The Return of His Revengeful Queen

love at the first sight

Heavenlee and Carlisle have been living a normal life. She hasn’t killed anyone since the day she killed Faith four years ago. She and Carlisle are enjoying spending time with their kids and family.

But all that ends when she is forced to come out of retirement when their family and friends are being threatened. Some of their friends have already disappeared.

The past has come back to haunt her and Carlisle... and Heavenlee is drawn back to the underground to fight in order to save her loved ones.

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Chapter 1
Baby is moaning and running her fingers through Carlisle's hair while reaching her high. He looks at her and winks while sliding up her body “Damn, I sure do love my candy.” He kisses her, entwining their tongues. “Babe, we have been together for six years. “She pecks his lips He hovers over her. “Yes, we have, and your candy is just as sweet if not sweeter than the first time I taste you. I'm about to tear it up.” She giggles. “Oh yeah.” “Hell yeah” Carlisle places his shaft at her core entry There is a knock at the door. “Damn,” he mumbles, looking at the door. “Who is it?” “Cam and CJ. Daddy, we are waiting on you and mommy. Chloe, Hailee, and Heath are ready to go swimming." Cam knocks at the door again. He looks down at her sexy body. “Our kids just saved you. I was about to tear your candy up for real.” He licks her nipple. “Okay, Cam, CJ, daddy, and mommy are getting dressed. We’ll be out in a minute.” “Daddy and mommy are coming” CJ runs away from the door and into the living room. Piper is running behind him. “Yay” Hailee, Heath, and Chloe scream while looking toward the hallway. After a few minutes, Chloe walks to the door. “Boy, mommy and daddy aren’t coming.” Cam picks Hailee up. “They have to get dressed first.” “I told you not to wake your parents. I would take you swimming, “ Ana's, looking at Heavenlee coming into the room in a light blue bikini. Carlisle is walking behind her, smiling and looking at her butt. Chloe and Hailee run over to him. He picks both girls up. They are kissing his cheeks. Heavenlee walks out the door with Heath in her arms. Cam and CJ are in front of her. She smiles, looking at the beautiful water. “After all these years, I still love coming to Bora Bora every year.” She jumps in the water with Heath in her arms. Heath swims over to Cam as soon as he’s in the water. Cam meets him halfway. Heavenlee taught all the kids to swim before they were a year old. Piper is sitting down and looking at Cam and CJ. They are already in the water. They are looking at their father putting their sisters in the water. Ana takes Hailee from Carlisle. Chloe is swimming over to her brothers. Carlisle wraps his arms around Baby’s waist. She leans her head back against his chest. “I love this quiet life we have. I love being a wife and mother. No drama. I still can’t believe I haven’t fought or killed anyone since Faith. But I’m not complaining.” She turns to look at him. Carlisle chuckles and kisses the top of her head. “I just want you and our little ones safe. At first, it took some time to get used to living drama free. I wouldn't change anything about our life now that we have two beautiful daughters and three handsome sons.” Heavenlee is looking at their kids throwing a soccer ball around in the net. “Thank you for buying this beautiful home for us. I still can’t believe you bought it because this is where we spent our honeymoon. “Baby, I would buy anything for you. I just want you and our kids to be happy.” Carlisle laughs, looking at Chloe hitting CJ. “Baby Jr is at it again. What are we going to do about her beating up her brothers?” “I have no idea. Father said that her temper would calm down when she’s older. I’m still wondering about that.” Heavenlee takes a deep breath before she swims over to their daughter to make her leave her brother alone. Carlisle hears his and Baby’s cell phone ringing. He’s wondering who that could be because their family and friends know they are on vacation until tomorrow when they return to Los Angeles. He ignores it because he knows that their companies aren’t in trouble. Colin still runs the companies whenever Carlisle and Heavenlee are on vacation. Carlisle feels very strongly about not being interrupted when they have quality time with his family. Heavenlee hears their phones she looks over at him. He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. Her attention goes back to their kids. **** “This is crazy. Damn it. Why now? Out of the fucking blue. Just when things were going wonderful. I don’t believe this bull. This can’t be happening. Sales have been excellent. Not to mention the great interviews we had and have lined up.” Jody yells and folds her arms “Dear, calm down before your blood pressure goes up. We can’t have you getting sick” Buford hugs her.”We’ll get through this. I don't know why this is happening now or why. But as I said, we’ll get through this." He’s looking at Eleanor laying several pages on his wife’s desk. Eleanor looked at him and shook her head. “Do either of you need anything?” "Just need Heavenlee and Carlisle to answer their damn phones. Why did this have to happen when they were on vacation?” Jody yells. “Thanks, Eleanor, but we’re good. Just keep us updated if anything else comes up. My wife is just upset. She didn’t mean to yell at you.” He kisses Jody’s forehead “I’m sorry,” Jody mumbles. “Keep trying to reach Carlisle and Heavenlee.” “Yes, ma’am,” Eleanor hurries out of the office. Jody walks over to her desk and picks the paper up, then she slams them on her desk and yells. "Assholes. Pure assholes" **** Later that night, when the kids are asleep, Baby and Carlisle are on the deck, wrapped around each other. They are discussing their trip home. Heavenlee doesn't want to leave, but Carlisle wants to set up a meeting with the Knight brothers this week. Pam has already scheduled spa appointments for her and Heavenlee. Ana is looking forward to spending some time with her boyfriend, Jackson. He’ll be leaving for college soon. It is his second year at Princeton. Ana is senior in high school and is already accepted at Princeton. Heavenlee turns over and straddles him when their cellphones start ringing again. “I believe we better take it.” She gets off of him. Carlisle looks down at his hardness. “Down boy, Baby will take good care of us in a few minutes. Who in the hell is that calling us any damn way." He jumps up and walks into the bungalow. “Hell no, we need to get to the root of the problem.” Heavenlee's hand is on her hips. “We'll be home late tomorrow night.” Heavenlee hangs the phone up and looks at him. “Some asshole or assholes are slandering the magazine, and sales are about to decline. A few people that were scheduled for interviews and photo shoots have canceled. Jody is about to have a nervous breakdown. Buford doesn't know what to do.” Carlisle walks over to her and takes her hands. "Baby, there isn't anything we can do about it tonight. I am confident that you’ll get to the bottom of it. Now Mami, Papi needs some attention” he takes her hand and rubs his hard shaft with it. "Well, Papi, come let Mami take care of you." Heavenlee stands up, winks at him, and hits her butt twice "Oh shit. It's on now. Hell yeah." Carlisle stands up and picks her up, running into their bedroom.

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