CHAPTER 1 *What is this place*

1095 Words
"I can help you gain your sanity back and of course help you with your revenge on the werewolves, but..." The Sorceress paused, looking straight into the eyes of the human before her. "But what Delisha?, whatever it is, I would do it. I am going crazy by the day. I don't even know who I am." The skinny looking man pleads with Delisha the Sorceress. "First, you must swear Loyalty to me; second, you need to bring me the werewolf with the power to regenerate. Only their blood can make you whole again."   The dirty-looking human springs to his feet as the words leave Delisha's lips.   "Swearing Loyalty to you, that I can do without blinking, but bringing you a wolf?, I cannot do. Do werewolves even exist, to begin with, how do you suppose I know the one with the power to regenerate when I can't even think straight for 10 minutes."      The skinny humans shout at the Sorceress, and Delisha shakes her head at him in pity.  "You know not the powers I possess if you do, you won't even dare to look me straight in the eye."    Delisha bites back with a calm face, but the power and seriousness in her voice showed she was not joking.    "I am sorry, for my misconduct, but this thing you ask of me is possible. If peradventure I find my way to werewolf lands, they would tear me apart before I succeed in the mission I hear those folks are brutal. Can you not look for another way?"    The man bargains and Delisha sighs "I bet you think of me as a fool. Look here, human. I am not as foolish as you are. I have had this planned out for years, waiting patiently for the right man who has the fire of revenge in him to pass by. And then you came along. Do You think the gods, sending you my way was a coincidence? No, it wasn't I have prayed on this ground day and night, sacrificed to the deities for a man such as yours to cross my path. A man that his soul screams revenge against the werewolves, just like my sister and her unborn child souls cry to me every night, I have everything prepared all I need is your compliance, We can proceed with the first plan."      The human man stared at Delisha for some minutes, weighing his chances of survival. He knows if he leaves and refuses to comply with her, his daily dose of the drug to keep him sane would wear out, and Delisha is the only one who knows how to make those.  And If that doesn't kill him, hunger would in less than two weeks.  If he believes all the nonsense she is spewing and stays back, then he gets his daily dose of drug and food to eat and, of course, a place to lay his head.  "I get it alright, you have everything mapped out, but the point here is me. Have you inspected me, do you think I would last a second facing off those brutal animals? No, I don't think so. Maybe you didn't map out your plan very well as you should."  The human says, and Delisha rolls her eyes at him scornfully.  "I see what damage being a human has done to your brain, follow me, trying to explain it to you is becoming a hassle for me, it's better I just show it to you."  "Why are we going into your bedroom?"  The human asks, and Delisha scoffs, not sparing him a glance.  "Just keep your mouth shut and follow me, you moron."  Delisha snaps at him, and the human complies. Closing his mouth as he trailed behind her.  Delisha walks into her closet with the human behind her, once in the walk-in closet. Delisha turns to her left and towards her dressing mirror.  She brings out a device from her pocket, clicking on it, and the dressing mirror moves, revealing a door.  The human behind Delisha opens his mouth agape in surprise as he gawked at the moving mirror. He rubs his eyes repeatedly, wondering if his brain is playing tricks on him again or maybe he was hallucinating.  "Come on now, will you, why are you standing there looking like an imbecile?"  Delisha calls, snapping him out of his stupidity. And that was when he knew he wasn't hallucinating. It was real.    Delisha places her finger on a portion of the door, and it jams open for them to pass through. The human trails after Delisha as the door closes behind them, and the mirror moves back to its original position.   As they step down the stairs into the dark corridor, fear gripped the human, and he trembled, Just one flick of Delisha's hand and the entire passage brightens up, revealing a white illuminated wall.  The corridor gave the human man the creep as they walk through it un-end, turning corners more frequently than how one who is having a running stomach would visit the toilet.  The walk through the corridors was more like walking through a maze with no defined end, and that made the human wondered what in heaven's name Delisha had going. What if she is taking him for the slaughter?   They got to one end of the corridor and Melisa pushes on the wall, opening up a room to them.  "Here put this on, I can't have you contaminating the test materials in there."  Delisha says throwing him a white overall and gloves with a headgear.  "Take off your shoes, put those boots on."  Delisha instructs as she gets herself ready, and the man behind her wondered what in the actual hell is going on.  As soon as the man completes getting himself into the overalls and boots, Delisha leads them both to a room that scans and sprays them with some air purifier.  Once out of that room, Delisha leads the walk through the corridor into an elevator, which takes them underground.  As soon as the elevator doors ding open, Delisha steps out, and the human follows her with careful steps. They get to a metal door that does a face scan for Delisha before the request for a personal security password.  Delisha punches in the password, and the metal door clangs open, she steps into the free space, and the human follows behind her, Delisha gives way for him to see and the human gasps in fright at sight before him.  "What in the hell is this place." 
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