Falling For My Mysterious Saviour

dare to love and hate


"Don't play with fire, Mariam.... the aim of your life is to give your tormentors what they deserve, not me", his cold tone shattered my heart into million pieces but he didn't know me so well.

I took another step forward towards him while looking straight into his cold deep piercing blue eyes. His face was emotionless as if he never knew what an emotion is. "You may be, may not be my subject of concern, Demitry... still I want to solve the mystery behind your cold treatment to me", I said in a determined tone without showing any weakness. We both held our gaze for a few seconds. At last he moved his gaze away from me and stormed out of the room making me crumbled down on the floor.

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Mariam’s P.O.V.       My heart was about to burst due to exhaustion and fear. I was running for I didn’t know how long. They were still behind me. I could hear their voice shouting to catch me. A few of them were taunting me for being weak and soon they will kill me. I am scared. I am scared for my life. I knew that they would kill me without even blinking their lid once they got hold on me. I was desperate to escape from here.       I looked around and saw nothing but the darkness of the night. My whole body was aching badly and I had so many bruises all over my body. Tears had stained my face but I didn’t have time to take care of anything but run. I needed to escape from here. I needed to run far away from them. I didn’t want to die. I didn’t want to die like this.       I closed my eyes while taking support of a dead log lying on the ground. I was panting harshly and my legs were throbbing due to pain and exhaustion. It was my end but I didn’t want to die without giving a fight. I had to live. I had to live to take my revenge on them. Their betrayal was the only thing that was keeping my spirit up to run. Throughout my life till yet, I never hurt anyone intentionally. I was a sweet caring girl who always smile. I gave him my love and care but get betrayal, hurt and pain back. They not only broke my trust and my heart but also they wanted me dead for what??? For money???? What was I for them????       I stood up again from the ground with the support of the log and groaned in pain. I could say that they were now closer to me as I could hear their voices so clearly. The night was oddly calm tonight. There is no wind and no moonlight making the whole surrounding creepy and scary.       I started moving again but fell down again as there was no strength in my leg now. I winced in pain and pulled my legs towards me. I touched my leg under my knee and winced again in pain. There was blood gushing out from my leg indicating that I had a big cut right now. Why I was in such a state when I had to be in my house sleeping peacefully on my bed. It was like a nightmare and I wished that it should be a nightmare that I wanted to end now.       “Search for her… she can’t go far”, someone shouted closer to me and my whole body trembled hard. Tears again started falling down from my eyes. I pleaded to God inside my mind to save me. I didn’t want to die. “Please… someone… anyone.. save me… Please… please… please”, I murmured while crying silently. I started dragging my body behind the log so that I could hide myself from them.       I heard someone breathing harshly and I stopped breathing while leaning on the log and put my hands on my mouth to muffle any kind of sound coming out of my mind due to fear or pain. “Where are you, bitch? You can’t escape from us”, the person standing near the log yelled taunting at me and I almost screamed in fear. He was standing right behind me with a distance of the thickness of log only.       “Kill her if you get any sight of her… she had wasted so much time of us”, someone said in a bitter tone. “I want to have some fun with her… didn’t you notice her curves… She has a hell of a body”, I felt bugs crawling all over my skin the way they were talking about my body. I felt disgusting and dirty right now. There was no way that I was going to be caught. I was sure that they would tarnish me before killing me. The mere thought of his hands on my body made me shuddered hard.       “Hey… I got some traces here”, someone yelled and my eyes widened in panic. “No… no… no… please… please… god.. help me”, I pleaded to God again in my mind while scooting a little inside the log. Suddenly someone jumped over the log and I screamed aloud but muffled my voice inside my throat by thrusting my hand in my mouth. He had jumped over my leg and now his full weight on my toe. “AAahhh… why the ground had so many dead bushes and logs here”, he complained and kicked my toe harshly sending away in my direction.       They started walking away from me while talking about my body curves and how good they could feel while fulfilling their desire with me. I took out my hand from my mouth. I was sure that I had sunk my teeth deep into my hands. My toe was badly crushed and now I couldn’t able to stand properly let alone walking or running.  Still, I needed to run from here.       I dragged my body in the opposite direction of them and after getting enough distance from them, I tried to stand up. I couldn’t scream aloud because they could hear me even from a distance due to the drop dead silence in the forest right now. I felt dizzy due to exhaustion. I hadn’t eaten a bit in the last four days since my kidnapping. I was worried for my mom. I didn’t know what story they had told her about my disappearance.       There were so many thick bushes and shrubs around me. It was difficult to move without having bruises on my body now. Due to the darkness and thickness of the bushes, I was not able to see a bit in front of me. “Gotcha”, suddenly someone from behind gave me a push on the shoulder making me scream aloud in fear and I tripped on my feet and then I started falling down and down.       I rolled over the ground while screaming for help. I was thrashing my hands around me to get anything so that I could stop falling. I heard a burst of demonic laughter that boomed that area suppressing my screams and pleas for help. I crashed into something very hard and everything went blank.     I felt some more tears escape from my closed eyes as my mind started shutting down itself. My mom’s sweet face came in front of my closed eyes making me whimper in pain before I gave up and let my mind slip into the darkest corner.    

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