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Lycian POV: In my office, listening to my Beta, Jace, and my father discuss how to finally destroy the Stone Moon Pack. I am seriously boarded one of the pack she-wolves are waiting for me in my spare room. I can’t wait to be balls deep inside her. What I should be focusing on is finding my mate so our pack will be stronger than the Stone Moon Pack. Requiem hasn’t found his mate either. My dad and Beta seem to think now would be the perfect time to attack and finish the whole pack. They think I am older than him and have more experience running a pack. He will be easy prey. They forget I have no mate either. “Okay guys, we are not going to war”, I said, interrupting their planning. “WHAT!”, dad and Jace say in unison. “I am going to send him a formal challenge for his pack. It will be a fight to the death”, “What if he doesn’t accept”, Dad asked. “He will have to. I will make it clear that if not, his whole pack will be slaughtered”, I said. “Why not just attack, without all this formal shit”, Jace asked. “Because there will be a loss on both sides. More his than ours, but the loss none the less. And if I want to rule these people, I need them not to hate me”, I say. “Fine, I will send an official challenge to him and we will wait for a reply”, Jace said. And with that, I left to fuck the woman waiting for me. My dad once asked me why I don’t have them in my room. I told him that my bedroom is for my mate only. As I got closer to the guest room on my floor, I smelled the woman. Shit, I don’t even know her name started the fun without me. Walking all the way, her scent hit me hard. She is in heat and she smells good enough to eat. Then it dawned on me that if she is in heat, she must have a mate somewhere. I don’t fuck with women who have a mate that I will have to kill because I was wrong in fucking her. So, I tend to fuck non-matted she-wolves. And I for damn sure don’t fuck women who are in heat. My seed is for my mate to carry, not some random whore. Nope, I will not allow one of these women to trap me into making them my Luna. “Where is your mate?”, I asked as she continued to finger herself. “I don’t have one. He died a long time ago”, she responds, not taking her fingers out of her pussy. “Well, I don’t fuck women who are in heat, so I will let you finish yourself off. Be gone within ten minutes”, I said as I walked out of the room. There is a board meeting tomorrow, and with the upcoming fight, or possible war, I need to blow off some steam. A good fucking, would have been the best way to do that, but I have to settle for a shift and hunt. Goddess, the dirt feels so good under my paws, I stay in control, running all the way to my private cottage that sits on the edge of a lake. I sit in my favorite spot, thinking about how my life will change once I do find my mate. Don’t get me wrong. I like being a bachelor, but my wolf Lucifer wants to finally be matted. He has been waiting for our mate for nineteen years. Hopefully, once I finally kill Alpha Requiem, I will find my mate. The sound of the water calms me, this is the place when I will claim and mark my mate. I wonder what she would look like. Would she have full round breasts, a fat ass, or would she have curves for days? I don't care if she is a virgin or not, I just need her to be beautiful, loving, and ready to fulfill all of my desires. I hope Requiem accepts my challenge so we can end all this drama once and for all. It is funny. I never met him nor do I know much as to why our packs hate each other. I looked in all our pack archives to find out the source, even the reason why we hate each other. I looked in all our pack archives to find out the source even the reason why we hate each other. But I couldn’t find anything nothing zip.
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