she said the room was hot. That would put her in more trouble because there is an air conditioner in the room. Quickly after she had calculated her words. She looked up at the man and bravely said, "The room was suffocating me. That's the reason I went outside for fresh air." He chuckled slightly, loving the game of lies she was playing even though he knew where she was coming from. "Are you sure or are you going to meet him again?" Her heart skipped a beat. Did he know? She asked herself. After all the lies she cooks up. He still catches her. She looks at him and swallows up. "I-I-l don't know what you're saying" she folded her hands and turns away. "You little brat, come here" he drags her, holding her waist firmly.. "I will teach you a lesson you won't forget in your life". He climbed on her ears slowly, making her heartbeat more. Unexpectedly, he slammed the door shut, pushed her on the bed. She tried to run away but she couldn't. As the man's hands were always ahead of her. "Where do you think you're going, little girl?" He dragged her legs, making her lay back straight on the bed. He quickly suppresses her on the bed with no movement. No matter how she struggled, she would escape. "Please don't" she pleaded. "You asked for this" his face went down to her thighs. She couldn't see a thing but she believed the devil was enjoying whatsoever he was planning to do to her. He dragged up her skirt, exposing her smooth lovely thighs, looking so irresistible in the eyes. Despite the dark, the man's eyes can still picture how perfect his body is. "You know you tempting? After I'm done with you, no man will dare to come close to you because you're mine." "No please don't" she pleaded, hoping that word would sit on him, but no! The man's mind had been made up. He kissed her slowly, launching his tongue slowly at her skin like he was licking ice cream. She tried to suppress herself from moaning but his tongue on her skin took the best of her. "Ahh!" Her words escaped. The man chuckled and looked up at her. "You want this, don't you?" Her eyes expanded in anxiety!
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