His Revengeful Queen

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Heavenlee had three life change experiences. The first one was when she was 13. Her parents died, and her uncle took everything from her.

The second is when she starts fighting in the underworld. She falls in love with Carlisle Manzo. For her, it was love at first sight. The only problem was he didn't notice her. She was too young.

The third. When she is 21 she and Carlisle's paths cross again. When he sees her this time he notices her. He wants her, he doesn't know that she has plans to make him hers.

But Heavenlee has a secret she is a lethal weapon. Some call her the perfect weapon.

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Chapter 1
 My name is Heavenlee Nicollette Brady, I'm 21 years old. I teach ninth-grade Algebra at Fairmont Jr High. I'm 5'7,  130 pounds my eyes are grey, my hair is brown and I'm biracial. My parents were killed in a car accident when I was 13. I was supposed to live with my father's brother.  Jacob and his tramp wife Suzy. My mother didn't have any living relatives. I only lived with them for a week. Because they started taking all of my properties and belongings from me. Especially my parent's banks accounts. My uncle was all over that early that morning right after my parent's death. The only thing I have of my parents is my dad's two 9 mm guns, mother's sword, and a half million dollars that my parents kept hidden in my footlocker. My mother always called it my runaway fund. One night,  I waited for my uncle and his tramp to fall asleep. I left with four suitcases of clothes, Piper my puppy, and my footlocker.  I left a note saying I was taking my father's, Land Rover. I also told my uncle that his wife was fucking his best friend Miles. She really wasn't, but it felt good to piss him off. Even it was just for a few minutes.  The death of my parents was my first life-changing experience. I paid cash for a nice three-bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood. The owner and the Realtor didn't ask any questions all they saw was cash money. So I became a homeowner at the age of thirteen. I enrolled online and earned my high school diploma when I was fourteen. After that, I enrolled in an online college for a few years and then enrolled at the University here in town. There is where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Education, then I took the state board test.  "Flashback" One night, it was late when I decided to stop at a convenience store. I saw three guys harassing a homeless man. One of them had a knife and the other two were kicking the man in his stomach and head. "Stop," I yelled as I was walking over to them. "Hey, beautiful, come with us.  So we can have some fun. We can make you feel good, so good you will be begging for more." The one with the knife said, looking at me. The jerk on the right was moving his tongue in and out of his mouth, while he was winking at me. The other asshole was standing there with a stupid grin on his face. First, I walked toward the one that had a serious tongue problem.  First  I hit him in the throat, then I ripped his tongue out.  The grinning one that looked like the Joker on Batman ran toward me. I kicked him in the stomach before snapping his neck. Mr. Knife tried to run, I grab a can of Coke out of my bag, threw it at him. Hitting him in the head. His ass fell on the ground. I walked over to him, leans down, turned him over, took his knife from him. "I hope this makes you feel really good. Because it makes me good."  I said before I stab him in the eye and cut his throat. After that little fight, I helped the man up, picked my bag. "Come on let's go home,"  I said as I was motioning to my car. "End of flash" That was my second life-changing experience Victor Morgan was his name, a chef before he ran into bad times. He was living under a bridge. He knew a lot of people that are in the underworld fighting scene.  He started taking care of me, the house, cooking, and scheduling my fights. It was him, Piper and me. We had a pretty good life even became a real family.  I ended up fighting in the underworld for six months. Which I end up making a little over three million dollars. I tried to split it with Victor, he declined. Victor said he only wanted fifty thousand dollars.  The night my last fight was scheduled. I saw the most handsome man I had ever seen. He had beautiful black eyes and black hair that was cut low. He looked to be 5' 11,  around 23  years old, and he was Hispanic. His handsome ass was wearing black jeans and a white long sleeve shirt.  Damn, he was looking sexy as hell. The only thing I could find wrong with him was the six sluts hanging on him.  But he never gave me a second look.  To him, I was just a young kid to bet money on or against. Victor managed to find out his name was Carlisle Manzo, businessman, possible mafia. I could see that he had money. I made myself a vow that night that I was going to marry him one day. I don't know why maybe it was his handsome smile. That was the last time I saw him. But I knew that I would never forget Carlisle Manzo. Victor died last year from colon cancer. It's just Piper and me again. Now I'm 21 years old and a teacher. I bought a 2020 black Porsche 718 Boxer Spyder for myself as a very early birthday present. My birthday is in two months. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Carlisle. I'm sure he's married with kids by now. I volunteer to chaperone parties at school. Why not, it's not like I have a social life. I have never had a boyfriend. I tried dating a few times. But it never works out.  It was me, I wasn't interested in them.  They were nice, handsome, and stable men.  But my mind was on my man, Carlisle Manzo.  