Chapter 1

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  “ I missed you.” Callie said hugging Ashton. He had returned back to school after 2 weeks of soccer practice in San Diego. He kissed Callie's forehead gently “I missed you to baby". “Anyone who doesn't know that you two are best friends from the age of three, would think that you two are dating". Noah said laughing and giving Ashton a brotherly hug.  “ Wouldn't that be great if you both dated? We all want you two to be together. You both make such a wonderful pair". Judy squealed with a dreamy expression. “Ewww. That isn't happening ever guys.” Ashton said shaking his head, scrunching his nose feeling disgusted by his friends' idea.  Hugging Callie again who was laughing at their friends, he locked his black Bentley, behind him. They started walking towards the cafeteria for breakfast where they joined their two other friends Michael and Laura.  All the six were deeply involved in their conversation when Ashton's eyes fell on the opposite table. What he saw was a girl with blue eyes, baby pink face and dark brown hair tied into a loose pony tail. She was dressed in a light violet summer dress, with no make up at all. He felt so attracted to those ocean blue eyes that he thought he could drown in them forever. “Hmm hmm..” Michael cleared his throat nudging slightly at Ashton's arm. “She's a beauty. Isn't it"?” Callie turned back and asked “Who is she? Never seen her here before.” “She is the new transfer student. Don't know exactly where she is from. But looks like someone here is smitten by her.” Answered Laura looking at Ashton who was eyeing that mysterious new girl with a smirk on his face.  “Don't you think that she doesn't belong to this school? Heard that she’s here under a scholarship program. She isn't anything special. Looks like a charity case.” said Judy with a bitter expression for which she got a glare from Ashton. He never understood how she bacame friends with Callie. “Don't say that Judy. That's very mean and you know what? She really looks pretty and I find nothing wrong with her.” Snapped Callie back at Judy. Ashton smiled at his friend thinking that she was the sweetest person he ever knew.  “Dude do you want me to go talk to her for you?” Laura asked for which she got a hard smack on her head from Ashton. “Ouch!! That really hurt" she said rubbing her head.  “That was my intention”. Ashton had to peel his eyes away from that beautiful girl who now stood up and walked out of the cafeteria with her friend. He looked at Laura who had a scowl on her face and was still rubbing her head. Laughing at her, he joined in the conversation that his friends were having. Laura, Callie and Ashton were family friends and knew each other their whole life. Noah and Michael had joined them during middle school and Judy during high school. They all have been best friends from then on. Out of all the six friends, Callie and Ashton were very close to each other. They did almost everything together. Ashton was very protective of Callie. He put her before everyone that many of their school mates thought they were dating. However, both of them were very clear that they were nothing more that best friends.  After school, Ashton dropped Laura at her home and headed towards Callie's home where they spent their time studying until dinner. “Stay for dinner. You missed dinner for last two weeks with me”. She demanded pouting her lips.  “Okay.” Ashton said rubbing his neck. Both of them reached the big dining hall which had a dark brown oak table and a huge chandelier hanging above it. The walls were painted cream.  Callie was the only daughter of David and Maria Jones. Likewise Ashton was the only son to his parents. Both their parents were very busy people which left Callie and Ashton lonely for most of their childhood. That was the reason why they were so close to each other. They had each other to look after and they did not need anyone else.  For both of their surprise, Callie's parents were home for dinner that night. Callie's mom had made dinner and they both were waiting for their dear daughter.  Seeing Ashton, Callie's mom spread her hands to invite him into a tight hug and asked him to join for dinner. All four of them had dinner with mild occasional conversation taking place in in between.  After dinner, Ashton left kissing her goodnight. Driving back home all he could think was about the new girl. He wanted to know more about her. Reaching home, he was greeted by his parents, Kate and George. After wishing them both goodnight, he took a quick shower and opened his mac for he still had to finish his math assignment.  He was almost done with the assignment when his phone chimed. Looking at the screen he saw a message from Laura.  Laura: Hey buddy! Hope you are not asleep. Ashton: Not really. What's up? Laura: Her name's Katherine Earnshaw. ;) Ashton: Huh? Who? Laura: The new girl you were staring at. You really looked interested. I've never seen you staring at a girl like a love sick puppy. So I thought of asking her name for you. By the way she is very nice to talk to. I am already friends with her :D With a huge grin he turned off his phone and turned to face the ceiling.  "Katherine" he murmured before he falling deep into a slumber.
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