Boundless Hearts

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Treasure Abbott is nineteen years old school teacher as well as the richest young lady in Willow Creek Falls. She and her father, Richard own almost everything there. She has spent the last two years living with and teaching the Sioux. On her way home, her stagecoach stops for the passengers to rest. That is where Qaletaqa sees her. For him, it is love at first sight and he has to have her.

He is the lead warrior of his tribe. So there is no one stopping him when he and his warriors kidnap Treasure, and two of her students.

Treasure's father will not give up until he finds his daughter. His hunt for his daughter is as ruthless and deep as the depths of hell. And then there is a love triangle spreading its web through Joseph Layne who wants nothing in the world more than to marry Treasure at all costs. But is it love... or something else that none of them had ever expected?

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Chapter 1
This book series is dedicated to the amazing actor Michael Greyeyes. Michael, I want to thank you for all the inspiration you have given me and for allowing me to use your amazing profile as Qaletaqa. **** Today I am on my way home from South Dakota. My father is Richard Abbott, he is the richest man in Willow Creek Falls. We practically own every business in the town. My father is a special, gentle, and caring man. But he can be as mean as a rattlesnake when there's cause to be. As my mother always said I get my temper from him. When his father ordered him not to marry my mother, my grandfather's exact words were if you marry that filly, then you are no longer part of this family. The reason for that statement was that my mother was a woman of color and my father is white. So I have never met any of my father's relatives. Other than that, I do not know anything else about them. My mother Salome, her parents didn't care what color my father was. They could see the love that he and my mother shared for each other. Nothing else mattered to them. Even if these things weren't supposed to happen in 1860. But deep down they were scared for my parents. My mother's father was a preacher. So he married them. I don't believe that it's legal to man. But my grandfather always said that it is in God's eyes and that is all that matters. The night before, my parents left my mother's parents' house. Elise Abbott, my father's mother, sneaked over there and gave my father several banknotes and a bag with some gold coins in it. At that time, she told my father that she loved him but didn't ever come back again. A week later, my parents bought thousands of acres of land and founded a town that they named Willow Creek Falls. Big Sky is the name of our ranch. It's the largest ranch in Willow Creek. We also own the lumber yard, an ice company, a general store, a bank, and a stagecoach. But Big Sky is my father's pride and joy. A few months after my parents settled there they discovered that my mother was pregnant with me. I am Treasure Salome Abbott, nineteen and I am a school teacher. I asked my mother why did she name me Treasure since I had never heard anyone else name that before. She said that I am hers and my father's most valuable and precious treasure. My father still calls me his precious Treasure. When I was fourteen my mother became ill. One day she was walking around the next morning then the next day she collapsed and never recovered. The doctor didn't know what was wrong with her. My father never left her side unless he had to use the bathroom and take a bath. It was like that for a month. Until my mother died. So when I turned sixteen my father sent me to a private school that was a few states away. He wasn't sending me away because he didn't want me. He did it because Mr. Edward the school teacher only wanted to teach the girls to serve their husbands. My father said not his daughter. That his daughter is going to run his ranch and businesses one day. "Present" Two years ago Mr. Sherman the Head Master of my private school made an announcement that changed my life. They were looking for someone to live with and teach the Sioux for two years. I was so excited that I told him that I didn't want to be paid to do it. He gave me the job right then. So today I am on the stagecoach returning home. I had to take a train first. But since my father and the good people of Willow Creek Falls don't want a train to run through our town. They say that a train would bring gamblers and bad people there. That is why I am on my father and my stagecoach. Lucas the stagecoach driver stops for me and the other two passengers to stretch our legs. He said that we are about an hour from Willow Creek Falls. I can't wait to see my father. Besides me, Ms. Lawson is also on the stagecoach. She travels to San Franciso once a year to visit Sarah her daughter and her family. So she is on her way back home. There is also a handsome but arrogant fool. He looks to be in his mid-twenties. His name is Joseph Layne. He said something about him and his family had moved to Willow Creek Falls five or six months ago. I haven't really been listening to him. As I am walking I hear something in some bushes that is close by. I see a shadow of a figure on the ground. It looks like the shoulder of a man. "It has to be an Indian," she thinks as she is walking closer to the bush. But the driver calls for all the passengers to return to the stagecoach. Treasure turns to walk back to join the others. "Well, at least I only have an hour to put up with that arrogant man" She whispers. But she turned one more time to look at the ground at the man's shadow. "Qaletaqa" I am twenty-four and the lead warrior of my Sioux tribe. My parents were killed when I was fifteen and I have a half-brother. Eight warriors and I have been out for two days hunting. When we heard voices. I told them to hide that I was going to see who the voices belonged to. I crawled on the ground under some high bushes. That is when I saw her. She is beautiful, with pretty long curly brown hair, light brown skin, and grey eyes. "She looks different than anyone that I have ever seen before." He is thinking as he is looking up at Treasure. He can not take his eyes off of her. She is looking at the bush and walking closer. "I will take her as soon as she reaches me" He is thinking. At about that time, a man calls everyone to leave. "Damn" he whispers as he's looking at her, turning to walk away He waits until she is out of sight before he stands up, and walks to join the other warriors. He saddles on his horse and looks around at the warriors. "We will ride through the woods. I claim her as my woman. We will take her the first chance we have." Qaletaqa and the warriors rode in the woods beside the stagecoach. Then the coach stops before going into the town. A white man is in a wagon and four men on horses are at the end of a road. He watches as Treasure steps out of the stagecoach and runs into the arms of an older man. While the other men are loading her bags onto the wagon. "Who is this man that she is hugging?" He is wondering as he is looking at the wagon and the horses turning around and going back down the road. As Qaletaqa is riding and watching Treasure and the man. He is thinking of ways to kill the man who hugged his woman. Qaletaqa and the warriors stop in the woods after they see Treasure and her father riding through a fence and a large house. He steps off his horse looking at a woman who runs out to meet her. She and the woman hug and walk into the house. "We will stay over that hill" He points behind him but is still looking at the house that his woman disappeared into.

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