Call me stupid or a dreamer. Tonight is the last school dance and the kid's last day. I was looking for Ana, she is one of my students. She is a quiet, smart, shy, and beautiful young lady. She is also a loner, doesn't have any friends. I saw her being led outside the gym by her hand by a guy. He looked too old to be a student here.  So I decided to go outside to check on her. Something just didn't feel right. I didn't see her or him anywhere. So I started walking around the school grounds looking for her. That is when I heard her crying and yelling stop. It was coming from the football field. So I ran that way, she was being held by the guy she left the gym with.  Her dress had been ripped. I run over to her and the guy, snatching her from him, putting her behind me. I needed to shield her from him. He was reaching for her arm. "This ain't your business bitch. We can fuck both of you." A  guy in black tee-shirt points at me "That's right bitch. This isn't any of your  damn business." The guy that took her out of the school gym reaches for her again. Ana is still crying. "Ana, stop crying right now. You're safe now.  Nothing is going to happen to you. I promised." Heavenlee is looking at the guys All four of the guys start laughing and pointing at Heavenlee. "What the fuck are you going to do bitch? " The guy wearing the black shirt is looking at her "Kill all of your stupid asses,"  Heavenlee looks and points at each one of them.   But they are still laughing and pointing at her. She laughs with them before she does a roundabout kick in the stomach to the guy that brought Ana outside. He fell over on the ground balled up holding his stomach.  The second guy swings at her but misses.  She drops down on the ground into a split, punches him in his family jewels. He fell to the ground. She grabs his neck squeezing it until it snaps.  The other four are staring at her.   "Let's get this over with. I'm tired of playing with these  stupid asses." She's thinking as she stands up and reaches behind her back. Heavenlee pulls out two 9 mm Magnums from the holsters that were under her blouse.  She shoots all four men between their eyes. "Good thing my guns have silencers on them." She's thinking The guy that she had kicked in the stomach is pleading with her not to kill him.  "Punishment for trying to rape Ana is death,"  Heavenlee pulls the trigger shooting him in the head twice, between his eyes as she had done to the others. She takes Ana by her hand walking her to her car. Handing Ana her phone to call someone to pick her up.  After Ana was done with her phone, Heavenlee texts Sharon.  She was letting her know that an emergency came up, she has to leave. Sharon is another teacher that was chaperoning tonight. "It's a good thing I always kept extra clothes in my car."  Heavenlee hands Ana a pink summer dress to change into. "Thank you. Please don't tell my cousin about what happened. Just say that I am not feeling good." Ana is looking at Heavenlee.  "No problem. You aren't  feeling well is fine with me." Heavenlee nods her head looking at her thinking "I was good with that. Hell, I just killed six punks. I wasn't about to start telling everyone or posting it on Facebook."  Once they're in the car Heavenlee and Ana discuss tonight's incident and sex. "If you ever need to talk. Or is in any kind of trouble to call me. I'll  be there." Heavenlee hands Ana a piece of paper with her phone number on it. "Thank you. That's my cousin."  Ana's pointing at a black Lincoln Navigator turning into the school parking lot.  Ana and Heavenlee step out of her car, walk to the front of it.  The Navigator door opens a man steps out walking toward them. His eyes go right on Heavenlee. Heavenlee has her arms wrapped around Ana, She looks up at him thinking "Damn, he looks like a walking sexy God." For some strange reason, she felt like her body temperature went up.  "I haven't felt that in years. Not since the night, I saw Carlisle."She thought as she's looking at him walking closer to them.  "Ana are you okay?"  The man raises Ana's face with his finger on her chin. His voice sounds so calm. When he looks up and she looked into his face it was non-other than Carlisle Manzo. Her heart skips a beat and a lump formed in her throat.  She didn't want to stare at him.  But, God knows she wanted to. This was about Ana right now.  She had to remind herself. "Carlisle this is my teacher Miss. Brady, Miss Brady this is my cousin Carlisle Manzo." Ana looks at them both "Hi, nice to meet you,"  Carlisle smiles looking at Heavenlee. "You too,"  Heavenlee also looking at him smiling. "Ana are you okay?"  Carlisle asks Ana, again "My head is hurting really bad,"  Ana's looking at Heavenlee. "She probably just needs to rest and take something for it," Heavenlee's looking at her. Heavenlee knew that when Ana looked at her that she needed help telling a lie. To cover up the reason she has to go home early. "Miss?"  Carlisle looks back at Heavenlee "Just call me Heavenlee."  She nods her head "Heavenlee, beautiful name, for a beautiful woman. Call me Carlisle"  He's still looking at her smiling. "Thank you, Carlisle,"  Heavenlee smiles Ana is looking at the two of them giggling. "Nice car."  He points at her Porsche. "Thank you."  She looks at her car. "Ana, I guess I need to get you home."  He takes a deep breath looking at  Ana. "Okay,"  Ana  looks  at Heavenlee "It has been a pleasure to meet you Heavenlee, a real pleasure,"   Carlisle's looking her up and down smiling "Same here Carlisle,"  Heavenlee smiles Carlisle is still looking at her "Ana I will call to check on you tomorrow,"  Heavenlee looks at her "Okay, thank you.  Goodnight."  Ana hugs Heavenlee again.

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