Three: He's back

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Giving her space in the first place is what made her so bad in the first place. Her feet pounded against the floor as she pushed her body further and further. The moon was the only thing that lit up her path as she ran through the woods in the early morning. The constant battle in her head between doing what was right and what she thought was right. Bracing her hands on her knees she took a moment to catch her breath. She was feeling light headed and used a tree to support herself before she toppled over. When was the last time she ate? She hadn’t eaten dinner the other night after her parents arguing all she did was cry. She had breakfast the next day but she ran far enough for the calories not to count then later on that night she only ate half of her dinner. It frustrated her beyond anything. Those stupid doctors and therapist at west RAD had gotten inside her head. We are so proud of you Mia. You have come so far in only a few months. I’m not going to say we are sad to see you go because you leaving means you capable and well enough to do this on your own. It is going to be hard and there may be some days that are more challenging than others but are doors are always open if you find yourself falling back into old patterns, just give us a call. That was what the doctors had told her the day she left bags in hand and parents waiting. They were careful with their words not to trigger her. Mia remembered her last day there the smiles they all gave her on her way out happy to see another sick person better and leaving the hospital. Mia remembered every day at the nut house. All she wanted was to leave, but she was forced to stay she felt like she had her basic human rights taken away from her she wasn’t even allowed a door on bedroom for the first few weeks. She had to earn the right to use her own things like her phone and to use the bathroom alone. It was degrading, the most embarrassing thing she has ever experienced. A twig snapped behind her and she froze. Who in their right mind was out at this time in the morning. The only reason she was out was because she had to sneak out so her mum and dad would not know she was still running. Whoever was behind her was approaching at a fast speed, running they were running. Every hair on her body stood up and she felt her blood freeze cooling her body down. ‘Why did I run through the woods?’ She asked herself. ‘I don’t know you tell me.’ A voice countered from a distance behind her. It was too dark for her to see his face should she chose to turn around. Mia was to scared to look at who her potential killer or kidnaper might be. However judging by this man’s voice he was big. ‘These woods are a dangerous place at night’ His voice drew her in deep and gravely sensual almost it made her want to turn around to look him in the eye. Her body felt alert around him Mia felt like she was going to crumble to the ground in this man’s presents, his dominance filled the space around them. Finally she had mustered up the courage to turn but the man was gone. He was there she had not imagined it. She furrowed her brows peering round to see where he was hiding but he was no were to be seen. It didn’t take her long to leg it home running past the security at the gate. Her parents were still not up when she stepped through the door, so she didn’t have to sneak past the kitchen and up the stairs to her bathroom. Mia put her school uniform on missing when she had to put a belt on to keep her skirt from falling down, now it almost fit her slender body. To fat she was getting to fat. Pretty soon she wouldn’t need to put the belt on her skirt. She had to do something about this. ******* Mia looked out the window to where the two teachers talked in a heated discussion with a teen boy stood next to them watching them argue. The boy didn’t find it amusing if anything his body langue was showing how pissed he was. My god. This was him, Greyson. Mia couldn’t believe her eyes after a week of the prep schools students buzzing and gossiping about his return he was finally here. Grayson Wilson was actually back at school after what he had done. She watched him fascinated wondering what was the truth behind the rumours. Dark brown eyes and hair just as dark made him seam mysterious. Tall dark and handsome, she felt colour rise to her cheeks, she couldn’t help but stare at him, six foot three. He was gorgeous, insanely hot. A strong sharp jaw, high prominent cheek bones, thick dark eyebrows the perfect shape for his oval face. She could see his long thick black lashes that any girl would be envious of and pink lip she could not stop staring at. ‘Hey.’ The beautiful red head also known as Bethany said sweetly as she took up vacancy in the empty chair next to Mia. Instantly Mia’s guard went up but she couldn’t bring herself to look away from the boy. ‘Hot, isn’t he?’ Bethany whispered a little too kindly in Mia’s ear as if they were friends. Hope spread through her but if the past week was any indication they would not be braiding each other’s hair at sleepovers. ‘You know if Ava was here she would of encouraged you to go talk to him.’ She felt as if her airways had been cut off, images flashed through her mind. Images she tried so hard to forget to move past somehow they always found a way back into her mind. Sometimes at night she still dreamed about what happened, Bethany was never going to forgive her for what happened not as long as Ava remained in a grave. ‘To bad she’s not here’ The red head hissed picking her school bag but before she left she spoke one last time menacingly. ‘I thought I made it perfectly clear when I said I didn’t want to see you at school again.’ Raising a groomed eyebrow Bethany left Mia all alone to contemplate what she had just said to her. She knew what she was doing the thing about Bethany was she didn’t need to be violent to be cruel she was a snake. A beautiful girl filled to the very core with poisonous venom. She knew where to strike and exactly how hard. Mia believed Bethany was Pandora reincarnated she could unleash a unspeakable evil curse on you. She remember reading somewhere how Pandora represents a beautiful figure of dread. She was made with the intent to beguile men with her beauty, to introduce treachery and falsehood. Pandora was to let lose all evil. In short she was beautiful but dangerous just like Bethany. She wasn’t the typical pretty popular girl caked in makeup and dressed in short tight clothing she was stunning natural beauty and full of class and an elegance my girls at the prestigious school fail to obtain. Turning back Mia began to stare out the window not at the boy this time but at anything willing herself not to cry. The door slightly creaked as it opened. ‘Okay everyone this is Greyson. I’m sure some of you may already know him.’ Gasps could be heard from majority of the girls in the room as the boys sat up taller puffing out their chest while only a small hand full bowed not daring to meet his vulgar gaze. Mia only took a quick glance and she was sure god crafted this boy to perfection. Greyson stood tall with a scowl on his face his dark eyes scanning the room looking for something till his eyes settled on Mia. Something inside of him shifted, something he hadn’t felt in a long time. She sat there with tears in her beautiful green eyes. Mia wasn’t aware of his eyes on her. His face softened ever so slightly the longer he looked at her. ‘Would you like to introduce yourself Greyson?’ The handsome teacher spoke drawing his eyes away from Mia. ‘No’. He snapped before making his way over to the brunet with the pretty green eyes. Some moved there bags off the spare chairs hoping for him to sit next to them however anyone with a decent brain made sure Greyson was not sat next to them. She looked to her side to see him settling down next to her before looking around the room seeing a bunch of empty seats. Confusion and fear settled deep inside of her. Why would he sit next me? She squirmed under his heated gaze which didn’t once leave her for the full 40 minutes of registration. Greyson’s mind wondered to this morning as he looked at the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. ******** Greyson morning started the same way as it always did with a nightmare to wake him up. Screams filled his ears as he tried to run towards the pleading cries of young men and women, even children. Greyson pushed his legs to run faster and faster into the woods but he couldn’t see anything in front of him taking a moment he stood trying to focus on where the imploring begs were coming from. ‘You did this to us! You killed us!’. A man around the age of 30 screamed at him. Greyson shook his head at the man who was cover in blood asking how he could help him. ‘Help’ A woman who was torn to shreds made him jump as she spoke from behind him covered in red liquid. ‘You can’t help us now it’s too late the damage is already done alpha Greyson. Did you know I had a little girl before you ripped me apart like I was nothing! she cried out for me that night I could hear my pups cries as you killed their mother’ Greyson heart raced in his chest pumping so fast he broke a sweat. Blood pounded through his ears. Stop! Stop! Stop! He begged. ‘Ahhh!, Greyson please don’t.’ Greyson instantly knew the voice. It was her, his rock, the girl that brought him back from the edge, she was also the reason he needed saving he was out of control and she was one of the reasons why. Millie had Greyson wrapped around her finger and she knew it. Looking to his left Grayson saw a wolf snarling and bearing his teeth at Millie. Her striking blue eyes red rimmed with tears leaking out of them, her silky soft blond locks covered in dirt. ‘Please grey I beg you.’ He ran towards the wolf to save his toxic friend. Just when he was about to strike the wolf shifted and Greyson came face to face with himself a sinister smile on his lips. His large hand wrapped around Millie slender neck. He instantly froze. How was this possible? ‘Grey please.’ The blond whispered out for him to stop. Trying to appeal to his human side but there was none he was nothing but a monster an abomination on his kind. ‘Grey’ It was braking his hart in ways he could have never imagined. Slowly bit by bit tearing him apart inside. Is this how she died, with his hands around her neck. He remembered nothing from the night of her death. ‘I’m dreaming’ Greyson willed himself to believe. ‘This is not happening… no, no, no, nooo!’ Greyson tightly closed his eyes not wanting to witness his friends death, however when he opened his eyes the other Greyson the one with the menacing smile was nowhere to be seen instead when he looked down it was his own hand wrapped around the girls neck a primal need inside of him to kill took over and with one snap she was dead, but that wasn’t the end of it his claws extended ripping apart at her body till she was unrecognizable. A sense of power surged through Grayson a hunger for chaos like he had never experienced. A blood thirsty hunger… to kill. Jolting up right in his bed Greyson brought his hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead. Getting out of bed wasn’t an easy task for Greyson but he sure as shit didn’t want to go back to sleep. Today seamed different though, his head felt lighter but his heart still felt heavy. His nightmare would haunt him all day and so would the question did I kill Millie? His wolf was running circles in his head pissing him the fuck off. Greyson didn’t linger in his bed long he got dressed and went down stairs to the gym where his dad was waiting for him. Alpha Jason. ‘Wow, I thought I would have to drag you down here by your tail.’ He chuckled before seeing the pained look in his sons eyes which he had tried to cover up with a blank face, but Jason knew his son. He was a family man and he knew when his son had put on his mask, his facade. He was truly and deeply suffering. Greyson however was not going to let anyone know that. He didn’t want to sit and talk any more he was tired of it, so fucking tired, so sick of talking to people who couldn’t tell him what was wrong with him. ‘Nah’ He shook his head ‘Not today maybe in a few days’ time when I get pissed off because I have to keep getting up at six O, fucking clock in the morning.’ He bowed his head but raised his eyes to look directly into his father’s when he spoke as a sign of respect. ‘I like the respect your showing but watch the langue son. It’s good to have you back home. How was alpha camp as you call it?’ His father stood on one of the matts used for combat training. Grayson said nothing he hatted having to go away to another alphas territory. He was unable to control his wolf something only a turned werewolf a lycan should have trouble doing. Everyone was scared of him there, they should have been. He was scared of himself that’s why he agreed to go. When it became clear he wasn’t going to answer his question he changed the subject which Greyson was thankful for. ‘I didn’t get a chance to kick your ass when you got home yesterday as your mother my beautiful and lovely Luna said you needed rest… so I’m going to kick it now.’ Greyson couldn’t help but laugh at the way his father described his mum. Maybe it was because he was so in love or because he knew she was standing outside the gym door listening in on their conversation to make sure he goes easy on their son. Or maybe it was to step in when they both got to hot headed both of them being alphas it happens often when they trained together. ‘No need old man I’ve gotten good. I’m going to kick your fucking ass.’ ‘I heard that young man!’. His mother’s voice spoke through the doors causing both to laugh. Both father and son got into there fighting stance giving each other the go ahead. Jason swung his right fist towards Greyson’s face, but it was easily caught by Greyson who twisted it behind his back locking it between his shoulder blades. Jason simply chuckled as his sons cute retaliation. Greyson didn’t like that. Greyson went to kick him behind his knees to get him on the ground but the alpha was having none of it. He threw himself forward causing his son to land on the mat with a loud thud his eyes shut upon impact. When he opened them back up he saw his father rotating his shoulder in a circular motion placing his shoulder back in its socket. ‘Nice try’. The alpha looked down at his son with a proud smirk on his face. Shooting back up Greyson lunges at his father talking him to the floor throwing punch after punch towards his face he didn’t ease up even when his dads face was covered in crimson red blood if anything it drove him more. Jason turned them around striking Greyson in the ribs hard enough for them to crack. Knowing his son will heal in an hour or so. ‘Ugh, fuck! ass hole’. He curses his dad. Greyson’s eyes darken at the same time his fathers did. Both of their wolves wanting to win this fight of dominance. It was no longer about training but who was the stronger wolf. Punch after punch kick after kick they took until Greyson’s mother came running in yelling. ‘That’s enough Jason. Jesus Christ look what you’ve done to my poor boy.’ His mother kneeled down to her son side. Greyson just laughed at her worried expression. It hurt like a bitch but Greyson like it. He like the pain it made him feel normal. It made him feel human. ‘I’m fine mum look.’ He tried to sooth his mother’s worries by standing up and jumping in place shaking his shoulders, while his dad adjust his broken nose back into place so it will head correctly. Greyson looked to his dad who also laughed a little at his wife’s concern, until she gives them a stern look. Oh shit. ‘Honestly you two. What am I going to do? look at what you have done to your fathers he has a meeting this morning.’ She gesture to her bloody mates face. ‘Oh my goddess look at what you have done how can he go to school like that? Jason you are in so much trouble just you wait.’ She scolded her husband. ‘Exactly how much trouble?’ Jason stepped closer to his mate his voice dropping as she blushed slightly at his actions. Greyson cringed. ‘I can’t wait.’ With that being his last word he left the room. Greyson’s mother was busy scolding him as he stood there trying to listen but he wanted nothing more than to leave. He tried to tell her he’s was fine but she knew when she was lying her first pup after all. Despite all of his effort to get her to believe alpha camp worked she still went on and on about how he had to be careful. That losing control right now is not optional especially since there has been strange deaths in a few towns around Peerwood. Greyson had always had a problem managing his temper, but recent years have excelled his anger and his reactions to things. A werewolf reacts on instinct and Greyson’s were deadly growing up an alphas son everything was handed to him on a silver platter he was used to getting his own way. A spoilt little brat with a temper. The thing with Greyson was he’s always struggled to control his emotions ever since he was a little kid. His father said it’s because he’s short temped like him and just needs his mate to put him in his place. Alpha Jason was very in denial that something was wrong with his son. He didn’t want to believe that his son could be a heartless monster he was a sweet kid when he was younger always smiling playing with others, he just had out bursts. He has done horrible unhuman things. Greyson wasn’t sure how he felt about having a mate. A mate would be a blessing for him and a curse for them. Later on that morning Greyson was sat in the front of Ashley’s car as she drove him school he looked out at the familiar surroundings that now seemed like distant memories to him. Ashley used to be Greyson’s nanny when he was little but now she was more of a personal assistant to the alpha and Luna since there kids did not need nanny anymore. Ashley was talking to Greyson but he could hardly hear anything she said as his wolf was going crazy. He tried to calm him down but despite his best efforts he just wouldn’t. He was trying to tell Greyson something but Greyson just couldn’t understand. It was giving him a god dam headache. When the car pulled up to the school car park the head ache diminished the second he smelt the most intoxicating sent. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Sexy, fresh and alluring all at the same time, he was about to find who the smell belonged to when the deputy head stepped in front of him. He began leading Greyson to his office but all he could focus on was that smell he wanted to be wrapped up in it. It was so strong he wasn’t able to concentrate of anything else. Fuck me. I need to find who this scent is coming from. Reluctantly he kept following the deputy head Mr Preston, as he lead him down the dull corridors explaining the rules and what was going to be expected of him at this very prestigious and old school. The office was an absolute tip papers scatter across the dark wooden desk, with a swivelling leather chair Mr Preston was currently planted on. The walls were the same cream as the rest of the school, a few certificates hung on the wall in dark frames to match the desk. It was bland and boring to say the least. Just like the rest of the ivory building. When it became clear that Greyson did not give a shit Mr Preston leaned forward on his desk sighing. ‘Greyson, you can do what you did last year do you know what strings I had to pull to get you back into this school.’ By strings you mean the amount of money my parents had to pay to bribe the school to let me back in. ‘I won’t’ Greyson mumbled in reply not caring. ‘He was in intensive care’ Preston snapped. ‘He lived.’ He didn’t want to talk about it. ‘I understand you are not happy about the situation and coming back but, look on the bright side.’ ‘There is no fucking bright side so just get on with it.’ Preston did not pull Greyson up on his langue this time he tried to be understanding being seventeen in a class of student who were just turning sixteen could not be easy. Repeating or holding students back a year was not something that happened often in the UK but it was part of Greyson’s terms for coming back to this school. Once Greyson has signed some shit contract between teachers and students and a few other papers he got given his schedule and was lead to his new form room being told to wait outside. The smell was insanely strong, it was coming from the classroom withstanding the urge to bang down the door Greyson forced himself to stay put and do as he was told… for once. A young man stepped out of the classroom. ‘Hi I’m Mr Allen, I’m your form tutor this year and this will be your new form room. I will have someone in class show you around.’ Greyson was stunned at how young this teacher seamed. He seemed a little intimidated under his glare. ‘No’ He replied rather quickly making the teacher flinch. ‘No need, I have friends that go here plus I remember most of it from last time I was here. It’s only been a year I’m not stupid I can remember my way around.’ Greyson didn’t intend to be that rude but, the teacher needed to shut up and let him through that dam door already. The whole time the teachers were talking in what seemed to be a heated discussion about his disrespect. Mr Preston trying to keep Mr Allen calm. The smell was intoxicatingly strong it was overwhelming all of his senses. When Greyson turned his head to the side he saw a brown haired girl looking at him. She was beautiful, Greyson felt as if his breath had gotten sucked out of his lungs. After losing his shit a little he snapped at them both to shut the hell up before looking back at the girl. Greyson was so wrapped up in her beauty that he didn’t see the hand held out for him to shake. The second he entered the room all the wolves bowed their head as the humans puffed out there chest sizing him up and the girls batted there eyelashes at him some hid away in fright. They did not want to catch his attention and end up on the receiving ends of his large fists. His face still in a scowl as he scanned the room till his eye landed on her. Holy shit. Robbed, he had just been robbed of his breath. She was breath-taking. He had seen his fair share of gorgeous woman, but his girl took it to a whole new level. He couldn’t take his eyes of her. The sight of her had him feeling winded and stuck. Bind, blind deaf and dumb. He was sure someone was speaking to him but he only thing he could see was her. He knew what she was to him, he could feel the pull, he felt drawn to her, her wanted to take her lock her up and keep her safe his mind on overdrive assessing anything in the room that could do her harm. ‘mine’ his wolf screamed in his head confused. How is it possible we found her? We are not even eighteen yet. Werewolves don’t find there mates until they are twenty. This wasn’t possible to find a mate so young and certainly were not a human one. He could hear a deep voice telling him to share a bit about himself. ‘No’. Greyson automatically made his way over to Mia sitting in the empty chair beside her instead of one of the many spare seats dotted around the classroom. He sat as close as he could to her. Unable to remove his eyes from her he just stared trying to work this all out. She was enchanting. God she smelled so good. I could just eat her. ‘Or eat her out… now there’s an idea.’ Greyson’s wolf was panting at the idea. ‘I would love to have her screaming my name.’ ‘Shut up would you’ Greyson cut him off after that before he could give him anymore ideas and ended up pouncing on the poor girl. He couldn’t take his eyes of her. She had her hair in a neat and tidy braid that he just wanted to tug on. The most captivating green eyes he had ever seen. Her pleated school skirt resting just below her mid-thigh. Greyson couldn’t help but think about all of the dirty things he could do to her. She seemed a little uncomfortable under his gaze. Fixing her already pristine uniform. When the bell rang everyone collected their things. ‘Mia and Greyson could you stay behind please.’ Mia got to the desk before Greyson as he was unable to function properly. ‘Mia I would like you to show Greyson around the school before class, just to refresh his memory on the school it has changed a little since he was last here.’ ‘Um could someone else maybe do it?’ Mia whispered her eyes wide with fear and panic. ‘No. Now it’s come to my attention that last year was difficult for you, as your teacher I have to look out for my students’ Tears stung her eyes. ‘I know it was hard for you losing Millie after…’ she couldn’t bear to listen to how another friend had left her. ‘I’ve been instructed by various people to make sure you make friends this year.’ Mia could have killed her mum. She must of rang the school after their talk in the kitchen. She just couldn’t help herself could she. ‘Greyson has just come back, he can be your friend.’ You want me to be friends with a psycho? He said she had no choice when she opened her mouth to object. ‘Grate’ She replied quietly but the sarcasm was not missed as she raised her eyebrows to fake enthusiasm. ‘Look, I know you’re having a hard time lately I’m just looking out for you. It’s my job to ensure the wellbeing and safety of my students.’ Mia kept her head down fiddling with her fingers the entire time biting her plump lips. Okay that’s got to stop Greyson thought. No lip biting. Fuck. ‘Yes sir’ she sounded so defeated ‘I’m fine I’m better I swear’. Her reply seamed rehearsed as is she had been practicing it trying to convince others she was fine.
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