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UNDER EDITING AND RECONSTRUCTION!!! (Started on 30/12/2021) This is a fictional story far from perfect just like, its character's. This story contains the following: Vulgar and inappropriate language some may find offensive, disturbing and or triggering. Sexual content/Spitting/ Light bondage/ Foreplay/ Roleplay. Abuse/Bulling some readers may find triggering. Murder and Torture. Mental illness and Eating disorders. All of which have been thoroughly researched before this book was written in order not to glamorise how serious they are, especially untreated. Without further ado......... Mia felt her chest tighten heavily. Her lungs refused to take in the oxygen around her. With her eyes beginning to sting she held onto what little bravery she had left. She wouldn’t let him see her cry again. Not over this she couldn’t show fear or weakness, she refused, but the dams broke at his next words. 'I was going to tell you, I didn’t want you to be scared of me. I was trying to protect you... because I love you.' I love you he said. The words rattled around in her head, she had wanted to hear those words from him for so long that when he finally said the three words and eight letters it felt like a lie. The boy she whole heartedly loved the boy who she trusted enough to give her heart to. 'You’re a monster.' How could a monster be so beautiful? A dark and deadly sin. She had greatly sinned loving him. When you look up monsters in the dictionary you are met with; a large, ugly, and frightening imaginary creature, a thing of extraordinary or daunting size, a congenitally malformed or mutant animal or plant'. But Greyson was none of those things when he was with Mia. He was just Greyson, Mias Greyson. 'A BEAST!' She was in love with an abomination, with a twisted cruel monster, a beast, a… werewolf.
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