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Alpha Channing Parker is Alpha of Dark Moon Wolf pack, the largest pack in New York. At the age of 26, he still has not found his mate. His reputation as a player has already taken its place in the werewolf world. He goes to the Mating Ball every year in hope of finding his mate. And every year upon not finding her, he never leaves the ball alone. That is until Harmonee Knight, a unique Tribrid- vampire, werewolf, and black panther attends the ball. And then she is the first one to run as soon as he tells her his name.

His reputation as a womanizer was not hidden from her as well, after all. The acceptance is hard, and her decision of returning or not to him is even more conflicting. When she returns, will they be happy? On the other hand, Channing has two battles to fight. The first one is to bring back the one that he has been waiting for desperately for all these years, and the other one is to save his pack from the King of Rogues.

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Chapter 1
Harmonee KeNay Knight is twenty-one years old, 5'8 long black hair, and black eyes. She is half Plains Cree and Japanese. She is the strongest, and the best fighter in her pack. She is also different from anyone in the world. Harmonee is a Tribrid. There is not another one in the world. She is a vampire, werewolf, and a black panther. She has several powers, and also fights with a sword. Every unmated male in the pack was disappointed that she was not their mate. She is the daughter of Alpha Brodie and Luna Mariko Knight of the Gold Fang pack. It is the largest pack in Connecticut. Even if she is a better fighter than her brother, she will not be the official Alpha. Because her brother Denver is the oldest he will be the next Alpha because it is his birthright. But she has the same privileges as he does, including a Beta. **** "Before the ball" Harmonee is looking in the mirror at her silver gown. Her parents are also in the room with her. She is not happy about attending the ball to find her mate. "Tell me again why I have to attend this stupid mate ball?" She smiles, rubbing her hands down her hourglass figure. Her father kisses the back of her head. "Because you are twenty-one now, you should see if your mate is there waiting on you." "Right, besides you have refused every year. You look so beautiful" Her mother smiles Harmonee is looking at her parents in the mirror. "Remember our agreement. If he isn't there I don't have to go back again. If he is there then I can also reject him. If he isn't what I want in a mate." "Yes, that is our agreement. At least give the poor man a chance." Her father hugs her. "Your mother is right you look beautiful." "Thank you. Just so you both know that I think this is a waste of time." She is looking for her purse. Her mother hands her a silver crystal clutch. Harmonee walks out of the room. "Whoever her mate is, he doesn't stand a chance. " Her mother whispers. Alpha Brodie pulls his mate into him."I know dear, let's hope he is Mr. Right." **** "Ball" Channing Jericho Parker is the Alpha of the Dark Moon Wolf pack. It's the largest pack in New York. He is twenty-six years old, 6'3 black shoulder-length hair, and black eyes. He hasn't found his mate yet. Channing is a player. But he doesn't believe in having sex with any of the she-wolves in his pack. He is hoping to find his mate soon. Logan his Beta is standing beside the black Lincoln Navigator. "Man I sure as hell hope that I find my mate tonight. Do you not realize that we will be twenty-seven in a couple of months. Channing steps out of the SUV. "I am ready to have a few pups to run behind. But you know me if I don't find my mate tonight I am not going home empty-handed." "Yeah, I know you. This time make sure whoever you fuck you keep her in the back seat. That shit is going to come back to haunt you. Believe me, I will have to tell you that I told you so." Logan is looking around the ballroom. "Maybe, but not tonight. I haven't seen them here before." Channing is looking at two young ladies across the room. The two ladies are looking at him smiling Logan shakes his head. "Here we go" he mumbles, looking at Channing walk across the room "Ladies, I am Alpha Channing Parker." He flashes his pearly whites. The two young ladies giggles while he is leading them outside. A little over an hour later Harmonee and her best friend Carmen arrive. They walk straight to the restroom. Neither one of them wants to be here. "I hate this kind of thing, it's like we are on display in a store window," Harmonee is washing her hands. Carmen is putting some lipstick on. "It doesn't seem right at least you don't have to come back again. I love your gown you outdid yourself this time. I should have asked you to make mine. I don't know what my mother was thinking. I hate this dress and navy blue is not my color." Carmen looks over at two ladies walking into the bathroom giggling and their hair is messed up. She and Carmen shake their heads looking at the two ladies. The blonde is brushing her hair. " I can't believe we just fucked Alpha Channing Parker" "Me either. He is the only reason I come here. He does this every year. Last year he was with my friend Della. She was telling me how good he was, that he has the biggest dick she has ever seen. I thought she was lying, she wasn't. The redhead is digging in her purse. "They could have at least washed their stinky coochie" Harmonee mind-link Carmen Carmen laughs. While she and Harmonee are walking out of the restroom. "I heard about him, he screws around a lot." "That's what I heard too. Darn, I will be glad when this night is over with. So I can go home and drink a bottle of Armand De Brignac champagne to celebrate no more mating balls." Harmonee is about to say something else but she stops talking and starts sniffing the room. She smells peppermint and mocha. "Damn that smells so intoxicating. "Harm, our mate is here." Diamond her wolf yells in Harmonee's head. "I know, I hope he's not an arrogant asshole or a man whore." Harmonee is talking to her two shifters. Carmen is also sniffing. "Harm my mate is here." She smiles "So is mine" She is sniffing and looking around the room Across the room, Channing and Logan have caught the scent of their mates. "Mate, find our mate." Titan is screaming in Channing's head. He keeps repeating and screaming non-stop that Channing blocks him out. He looks over at Logan. Channing sees that Logan is also sniffing. "His ass better not be sniffing for my mate. " He is thinking. "Honey and strawberry. Damn, she smells good." He whispers. He and Logan are walking in the same direction they see two beautiful young ladies. Both are sniffing and looking at them. "Moon Goddess, Let the one in that silver gown be my mate." Channing licks his lips. "They both are beautiful but the one in the silver gown is beyond beautiful" He is thinking as he and Logan are walking closer to Harmonee and Carmen. Harmonee eyes land on Channing. "Oh, yeah I can definitely live with that. He is fine and handsome as hell. Damn, he just had a LL Cool J moment. He licks his lips." She smiles. Channing and Harmonee are standing face to face. Looking at one another smiling. " Hi beautiful, what's your name?" He kisses the back of her hand She is still looking at him smiling " Harmonee Knight" "I sure can't wait to make some sweet harmonies with her. "He is thinking and winks at her. "It seems we are mates, I'm Channing Parker. "Your Channing Parker?" She wanted to make sure that she heard him correctly. He kisses her hand again "Yep the one and only." Her smile fades. "I don't want a whore for a mate." She is thinking as she raises her gown a little. She starts running out of the ballroom. Only to get stopped by Channing when she reaches the parking lot. "I could have outrun him if I wasn't wearing this tight-ass dress and these three-inch heels." She is thinking. " Thank God, she is wearing that gown and those heels, if not I wouldn't have caught up to her. Her ass was running pretty damn fast" Channing is thinking as he reaches for her arm. He is looking at her concerned and confused. "Why are you running from me? I will never hurt you, I'm your mate." Harmonee looks at him up and down. "I am not worried about you or anyone else hurting me. You're a whore. You just fucked two girls in your car. I can smell them on you. Why did the Moon Goddess mate me with you?" She shakes her head and snatches her arm from him. She walks to her car and drives off. Channing is standing in the parking looking at her car until it is out of view.

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